130+ Trendy Behind The Ear Tattoos for 2019

Behind the ear tattoos are becoming increasingly common these days, especially among teens. We all know how well-drawn tattoos look but there is something about having a tattoo behind the ear. If you are getting your first tattoo, then you may want it behind the ear.

Moreover, this location is a bit hidden which means you can conceal the tattoo when you decide to and expose it on your own terms. Several symbols are inked in this location including feathers, flowers, text, etc.

We have brought you a couple of behind the ear tattoo designs to choose from. Let’s check them out.

Types of behind the ear tattoos

There are several types of behind the ear tattoos which you can work with to come up with your own designs.

The peacock’s feather

This tattoo design is more common among women. This is probably because of the historic and aesthetic values they bear. Women who recognize these cannot resist the temptation to ink these tattoos on their bodies. The tattoos come in different shapes, strokes, and sizes.

3D tattoos

3D tattoos are catchy and extremely attractive. Furthermore, it will be difficult to walk past such tattoos without batting an eyelid. You can decide on a unique design or pick out a certain object that appeals to you. Some of the most common 3-D designs are birds, animals, sceneries, and pencils. These tattoos show off strong shadows, making them look real.


It is not strange to see people who cannot stand the sight of a spider, they are scary. Moreover, many people don’t know that spiders are great mothers. They represent feminine power, a mother’s love, and of course, that scary feeling that makes you nervous.


This is a great idea for people who are in love with their jewelry. You can ink the image of one of your favorite jewelry behind your ear in the most adorable manner.

Cute behind the ear tattoo designs


Air balloon behind the ear tattoo

This tattoo is very cute and speaks of flight. It is a great idea for a lady who sees the sky as her limit and is not afraid of the obstacles on the ground. It depicts the courage to try new things and go ahead to face new challenges.

Rose on skull behind the ear tattoo

Skulls are usually a sign of danger and they can be quite scary. The rose brings a cute contrast to this tattoo design. Roses speak of love so this tattoo could be inscribed to remember a loved one. This is a great way of showing off your personality. You can cover it when you want simply by letting down your hair.

Owl on a branch behind the ear tattoo

Owls are considered by many as mysterious creatures. One thing is evident about these creatures. They are regarded as very wise and all-seeing. They have the ability to turn their heads in impossible angles to get a glimpse of what they want. This tattoo is drawn in full color and then a heart sits on the trunk of the bird. A heart symbolizes love and it could be a way of expressing love to one’s partner.

Pow! Behind ear tattoo

This is a perfect tattoo for a person with a very strong personality. The words are inscribed on a star of so many points. The tattoo is classy and very attractive. You can try this out in several colors, depending on your preference.


Full-color robin behind the ear tattoo

These birds are very cute and so is this tattoo. Birds signify flight and with this tattoo, it shows that you are ready to rise above all the boundaries ahead of you. The tattoo looks really beautiful and it works perfectly for a young lady.

Colorful butterflies and black stars

These butterflies are really beautiful and they speak of love and feminine power. The butterflies are drawn in full color on a background of splashed colors. The stars are scattered around making it look like the butterflies were in the sky with the stars. This tells of the fact that nothing is impossible to the wearer, just like the impossibility of butterflies in the stars. This is one of the most encouraging feminine tattoos ever.

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Black and grey rose behind the ear tattoo

Roses are usually red or purple. The rose in this tattoo is drawn in black and grey and it is still attached to its stalk which has a few leaves. We cannot overemphasize the significance of roses. The thorns on the stalk tell that beauty can come out of every situation. It is a great way for a lady to motivate herself to achieve what she wants to achieve including falling in love. Ink this tattoo to express your love to someone special.

Blue lilies behind the ear tattoo

Lilies are very beautiful flowers and they look very cute as tattoos. The tattoo spreads a little distance away from the ear down to the back of the head. The tattoo is very cool and attractive and will spin heads every time you expose it. Wear this tattoo with a beautiful gown and matching stilettos and purse for a perfect evening dinner look.

Colorless flowers behind the ear tattoo

Whether flowers are colored or not, they will still look cool and attractive, just like this tattoo. Flowers speak of love and feminine splendor. You should definitely try out this tattoo if you want to show off your feminine nature in the most adorable manner.

Colored stars behind the ear tattoo

This tattoo shows several stars arranged in no particular order even though they are of different sizes. All the stars have black outlines and the colors of the tattoo stand out in a very attractive way. You may even try out more colors and more stars, depending on your preference. Stars always shine and this tattoo shows that you are ready to begin shining, just like a star.

Tooth behind the ear tattoo

Toothache is not a funny experience and this tattoo depicts that in the most expressive manner. You could have this inked behind your ear to remember your ordeal with a toothache. It is funny how such an experience can be captured in the most adorable manner.

Behind the ear wing tattoo

Wings speak of flight. This wing looks like that of an eagle. The eagle is known for flying at extreme heights. This tattoo signifies that you are ready to attain heights that have not been attained before. Most people ink this tattoo as a way of encouraging themselves to achieve great feats. Feats that would have seemed impossible for them to even think about. If you feel you need motivation then you should get one of these tattoos for yourself.

Ornaments behind the ear tattoo

Ornaments are beautiful and can be worn on different parts of the body as major accessories to accentuate beauty. This lady inked her own ornaments rather than wear them. Do you have a set of ornaments that you love but cannot afford? Spend way lesser on inking the tattoo behind your ear and you will still feel fly.

