125 Best Long Hairstyles for Men to Try Out This Fall

Long hairstyles for men have become increasingly popular over the last year. Prior to now, it was all about trying to grow our hair and ensuring proper styling. Now that it’s over, it is imperative that the momentum shifts keep it looking good.

Long hairstyles are versatile due to the ease of fusion several other hairstyles. For example, you can have your hair styled into a pompadour, or have low, mid, or high fades. It all depends on how stylish you are and how creative your barber is.

Let’s check out the different long hairstyles for men and young boys too. You should gain inspiration before the end of this post. Here is some information about long hair that would help you.

How do you style your long hair?


This issue is a major headache for many men. It is already a bother trying to style short and mid-length hair, talk more of long hair. It is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to understand a few things.

First, you don’t need to go through the annoying long rudiments prescribed for styling long hair. You also don’t need to brush your hair every night a hundred times. You have already gone through the rigors of growing the hair, you should begin enjoying it now.

Your best bet at styling your long hair is using quality hair products and connecting with your barber. If you feel like you can take care of the hair yourself, then you need to search for inspiration. One of the best ways of becoming inspired is by looking at pictures of long hairstyles. Check out the ones in this post.

Styling products you need for your long hair

There are several products you need to lay your hands one if you are going to enjoy an awesome styling experience with your long hair. Long hair is prone to having certain strands flying all over the place. This could make the hair look messy and shabby, you obviously don’t want this.

What products do you need to fix this issue? Cream, wax, and clay will do the magic. This way you can totally avoid the frizz or flying hair strands and it becomes easy to have a ponytail or man bun.

For longer hair with a free-flowing look, you may want to use hair wax that is lightweight. Lightweight hair clay will also work well. What this does is that it adds some volume, texture, and structure to the hair. To keep the hair looking natural you can make use of a matte or low product finish.

There are certain tools you cannot do without once you have long hair, despite the length. You need a set of combs, brushes, and a few hair ties and bands. The hair ties and bands help you keep the hair in place, especially when you want a ponytail, top knot, or man bun.

To get specific products you can speak with your barber or hairstylist. They usually have a list of products that will work perfectly with your hair texture.

Best Long hairstyles for men

Long textured pompadour with undercut

It looks like he would rather spend time seeing a movie than going through the rigors of daily grooming. Which is why he has his long hair lumped into a textured pompadour. The hair is neatly lined to expose a cool undercut. He has a goatee and mustache to match up to his cool hairstyle.

High fade pompadour with a full beard

This is one of the many pompadour hairstyles on this list. This one stands out because the hair on the crown has a few strands bleached into blonde while the rest maintain their natural color. The skin fade is very high, starting at the top of the temples and balding towards the ears and beard. The beard becomes fuller toward the jawline and creates the necessary balance to accentuate the hairstyle.

Long messy wavy hair with undercut

Want to keep your long wavy hair messy? This is one way to achieve that. Just apply some quality pomade on the hair to give it a shimmering look and then leave it that way. It does not stand in a defined pattern, it is all over the place, which is its selling point. The undercut is very neat and tapers into a low fade towards the ears and neckline.

Defined texture side part long hairstyle

The hair on the crown is combed in a specific texture all through, it is too defined to be unplanned. There is a side part to separate the long hair above from the shorter hair down the sides of the head. He has a very long full beard that makes him stand out from the crowd. It is simple, you want to stand out, wear this hairstyle.

Tousled textured swept back long hair

This is still one of the most common ways to wear long hair. The long hair has a tousled texture. The hair on the crown sweeps backward with a straightening comb and a blow dryer. He has a full beard to balance with the full hair on the crown.

Swept back loose fringe with a high fade

The fringe is bleached into a blonde color. Since it is long, he has it swept to one side of the hair, covering the high fade on that side slightly. The rest of the hair is tapered into a high skin fade on both sides of the head and behind too.

Hi-Lo fade with side fringe

The fringe has become very popular these days, especially because it is easy to style and mix with different other hairstyles. The barber shows off his creative side with this hairstyle. The fringe is combed sideways with the hands so that on one side it looks really neat. However, on the other, it is a bit rough. There are two side parts on the same side of the head. One creates a boundary between the fringe and the shorter hair. The second marks the boundary between the shorter hair and the skin fade. One word for this hairstyle, “Adorable!”

Bald mid fade with wavy pompadour

The pompadour is very high and it is made up of predominantly wavy hair. This is definitely the selling point of the hairstyle because it gives the wearer a very unique look. The taper begins at the temple and fades into a bald skin midway to the ears behind and at the sides. His beard is shaved into a neat thin line. This guy looks really neat, you could too if you try this out.

Skin fade with a platinum frohawk

Thinking of getting a Mohawk with your afro? You should absolutely try this hairstyle out. Everything about it speaks attraction. The crest on the top of the head is completely blonde and then the sides are tapered into a low skin fade. Check out the creativity of the barber as he adds a simple line at the back of the head near the neckline. The line forms a wide V-Shape and the beard balances perfectly with the hair on the crest.

High bald edge and thick spikes

Wondering how to style your long hair? Check out this hairstyle. It looks like a pompadour with the hair on the crown combed into thick spikes. To achieve this, you definitely have to make use of a good hair product to hold it in place, just like in the image. The hair on the sides is cut into a neat taper front the front to the sides and back of the head. The taper fades into the skin midway into the temple. To create a perfect contrast, he keeps a well-lined full beard. A great way to keep you standing out of the crowd.

