Bringing Back The 80’s: Round-Up Of Over 100 Top Fashion

Fashion they say is always evolving and revolving. This is why we think the 80s Fashion has found its way back to relevance. Moreso there’s a lot to say about the fashion from this era and there are several ways to add them to your style.

In this post, we look at several 80s fashion inspirations as well as more information about this kind of fashion.

Overview of 80s Fashion


The fashion in this era was bold, loud, brave, and beautiful. All of these is what we really think fashion to be. The 80s fashion was all about being excessive as being utterly glamorous was the order of the day.

In the day time, women adorned themselves with huge rocking suits that came with big shoulder pads. This was a way to show that they were as powerful and influential as their male counterparts.

Nocturnal dressing was characterized by sequin, mono-strap dresses that proved to be glamorous. Women were keen on setting new standards and birthing revolutions with their dresses. Some of these styles didn’t last while others stood the test of time.

Today, these styles are subtly taking over the scene which is why we are focusing on them in this post. You can pick any of these styles and tweak them for your purposes.

Best 80s Fashion Ideas to try out80s-fashion

Rock fashion 80s hairstyle

This is one of the fastest ways to shoot yourself back to the 80s. A simple perm along with some nice colors and statement earrings will do the magic. The length of her top further buttresses the fact that she is vintage.

Polka dot big shoulder top with dark shades

The lady in this picture looks really attractive as she sports a top with a polka dot design and dark shades. The dots are quite small so they look like simple patterns and then her shades create the perfect contrast. She looks really amazing and you could totally try this out in the modern-day.

Sequin fuchsia gown with a hoodie

Diana Ross kills this style and makes it look really amazing. Who would have thought a gown could have a hoodie and it could look this attractive? Her fuchsia gown is made from sequin material and she looks like she’s not from this planet. Definitely, all shades of beautiful.

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Denim jacket with statement earrings

This lady is definitely a rock star. Her denim jacket is definitely from the 80s and her hair? What you would term as large volume. She’s got those statement earrings that seem to match any dress style. Mixing all of these with her guitar, she looks really amazing, an attractive rock star.

Off-the-shoulder fuchsia pink dress with blonde hair

This dress is vintage and would still make a statement in any era. This lady sports no jewelry but her dress and her blonde hair make it seem totally unnecessary. She’s simple and totally sophisticated, the exact statement you want to make.

Velvet blazer with gold bracelets

The most attractive part of her dressing is her gold bracelets. They match her blonde hair in the most adorable manner and jacket creates the perfect contrast that makes her look so beautiful. Take note of her subtle eyeshadow and red lipstick.

High waist denim with big shoulder jacket

Doesn’t she look so beautiful? See the way the jacket sits perfectly on her high waist jeans. She’s so old school yet she looks so attractive, she would fit into any casual occasion these days. Her hairstyle creates the perfect balance for her fashion statement, you should totally try this out with your friends.

Patterned sequin clothing with full-volume hair

How else can show that you are a vintage couple? With these sequin dresses, you can make a firm fashion statement and attract attention on the red carpet or at a party. The clothing is loose enough to keep you comfortable while you look really cool and could be the couple of the evening.

Leather jacket + ankle boots + baggy pants

This couple is the epitome of 80s fashion. The lady is wearing a vintage leather jacket and ankle-high boots. Her partner, on the other hand, sports a pair of baggy pants and loose-fitting sweatshirt. They both have dark shades on and they look so great together. You could try this out with your partner when next you want to hang out. Get ready for the attention that you will attract if you do.

Phillipe Venet gown with feathers

One fact that is established about the fashion trends of the 80s is the bold colors. They were really excessive as you would figure from the feathery shawl that reaches down to the floor. Her accessories and lipstick are perfectly matched with her dress, the same for her friend.

Red sequin jacket with permed hair and red lipstick

How about this for an evening out? Her permed hair sits perfectly on this red sequin jacket and she looks so adorable. Everything seems to blend artistically, especially her red lipstick and her red sequin jacket. The eye shadow is subtle but looks great, not to forget her beautiful jewelry.

Flowery gown with pantyhose and punk hairstyle

This lady wears a gown that reaches just below the knees and her pantyhose covers the rest of her legs. She looks really colorful and adds lots of beads and embellishments to her style. Her hairstyle speaks a lot of the punk trend. If you love to be loud with your dressing, then this is your style.

Loose-fitting jacket with huge shoulders and white socks

Check out how cool her loose-fitting jacket looks. It’s got big shoulders, characteristic of 80s fashion and really attractive too. The white socks create amazing contrast and make her the center of attraction. You could try this out for your next old school event.

See-through gown with red lipstick

Like we have stated earlier, the 80s fashion was characterized by boldness. Women were extremely bold and excessive and would stop at nothing to attract attention. See-through gowns were in vogue then and would definitely spin heads anywhere you go. See how she uses a belt around her waist to make the gown fit perfectly. Her red lipstick perfectly accentuates her style and makes her look so attractive.

