95+ Ideas for Best Friend Tattoos That Represent a Bond

Best friend tattoos are commonly referred to as BFF tattoos. It is a commonly popular way to display you’re the relationship between you and your best friend. It is one of the millions of alternatives to letting the world have an idea of how close you are to your friend. However, some people are comfortable placing it on a part of their body that is not so public.

Getting a matching best friend tattoo is a popular way to show off how you value each other. It is a way to show the world that you are committed to the relationship and that you want it to last forever.

The thought of getting a best friend tattoo must have crossed your mind if you and your friend are extremely close. A best friend tattoo may also serve as an inspiration before you both hit the end of the road.

Types of BFF Tattoos

There are endless varieties of best friend tattoo ideas all over the internet. You can easily find the right style that suits your needs. You can also choose to be creative by drawing original ideas on your body. Here are a few categories of best friend tattoos.

Piece of the Same Pod

This idea is quite common among best friends. However, this particular style that shows a sliced avocado pear is not as common. Avocado pear to some people is considered a fruit for fruitfulness. The sliced twist can also show how well you value yourself.

Although this tattoo style is more common among lovers, best friends can still opt to go for this style. It can also mean that the spouse is pregnant if the seed is located at the hand of the woman. The common meaning around this style of best friend tattoo is telling the public that both of you are two-piece of the same pod.

Forever in My Heart


This style of best friend tattoo is more of a commitment and a promise. It is most common among two female besties. It shows how dear both friends are to each other. This style of BFF tattoo is one that you want the whole world to see. It is best placed at the inward part of the hand.

The magic occurs when both friends hold their hands as they walk down the park. The red color depicts the affection and care for each other. It is not a silent tattoo style as it shows a lot of factors that depict affection. Every part of the tattoo style, from the color to the hearts in the tattoo is a symbol of care and love.



This style of BFF tattoo is the most common around friend that shared a lot of childhood memories. It is often an idea that is carved from one of their personal experiences as kids. Siblings that have a very good bond can also opt for this style. It shows the public that both friends spend most of their time in playful acts. This style of tattoo is often a matching idea as it depicts the same thing.

Friends with this playmate tattoo style share a lot of memories together. In most cases, they have similar hobbies, like similar shows, and watch similar movies. They usually have a lot in common.

Ideas for BFF Tattoos

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Why People Get BFF Tattoos

Best friend tattoos are not always matching by intent and design. While some friends may want their tattoos to match, others may prefer a contrasting design. In some cases, some friends choose to go for a half designed tattoos. This style of tattoo does not usually make full meaning unless the other person is there.

Some friends want their tattoos to be the very popular heart design that depicts their love for each other. In some cases, they go include love quotes while getting the tattoo done. Another popular place that they may style this tattoo is on their wrist, waist or ankle. In this case, they largely prefer to get matching designs. The style of tattoo that you choose to get is completely up to you.

Some friends would prefer to get a sandwiched jelly and peanut butter design. It is a perfect fit that compliments each other. The interesting thing about the tattoo style that you opt for is that it relays the meaning that is intended. It is a graphic way to show off how valuable your best friend is to you and vice versa.

It is a good way of reminding yourself of the old cherishable memories that are hard to let go. On the other hand, it is a way to keep the emotional pain that you experienced in relation close to your heart. In this case, it serves as a reminder to you on the mistakes that you made and how much pain you had to endure. It reminds you to be careful about making the same mistakes in a new relationship.

The disadvantage of this, however, is that you will not be able to move on from the past pain that you experienced. This may have a negative effect on the new friendship that is coming your way. Friends that go for half designed tattoos always do so to show how inseparable they are. They often consider themselves a piece of the same pod. In most cases, they love the world to see that they are committed to each other. The crux of their intended message is to show the world that they are the perfect fit for each other.

The Meaning of BFF Tattoos

Getting a BFF tattoo is a graphic way of displaying how you feel about your best friend to the public. It is a common and acceptable idea in most parts of the world. In other to achieve this, it is suggested to use a prominent ink type that will attract everyone’s attention. A best friend tattoo shows the public that you both intend to keep the friendship permanently. It is like a public statement of commitment of your intention to maintain the relationship forever.

