57 Easy and Trendy Brad Pitt hairstyle Ideas

Brad Pitt, the one Hollywood celebrity that rules the heart of every woman, is one of the iconic superstars we’ve come to see so far. From his uncanny lifestyle to the iconic fashion style, the actor is indeed a style chameleon who can pull off anything, any look and any hairstyles.

Pitt’s hairstyles have transformed year after year and every hair look and hairstyle he puts on, it’s ultimately on trend! But, let’s be honest, when you have a face like that and a godly smile, you could wear a plastic bag and still look sexy as hell. This two-time name-holder of the People’s Sexiest Man Alive has become the fashion trailblazer for young men and flaunts any hairstyles effortlessly. Be it the sleek military cut from his movie Fury or the long beachy hairstyle in Troy, Brad Pitt knows how to set the trend when it comes to hairstyles.

That being said, if you want to try out a Pitt’s hairstyle, here are all the 57 classic Brad Pitt hairstyles!

1.Buzz Cut Hairstyle in Ocean’s Eleven and Mr.& Mrs. Smith

Buzz cuts are not the look most men prefer but it’s the perfect hairstyle during summer. It’s simple, super short and doesn’t require any styling or hair products. This will save you all the time. However, you might need to visit your barber every week to keep the look even and short. No wonder why Brad Pitt opt this hairstyle because he wanted to look bold for his bold and active characters in the movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ocean’s Eleven.

2. Pitt’s Layered style

Short layered styles are unique and stylish when you know how to carry off. Brad Pitt certainly looks dapper with short layers with soft bangs hairstyle and medium beard. But I reckon that it’s the best hairstyle he had so far, but he pulled it off anyway.

3. Bleached Spikey

Bleached spikes and ocean blue eyes, Brad Pitt looks handsome than ever in this hairstyle. If you want to look young and fresh and go for a summer vacation in the beaches, get this look!

4.Short Mullet with messy blonde top

It would be fun to see Brad Pitt going full mullet but we know he’s smart and won’t go too extreme. If you want to go blonde and keep it medium lengthed with a bit of style, this is the one.

5. Brad Pitt’s Hairstyle in Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet told us a fascinating true-life story but aside that, what else fascinated the fans most? The gorgeous silky falling off hairstyle of Austrians Heinrich Hatter (Brad Pitt). Go for this hairstyle if you have fine silky hair, parted from the middle with medium length all over.

6. Spikey Brunette Hairstyle

Blonde aside, the brunette look is something that Pitt can carry off easily. This look is perfect for the men in their 30s but make sure you add beard wisely or else it will make you look like a grandpa!
7. Highlights with mullets on the back

This look, I might say, is the improvised version of what Brad Pitt carried off in the Seven Years in Tibet. But it involves highlights in the front with trimmed lengths on the sides with a side lock. Keep the hair a bit long on the back to give more definition to your hair.

8. Ivy League Cut in The Tree of Life

If you going for a clean cut without shaving off anything on your head, this look is perfect. Brad’s chic Ivy League cut or what seemed like scissor cut awed the audience and it made him look much younger even with the beard!

9.Brad Pitt with Dreadlocks

So if you’re amused by the cool bohemian lifestyle or you count yourself as the inspired fan of Bob Marley, getting a dreadlock would be a great option. For those who don’t want to spend too much time going to the barbers or salon for hair fix-ups, dreadlocks are a good option. You can also make it a bun out of the dreadlock and look super cool.

10. Side Parted with Hipster Hairstyle

So apparently Pitt didn’t realize that one of the “the looks” from his mid 20s would precisely speak to the current fashion. Despite the fact that the glasses have an outstanding commitment to the look, the long and side-hurled hair is a dependable look if you’re in your mid-20s.

11. Messy spikey Hairstyle cut with Goatee

Regardless of whether you’re in your teens or in your late 20s, an innocent hairdo is dependably a choice to remember. Do not consider putting an excessive amount of thought into this hair style, as being reckless is one of the approaches to ace it. Keep your hair genuinely short and messed up.