Big shoulder blazer with belt and permed hair

The first thing that strikes you when you see this lady is her hair. It is definitely not from this era but she looks really beautiful and would attract lots of attention. Her blazer is the traditional big shoulder of the 80s. See how cool she looks? You may want to take a cue from her and try out one of these for your next fashion statement.

Sequin dress with bulky hairstyle

How much of the 80s can one person wear at a go? She’s got so much on her, we could label her the ambassador of the 80s. She definitely looks bold, proud, confident, and beautiful. You could try this out if you want to make a statement on the red carpet.

80s Rock star with lots of jewelry and off-the-shoulder dress

The 80s fashion was themed by one word, “excessive.” Look at this lady and that is exactly what runs through your mind. She’s got so many embellishments to her style. The beaded necklaces, the red lipstick, and nail polish, and of course, her off-the-shoulder black dress. Everything about her oozes vintage.

Animal skin off-the-shoulder top with slit skirt and pantyhose

Suzanne Sommers looks really amazing in this outfit. She has an animal skin print top that features an off-the-shoulder design, characteristic of the 80s. her skirt is a phenomenon and the pantyhose is just perfect.

Denim shorts with an oversized T-shirt

This is very common these days, especially when we are home chilling. They are not recent inventions, they existed in the 80s as part of the punk trend. Tucking your large shirt in your denim pants make you look like you stepped into this millennium directly from the 80s.

Ruffle top with a high-waist skirt

Ruffled tops were a common style in the 80s and you can still incorporate them to your modern style. This lady sports a high-waist pleated skirt with a ruffled top and a bold red lipstick. Isn’t she just adorable? You could try tweaking this to mix your modern style with a classic look.

Other 80’s Style to Try Out

CT6AC4 College couple on campus from the 1980’s

Suzanne Somers entertains the crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS RANGER (CV-61).

Fashion trends in the 80s

To truly understand the 80s fashion, it is important to truly understand the different fashion trends that ruled that era. In this section, we will take a peep into the different fashion trends that were dominant in the 80s.

Hip-Hop Fashion.

In the 80s, music and culture of the hip-hop genre were predominant. If you wanted to make a statement, then you had to do it using hip-hop. In most of the urban areas, hip-hop fashion was the major trend.

Some of the key influencers were the top hip-hop acts of the era. A few of them include Queen Latifah, music band Salt-N-Pepa, and many other women. Basically, there wasn’t much difference between what men and women wore.

The clothing was made up of baggy silhouettes garnished with athletic details. Everything was brightly colored with bold patterns. Snapback caps and sneakers were used as accessories a lot of the time.

Punk fashion.

Prior to the grunge that ruled in the 90s, there was the punk in the 80s. This trend became dominant as the 1980s began winding down and it was characterized by a rebellious look. It was a real departure from the glamorous look that ruled the earlier half of the era.

Clothing featured include ripped jeans, studded leather jackets, heavy-duty boots, and band T-shirts. At the end of the day, what the punk fashion presented was an edgy and intense look.

The hairstyles during this era were really bold as well, exactly what you will consider as “in your face.” This fashion trend never really left, it just piped down a bit. Right now, it is gradually gaining increased relevance and becoming a great option for fashion icons.

Workout fashion.

One person comes to mind when you remember the workout fashion of the 80s. You got it. Jane Fonda in her leg-warmers and leotard, you could never miss her, even in a crowd of a thousand people.

Her aerobic videos were top-notch at the time and gained a lot of popularity. No wonder they were the basis of a new wave of fashion that took the world by storm.

The workout fashion perfectly suited the theme that ruled the 80s fashion, excessive. This was proven by the bold outfits for the women. Some of these include headbands and high-rise bodysuits, neon-bright leggings, as well as bike shorts. In a nutshell, the workout fashion of the 80s was proud, loud, and really excessive.

Black fashion.

There were so many fashion icons of black origin in the 80s. Some of these prominent icons include Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Iman, and Naomi Campbell. Despite the fact that each of these women presented a unique look, they had something in common.

Their styles oozed class, pride, confidence, and attitude. They were all bound by a similar cord, the 80s fashion theme, excessive. Some of the prominent clothing materials they wore include over-the-knee boots, body-con, leather, and huge shoulder pads.

These materials were either worn together or separately, what mattered was that they were chic and stylish. Gradually, these styles are becoming a phenomenon these days as women are becoming more daring to try out excessive styles.

Fashion Icons that ruled the 80s

In every era, the fashion trends are set by icons. Most of these icons are celebrities, musicians, and actors. The 80s fashion era was no different as most of the celebrities inspired the fashion styles that were adopted all over the world.