Taper fade slicked back wavy hair

The hair is not too long but the barber makes the most of it create this special hairstyle. The hair at the top of the crown has a different tint from the hair on the other part of the head. He slicks the hair back neatly, something that was achieved with a comb and a blow dryer. The sides and back of the head have neatly tapered hair. The barber carefully uses his clipper to trim the hair until it falls into a fade close to the ears. It gives you that perfect schoolboy look you’ve always wanted.

Swept back long wavy hair with a full beard and tapered sideburns

Long hair is always attractive, what beats that is how well you style it. The barber definitely outdid himself with this hairstyle. First, the long hair is swept back neatly, leaving some stranding flying all over the place. It sort of gives you the “I don’t care” look but the rest of the hair shows you really care. He has a full beard which is tapered at the top, close to the ears. Try this out and you could be looking like a movie actor,

Full black curls with neat temple fade

A black man with a very full afro then you should wear this hairstyle at some point in your life. Check out the full curls on the crown that runs down to the back of the head. It gives an illusion that it is the crest of a traditional Mohawk. The front and side hairs are neatly lined up. There is also a neat taper that fades down the temples into the skin above the ears. We cannot afford to miss the single line that acts as a side part. Want to spin heads? Try out this hairstyle.

High fade long textured fringe

You definitely cannot miss this guy in a crowd. His fringe is so loud and attractive. It is long, it is textured, and it is brushed forward almost touching his eyebrows. The hair at the sides and behind is tapered into a very high fade. The fade begins at the top of the temples and the hair becomes thinner as it goes downward. The facial hair is really sparse but still looks great. If you are a member of a rock band, then you should try this out. It’s sort of identity, just saying.

A full beard with a long ponytail and mid fade

Let’s talk about the beard first. This is every man’s dream beard, at least, almost every man. It is full and neat, a modern renaissance beard which will give you that unique look anywhere you go. Alright, check out how the hair at the crown is combed neatly backward and packed into a ponytail. Obviously, the hair is not full, it is just long, which is what makes it as attractive as it is right now. The rest of the hair is tapered neatly and fades neatly midway into the temple.

Shape up temple fade pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle works great with long hair. This one is no exception as the hair on the top is long and combed backward neatly. It is held in place with a premium quality hair product. The hair around the head is neatly tapered and then lined up so nothing is out of place. This is a perfect hairstyle for a business professional or a red carpet appearance.

Feathered top with mid fade

No jokes, check out the hair on the crown. Doesn’t it look like feathers were put together? It seems a bit busy but it is really cool and great for a guy in high school. It looks like he has some extensions added to make the hair fuller. What makes it attractive is the multiple colors that are featured. The mid fade gives the hair a certain classy look that makes the young man look like a member of a boy band.

Textured Spikes with a side part

Spikes are usually employed in Mohawks and pompadours. This hairstyle looks like a pompadour but the spikes are textured and combed upwards to the front. The way they hold in place is remarkable of hair that has been set in place by quality hair products. The side part separates the hair on the crown from the temple. From the temple, the hair becomes progressively shorter. It becomes a taper fade just above the ears. This is a very attractive hairstyle you should try if you are caught up between long and short hair.

Groomed beard with a textured pompadour

Aren’t pompadours just adorable? Look at this guy once and you want to check him out a second and third time. This is because his hair is unique and quite attractive. The full hair is combed into a quiff at the top and then the rest is combed backward. His full beard is neatly groomed and tapered at the top, close to the ears.

Side sweep long hairstyle

This is one way to wear your long hair. This man wears his hair swept to the side very neatly. It looks like he is into daily grooming with how neat the hair looks. Check out how neat his beard is. The beard is shaved into a taper and it is properly lined up. The beard creates a cute balance with the long hair on the head.

Rolled up comb over

The hairstyle is one of the variants of the very popular pompadour hairstyle. The hair on the crown is comparatively longer than the hair on other parts of the head. There really is no fade, instead, the hair is tapered between the head and the beard. His full beard looks so cool, he looks like he could be from a movie.

Messy wavy long hair

With how messy his hair looks, he probably hasn’t run a comb through it in ages. Despite this, it still looks very attractive, an attractive mess. He could pass for the guitarist of a rock band, especially with his denim jacket. His beard is neat even though it is not lined, which tells us that he has this look because he wants to, not because he doesn’t like grooming. If you feel like you can’t go through the rigors of daily grooming, you could choose this hairstyle. Then, you will only be grooming once or twice weekly.

Loose fringe with a side part

Another beautiful way of wearing long that has masculine written all over. The fringe is loose and it seems he has just brushed it to the side using his hands. The side part sits just at the top of the temple. From this point, the hair begins to fade gradually towards the ears. He has a very small goatee and mustache. This is a great idea for a college student who loves his looks and always wants to be attractive.

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Long hairstyles for men roundup

From the above long hairstyles for men, you will notice that there are hairstyles for formal events as well as those for casual outings. The look you want depends on what event you are attending and your mood as well. Here’s a little secret about styling, the longer the hair the more versatile it is. Drop a comment in the comments section, we want to read about your experience.

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