12. Brad Pitt’s Subtle Crew Cut Hair

Go for a subtle crew cut, just like Pitt’s for a classy yet funky look. It’s the somewhat longer option for the buzz trim. We suggest men who are super busy to try it once and feel the difference.

13. Subtle Hipster with bangs

You might think the hipster hairstyle is now on trend but Brad Pitt was already slaying the look. But this hairstyle is a bit more subtle on the top and somewhat reminds us of the “Jack” from the Titanic. The longer flowy strands on the front will make you look cute!


14.Angular Spiked shorter sides

Spikey gelled hairstyles are pretty common among the men. Even Brad Pitt couldn’t stop himself from getting the spikey haircut as it’s easy and low maintenance. These hairstyles make you look young and modern and keeps your hair safe from getting messy. Go for this look during parties and important meet-ups..

15. Long Blonde Haircut

Brad Pitt’s long haircuts are a style statement. The rustic, young, rockstar look is something not anyone can pull off. If you love a bit of grunge, long locks, you can try this hairstyle.

16.Brad Pitt’s Surfer Look

If you want to get this sexy surfer look, let your hair grow to about shoulder length and make it look wavy using good hair products. Use a good conditioner frequently to make it look lustrous.


17.Brad Pitt’s Inglorious Basterds hairstyle

The famous/infamous and one of the most iconic hairstyles of Brad Pitt’s is the Inglorious Basterds hairstyle. The style is a mixture of side cuts and side sweep with the top hair lifted up and curled at the tip. The whole style is maintained at the medium length and the thin chevron mustache completed the look.

18.Brad Pitt’s Long Hair with highlights

The voluminous long hair of Brad Pitt is surreal and the way he carries it is pretty awesome. Long hair only suits if you have a height not less than 5’10”. Add highlights either blondes or honey blondes to give your hair a more defined look.

19.Long Spikey Rebel Hairstyle

Long blonde spikey hair makes one look edgy. The asymmetric shape of the hair gives the hair its own look and makes you look young and sexy

20.Wavy Style in Troy

Ladies, it’s undeniable that the wavy blonde braided locks of Brad Pitt in the movie Troy where he plays Achillies was super-hot. When Brad flaunted those locks, the temperature started rising and it became one of the popular hairstyles of those times.

21.Full-out long blonde hairstyle

Brad Pitt knows how to slay any type of hairstyle, including the long blonde one. Let your hair grow longer and trim the tips to keep your hair fresh. The longer the hair, the higher the maintenance so keep in mind about all the fuss you have to go if you want to have a long hair.

22.Buzz cut over grown

Buzz cuts or military cuts might not be the sexiest haircuts Brad has ever carried off but this hairstyle can add a bold look if you over grow it a bit. Trim the sides and back and let the top grow until it looks frizzy and you can add contrasting colors like black and brown or brown and blonde.

23.Pitt’s hairstyle in Thelma & Louise

Brad Pitt’s career took a major turn after Thelma & Louise, all thanks to his enigmatic performance and that sexy cowboy hairstyle! The old school cowboy haircut with strands falling off his face with medium length hair suited his young character. If you want to know the modern version of this style,it’s the hipster haircuts that is so popular now.

24. Pitt’s Famous Fury Hairstyle

One of the popular Brad Pitt’s hairstyles, The Fury haircut redefines the military haircuts. The hairstyle is classic and unique in a way everyone wants to try this once. This look brings out the heavy features of the face making one look more manly than boyish.

If you’re tired of the messy, boyish look, you can go for this look. Trust me, the slicked-back top portion of the hair and carefully mo-hawked sides will give you a lot of head-turns on the road.

25. Old-fashioned Comb-over style

The old-fashioned comb-over hair style requires short sides, trimmed with scissors. The short or medium length top is carefully combed over with a tail comb and finished off with a shiny wax.