Some of the leaders of the trendy edgy and excessive looks of the day include Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. They practically picked from all the trends that we discussed above and tweaked them to create something new and beautiful.

Diana Ross and Whitney Houston were not left out, they hit the scenes with a more glamorous style. A love for luxury labels was inspired by Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields, the top models of that era. We have already mentioned the contributions of Jane Fonda, who took the world by storm with her amazing workout fashion in her videos.

Hair and Makeup in the 80s

The hair and makeup trends always have to match the dresses to make the fashion statement complete. In the 80s, the hair and makeup were really excessive and loud, this was necessary to match the fashion trends.

Most of the celebrities wore wild, huge hairstyles. The hair was worn full and sometimes with extreme waves and curls, they were what every person wanted. Regardless of how the hair was worn, one thing was common to all, lots of hairsprays.

Let’s not forget the makeup that featured bold colors used as eyeshadow and really bright lipstick. Really, nothing was held back, bold and excessive was the name of the game and everyone was ready to play.

Key pieces of clothing in the 80s

One way to know if the 80s fashion is crawling back and becoming relevant is knowing about clothing pieces. What clothing pieces were key to the fashion trends of the 80s? Of course, you cannot pick up your dress from the 80s and wear it to make a statement these days.

It is important that you understand what pieces to introduce to your clothing to spark the 80s fashion trend. They are bound to mix perfectly with your modern aesthetic with a vintage appeal.

Big shoulders.

Big shoulders would always come to mind when you remember the fashion of the 1980s. This is mostly because of their power suits that had extra padding pumped-up shoulders.

These days, when you plan to add a touch of the 80s to your fashion, you think about big shoulders. You could make a choice from different jackets, coats, and blazers to make your statement.

What you should remember is that to create a balance, get a defined belt around your waist. On the other hand, you could button up at the waist so you don’t look swallowed up in the clothing.

Bold colors.

While the 90s were characterized by more subtle colors, the 80s were all about being excessive, loud and bold. The oversized clothing, decadent designs, and lashings of fabric were all characterized by really bold colors.

These days, bold colors are back with so many people trying out different color blocking techniques. This is the best way to infuse the 80s fashion with modern styles.

In addition, get clothing pieces of different colors like magenta, cobalt, gold, and fuchsia. Mix them with your regular clothing and see the magic you would produce.


Though it is evident that the 80s fashion is gradually returning, there is a bit of subtlety added. Those days, sequin dresses were the perfect theme for an evening hangout. Today, they will make a great look any time of the day.

Moreso, to achieve a perfect look, simply use casual pieces like a T-shirt, sneakers, and an overcoat to tone down the sequin. You should definitely leave out the makeup and hairstyle of the 80s.

Simple waves with natural makeup are the perfect way to look chic in a sequin dress.


It is no coincidence that ruffles have become really popular these days. In the 80s, they were integral to completing a fashion statement. These ruffles found on dresses, jackets, shirts, tops, and pants. Shoes and bags not left out.

You can rock these ruffles any way you want to. The sheer ruffles give you a classy prom feel. On the other hand, you’ll get a perfect evening look with better-structured ruffles.

Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops.

This is another key piece of clothing from the 80s that has returned. The unique style is already taking over runway shows and red carpet appearances. You would even see these dresses on magazine covers and regular evening hangouts.

There are several ways you can incorporate these off-shoulder styles to your clothing. Whether you are wearing tops or dresses, you can have a pair of jeans or a jacket to accentuate your look.

Statement earrings.

This list would never be complete without statement earrings. They were about the only subtle piece of the 80s fashion trends. Therefore, you could try these earrings and knock off every other piece mentioned above if you want to be simple.

Therefore, simply find the perfect pair to match your clothing and you are good to go. With these, you would certainly not go overboard with your style.

Intense eye shadow.

Firstly, the eye shadow theme in the 80s was fierce and bold. The application was no different, it was also fierce. Women wore their eye shadow right to their brows.

These days we have bold eye shadows but not as dramatic and fierce. To marry the modern look with the vintage 80s, pick your favorite color and apply it. Make sure it is along the line of your lower lash, right above the crease.

A few tips to incorporate the 80s fashion with modern styles

  • Find the 80s styles that you love best and add them to your current wardrobe.
  • With big shoulder pads, a jacket, or blazer you will have conveniently added the 80s style to your fashion.
  • In addition, sequined dresses during the day with a touch of off-the-shoulder designs will give you that modern vintage glamorous look.
  • Bold colors and ruffles infuse the 80s excessive style to your fashion.
  • Statement earrings on modern clothes give you a more subtle 80s style.
  • Furthermore, bold eye shadows are perfect for your vintage look.

80s Fashion Wrap Up

The revival of the 80s fashion has added some versatility to our wardrobes. To achieve these styles you can employ a few tricks and you’d be looking vintage in no time. Share with us your views in the comments section.

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