A lot of people usually wait for their better half before they get a matching tattoo. However, there are a few advantages to getting one with your best friend. The beauty of getting a matching BFF tattoo is usually seen when both friends are in the same room when getting the tattoo. They tend to show their feelings for each other while designing is taking place.

In some cases, they may even make other interesting memories that are worth keeping in their hearts. This broadens the scope of the personal meaning of the tattoo that they have decided to get. A best friend’s tattoo will inform a stranger about your friendship. It is like a mini-billboard that shows everyone that you care for each other.

Ideal Placements for BFF Tattoos

When getting a best friend tattoo, there are parts of your body that make the tattoo visible and magical. Areas like the spine, shoulders, neck, back, feet, wrist, chest, fingers and the back of your hand are always some ideal placements. In other to show off the meaning and intent of your tattoo effectively, it is important that your best friend gets the same tattoo placement as yours.

The wrist and hands are the most common areas where to place your tattoo. It is a visible place that conveys a magical meaning. If the tattoo is placed at the back of your hand, it will convey a much deeper meaning any time you hold hands with your friend. There are varieties of tattoo styles out there and what you choose should depend on what you want. It does not matter if it is a monogram, meaningful phrases, or your favorite image, you can choose what you both desire.

Splitting the tattoo design among yourselves is a great idea. It is never complete until you both are together. This implies that you are never complete until your friend is there with you. It is always a magical thing to see when both of you are together. Alone, the tattoo has halves but together, you have whole and meaningful.

If you intend to show how dear your friend is to you, consider placing the tattoo around our chest. This is a close place to your heart. Hence, it is the perfect spot to show how dear your friend is to you. It conveys an electrifying meaning and it tells people how close you both are.

The only disadvantage of this placement is that you have to be topless to show the public your tattoo. However, it is a perfect placement if you intend to keep the emotions between you and your best friend. You may occasionally get to show it to other people that are dear to you.

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Tips for Getting a BFF Tattoo

In the world today, it seems everyone wants to get a tattoo on themselves. Some choose to go for very small designs, others choose moderate sizes, while some prefer covering up their entire body with it. However, there are a few things to consider before you and your best friend go-ahead to get a tattoo. Follow these tips to get the best tattoo experience.

  • When searching for a good tattoo artist, it is advisable to look for one that has designed a tattoo for someone that is close to you. Someone with a recommendation from a close person that is competent to design what you intend. When you go to a parlor that a friend or family member has visited, you have 100% assurance that you will get a good job.
  • Make sure that the tattoo artist is using disinfected and safe needles for your tattoo. Disinfected needles place both you and your friend at a high risk of contracting tons of diseases.
  • Discuss in details with the artist, the kind of design that you want. Make sure that you tell the tattoo artist everything that is on your mind. It is unsafe to assume that the artist will know exactly what you have in mind without speaking out.
  • It is advisable that you go with your best friend to get the tattoo done. Your friend will help create a new memory and give you the support that you may need to get through the needles.
  • Ask someone who has a tattoo from the same parlor to guide you through the process.
  • It is advisable that you have a sketch of the design that you and your best friend intend getting. You may print out the image if it is something that you both saw online. However, if it is an original idea, it is vital that you sketch it out and show the tattoo artist. It is important that you take quality time in deciding the design that you want to get.

This will guide you from picking a design that you will hate as time goes on. It is advisable to pick a design that has personal meaning for both of you.

  • Consider the right outfit before going to the parlor. It is important to wear an outfit that will not hinder the tattoo artist. This will help the artist from making a mistake with the designing. You may need to undress if you go to the parlor with a dress and you want the tattoo placed around your waist. To avoid taking your clothes off in the parlor, it is important that you consider the right outfit for the occasion.
  • Decide where you want to place the tattoo on your body before going to the parlor. This will save you from the disappointment that may come from a not made up mind. It will also help you in choosing the right outfit before going to the parlor


It is important that you think about the pain that you will need to endure during the piercing of the needles. This will help you in getting your mind together. However, the pain should be a walk in the park when you keep in mind the reason that you are getting a best friend tattoo. After finishing the tattoo, you can now go-ahead to show the world how much you value your friendship.



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