26.Brad Pitt’s Spikey Blonde Hairstyle

Spikey blonde hairstyles are hot and go well with the summer season. The sharp texture of the hair towards the tips adds more volume to the hair and some what takes off the attention from other areas of your face like a pair of sloppy eyes or pointed nose.

27.Long Steps Hairstyle

Brad Pitt has all the expert hairstylists around the world and that’s why he can carry off the long hairdo without any effort. So, if you have a naturally lustrous hair, you can grow out and cut it in short steps at the tips to add more texture.

28.Subtle Quiff hairstyle

The traditional quiff style became a trend after the renowned late actor James Dean flaunted off it in the movie Indiana. Later when Brad Pitt wore it on the red carpets with subtle quiffs, fans went crazy. To get this look, add more volume to the hair on the top and style as your choice (either flowy or brushed up).

29.Loose long length Hair in World War Z

A loose hairstyle is a bit of a manly look compared to other hairstyles of Brad Pitt. This hairstyle makes him look gentle, serious and, simple with less drama.


30.Messy quiff Brad Pitt’s style

Messy quiffs have been on the trend for pretty long now and we know the reason why. The quiffs are best styled with silky textured hair and it can either be messy or slicked back. You can keep the mess in the place by applying a light pomade or wax and let it stay scruffy.

31.Grey Slick Back Haircut with short mullet

As Mr. Pitt have grown to age, he once adopted a ‘silver fox’ look keeping his hair slicked back all over with grey strands showing and a short mullet at the back. He kept his beard nice Hollywoodian grey and paired up with classic sunglasses. And woohooo! he looked super hot!

32.Brad Pitt’s Pony Tail Hairstyle

Once you grow out your hair, it’s impossible to handle and keep it in place. So one thing that you can do to style your long hair is, tie it up into a pony! It looks clean and makes your facial features distinct.

33.Simple Crew Cut Side Swept

Crew cut are one of the stylish and most preferred haircuts for men and even for Hollywood’s famous celebrities including Brad Pitt. To get this look trim off the sides carefully (ask your hairdressor) and keep the length a bit long on the top and taper it along the right or left side to fade it downwards.

34.Slick Back Brunette with no beard

Honestly, in my opinion, the slick back brunette style is ageless and super classy, something a high-class man would prefer just like Brad Pitt. The actor has frequently carried off a slicked-back look either with an undercut, medium length hair and short back and sides. This clarifies that this style can be improvised anyway, either with a beard or no beard.

35. Messy Fringed Hairstyle
The messy fringed hairstyle looks incredible on most folks, particularly if one has a naturally wavy hair with a beard. It gives you a bad boy look but it’s equally charming and irresistible. You can spike up the fringe just like how Brad Pitt has done with a good gel or pomade and make it look wet and sexy.

36. The Bob Hairstyle

The Bob haircut is popular among both men and women. However, Brad Pitt has already slayed off this look in his movie, World War Z and afterwards. The subtle highlights on the front and the wavy bob is perfect for the dads in their early 40s.

37. Copper Dyed soft wavy hairstyle
Brad Pitt shocked us all when he made an appearance as a red-head with everything dyed; his hair, eybrows and even beard. He completed the look with soft wavy hairstyle, brushed up and he looked totally different. A commendable transformation, we all must say!

38.Short Faux Hawk
The untidy, scruffy faux hawk is another cool style that you can try. Brad Pitt has slayed this look and it goes well with both the short hair and the long ones. Make sure you trim off the sides to add more volume on the front.
39.Messy Quiff hairstyle

39.Messy Quiff hairstyle

If you’re lucky enough to have a naturally wavy yet messy hair then messy quiff is the perfect style for you. The hair can be easily transformed into a quiff using a comb and a less-strong wax or hair cream.

40.Long hair Pitt’s hairstyle in The Interview with Vampire
The long blonde hair, the pale skin, and bloody eyes made Brad Pitt the perfect character to portray the role of a vampire. You can try this look if you’re in a rock band as well. Grow your hair as long as you can and shampoo it daily to maintain the lusture.