Ladybird on flower behind the ear tattoo

This tattoo is drawn in full color and the ladybird stands out in the most attractive manner. If you want a tattoo that will make you stand out, this has to be the one. It is not just attractive, it is beautiful in every sense of the word.

Thunderbolt behind the ear tattoo

This is a great tattoo idea for fans of Thor. The thunderbolt symbol is drawn in full black color and rather than sitting behind the ear, it is just below it. Tell the world how much you love the “Avengers” and “Thor” with this tattoo.

Cat paw behind the ear tattoo

A cat is an important part of human life as it is a man’s best friend after the dog. This tattoo just outlines the cat’s paw but it is still very cool and attractive. The great part is that you can cover and expose it at will.

Crown behind the ear tattoo

A crown speaks in clear terms about royalty and power. It is scarce to see someone from a royal lineage inking a tattoo. However, if you count yourself as having what it takes to be royal, then this could be your tattoo. It is inked in just two colors yet it bears that desirable male aura in every aspect.

Weed behind the ear tattoo

Some people cannot do without their weed. They always want to get high and this flower is the Sativa indica, which in layman terms is weed. If you are one of those that cannot bear to be separated from their weed, go ahead and ink this tattoo. It is great that you can cover this tattoo with your hair because of the office environment or some other places.

Alien attack behind the ear tattoo

This is perfect for people who cannot seem to let go of the animations they watched while growing up. It shows an alien spaceship attacking earth and raining fire on different houses. Though this tattoo is not 3-D, it bears an illusion which makes it look like a picture from a movie. This tattoo is more inked by the male folk.

Black and white sunflower behind the ear tattoo

Women love sunflowers and they should because they are very beautiful. This woman has this beautifully drawn sunflower behind her ear in black and white. Though the flower is not in full color, it is drawn with a lot of detail in mind. It is obvious the artist put in a lot of work into this tattoo design.

X and O behind the ear tattoo

X and O stand for a lot of things but this one seems to signify the relationship between two people. We can deduct this from the fact that lying at the top, between the two letters, is a small heart sign. The whole tattoo is drawn in black but it is one you definitely want because of its raw beauty.

Text inscription behind the ear tattoo

This is very easy to inscribe. You just need to think of some text that makes a lot of sense to you. It could be your life principle or a guiding Bible verse, or just a tribute to a loved one. The one in this image is written in simple calligraphy, very attractive.

Anchor behind the ear tattoo

Anchors bear several meanings among which is stability. This tattoo could mean you have found stability, may be in a location or a relationship. It is really cute and a perfect option for a young lady.

Other Behind the Ear Tattoos

Are behind the ear tattoos painful?

It is an established fact that the inking process is always painful. What determines the level of pain is the location of the tattoo, as well as the complexity of the tattoo. We also have to consider how much pain you can bear personally. Your pain threshold goes a long way to determine how much pain you will feel.

However, several pieces of research have been conducted to decipher how much people can bear pain. It has been realized that so many factors, including gender and culture, affect how much pain people can handle. The skin behind the ear is very thin. This implies that as the needle pierces your skin, you feel it really deep.

The fact that this location sits on part of the skull means that the vibrations of the machine will be felt directly on the skull too. There is a myriad of nerves in this location as well. As the needle hits these nerve endings, you are bound to feel the pain firsthand.

In addition, all of these go a long way to tell us that you are going to feel a lot of pain when getting behind your ear inked. The artist will also play a key role in how much pain you are likely to feel. They have to work in the tattoo in a very light and gentle manner so you don’t feel the pain so much.

Making the process less painful

Usually, you feel a stinging or burning pain when getting a tattoo in this location. In some cases, the pain may be throbbing and put you under a lot of pressure. While the pain therapeutic to some, it is highly unbearable to others.

The irony of the process is that you cannot calculate how much pain you will feel during your inking session. Since this is the case, what you can do is try to reduce the pain as much as possible. Wondering how that is possible?

But, it is quite easy, do things to your body to ensure that the pain is more tolerable. The first of these is to ensure that you take a lot of rest the day before your appointment. The rest prepares your body adequately for the process. When you are tired, you are naturally restless making you more susceptible to pain.

In addition, it is also important that you avoid alcohol or drugs, at least a night before your appointment. You should also stay away from them a few days after getting the tattoo. With drugs and alcohol in your system, your body becomes more sensitive to pain. This is because the pain receptors become more sensitive with these chemicals in your system.

Healing Aspect

The healing process may be extended if you consume lots of alcohol and drugs after inking the tattoo. Alcohol puts your body in a state of fatigue which makes it difficult for the tattoo to heal normally. Hangovers will also prevent the body from healing itself as it should. The blood also becomes thinner because of alcohol.

If you are not doing well health-wise, you should postpone your appointment with the tattoo artist. It is important you consider your health condition before going for your appointment. If you are ill or you have a cold, then it is best to postpone.

Thereore, if you are unwell, your receptors are more sensitive and your central nervous system is stressed out as well. This way you are bound to experience more pain than usual. It is advised that you wait until you are in perfect condition before you go back for your appointment.

Your clothing is also a contributor to how comfortable you will be during the process. Ensure that you wear something that you will be relaxed in. It is better you wear something simple so you don’t add the bother of being relaxed in your clothing to the pain of the process.

Your artist may also prescribe certain creams or ointments that will help numb the pain. They may even provide you a specific brand. It is best you follow the instruction of your artist to make the process easier and less painful.

Behind the ear tattoos roundup

We could go on and on about behind the ear tattoos, especially with respect to the different samples. You should be inspired already so why don’t you work with your artist and let’s hear what you came up with.


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