41. Sexy long fringe hairstyle

We can’t deny that fact that this hairstyle makes Brad Pitt look irresistable! The fringe falling down on his face with short sides and beautifully highlighted hair is a perfect choice if you want to style your hair short yet chic.


42. Wavy Comb-over with Van Dyke

A hairstyle that will suit a bit older peeps, the wavy comb-over will save you from hair disaster. Keep your lenghth short on the side and let the waves do their job. Also remember to make your beard a Van Dyke style to look more dapper.


43. Ombre long hair style

Ombre hair styles were quite popular last year and this year, people are more into highlights. But if you want to create your own trend, grow out that hair and add some contrasting colors to jazz it up just like Mr. Pitt over here.

44.Short Pompadour with slicked back sides

This hairstyle reminds us of a high-class, business man style. Here Mr. Pitt has pulled off a short pompadour with slicked back sides and no beard, looking like a gentle man. So, if you’re going for an important business event or party, get this look!


46.Highlighted grown out crew cut

By now, you might be sure that crew cut is a popular haircut for men, especially for Brad Pitt because he knows how to improvise this cut. To get this look, gorw out your crew cut and side sweep the top lenght give it a honey blonde highlight.

47.Classic Pompadour

From Elvis Presley to Brad Pitt, the Hollywood celebrities have kept the pompadour on trend because, firstly, the hairdo is chic and secondly, it makes you look like a rockstar. To get a nice pompadour grow out your hair on the front and keep it medium lengthed on the sides and back. Use a good pomade and hairspray to set the hair on the top of each other.

48.Spikey Side Swept hairstyle

Here Brad Pitt looks young and sexy with the nice spikey side swept tapered hairdo. He has keep the moustache and beard minimal to flaunt his dazzling smile. This is the common yet one of the trendy hairstyles for men.

49.Shaggy long bangs hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyle is no longer in fashion but if you do it right, you might create a trend just about now. The bangs goes up to your nose while the sides remain shorter than the bang. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

50. Layered Pixie Cut with thick beard

A pixie cut is usually a girl thing but Brad Pitt has some guts to pull of this look. This hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair with a lot of texture and you can add the bushy beard or just stay clean shaved.


51. Textured Hair with wavy tips

This style some how looks like a pomp but it’s simply a side swept long front with wavy tips. Don’t forget to trim the other side with scissors and style the waves as per your choice

52.Black Classic Side Swept Hairstyle

We have never seen Brad Pitt with black hair but here we go. This shows that you can switch to contrasting hair color such as from blonde to black with right choice of hairstyle.


53. Long Hair Bushy beard

Well it’s obvious that the facial hair are a complimenting looks for various men. But if you want to go over the board with this look then just grow out your hair and your beard to look like a Alaskan man! Be that as it may, it’s suggested to keep the look well-groomed and clean.

54.Spiky Hairstyle in Fight Club

You can recreate the famous “Tyler Durden” spikey hairstyle portrayed by Brad Pitt in the hit movie Fight Club super easily. All you need is a nice spikey hair cut with the help of your hairdresser and a good long-stay gel.

55.Brad Pitt with Bangs

Bangs were first worn by the great ruler of the Egypt,Cleopatra and today the bangs have become popular not only among the women but men as well. Brad Pitt with his soft side straight bangs looks super cute and you know what they say about bangs; “Don’t cut your own bangs!” Visit a good hairdresser and use a quality conditioner to keep the hair bouncy and flowing.

56. Chic Parted Pompadour Hairstyle
The extravagant pompadour style went viral few years back when young celebs like Justin Beiber and Zayn Malik flaunted it on the red carpets. The modern pompadour all speaks of style and you will need a good hairdresser and an expensive pomade if you’re willing to try this out.

57. Jack Dawson Inspired Hairstyle

Here, Brad Pitt has adapted the hairstyle of the famous character, Jack Dawson from the legendary movie, Titanic and we must say, he looks really handsome. The style has no perfect cut as it’s cut in straight across the face and made a partition on the left and looks pretty casual and flowy.



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