90+ Butterfly Nail Styles That Will Set Your Heart Fluttering

With each passing day, nail art is evolving. Nail artists are becoming more creative and are employing several measures to become better at their designs. One of the trendiest nail art designs these days are butterfly nails.

Let’s take a look at a few design ideas and how to get these nails in the rest of this post.

A closer look at butterfly nails

Beautiful manicure is seen as one of the judges of a lady’s personality and character. This is why most women would rather not joke with their nails. Among the stand out designs of the last decade are butterfly nails.

Many women have described them as their favorites and it is not difficult to see why. They are beautiful, simple, yet very attractive. There are so many possibilities with these nails, it all depends on how creative you are.

One of the biggest advantages of butterfly nails is that you don’t need a professional nail artist to fix them. You can do the fixing from the convenience of your home, as long as you have all the necessary materials.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and having them on your fingers may seem quite childish to some. However, when you see the designs, you will notice that they show no sign of childishness. Instead, they are elegant and will help you make a huge statement with your nails.

Butterfly nails design ideas


Detailed butterflies on white backgrounds

White in the manicure world is evergreen, perfect for weddings, cocktails, dates, etc. This design is stylish and classic at the same time. You can pick your favorite butterfly nail stickers and paste them or just draw out the butterflies yourself. The colors will be your choice and you can add some glitter at your discretion too.

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White butterflies on pink background

If you love rounded shapes, this design should sit well with you. The way the black nails are combined with the subtle pink is just amazing. This makes the butterflies stand out vividly to give a really beautiful manicure. It is time to show off your beautiful nails.

Fuchsia Pink nails with white butterflies

Don’t these nails look so juicy? No doubt, they must have been really difficult to achieve which is why we suggest you employ a professional for them. The ombre approach was employed to achieve this and it involves blending hues, usually from bright to dark tones. The butterflies are then drawn or stuck over the nails in the most adorable manner.

Playful pink butterfly wings

This idea is great if you love to play. The ombre technique is also employed for this amazing design. Obviously, a brush was used to draw the wings of the butterfly. If you feel you cannot draw the wings by hand, you can make use of stickers instead. This is a perfect nail design for the summer holidays.

Natural nails with butterflies and glittery stones

This is another amazing combination. You should try this out this summer as it is a perfect way to shine at your next event. Colored French manicure is always reliable for this kind of design. All you need is the French manicure kit, some glittery stones, and a stamping set. What you will get at the end of the day is a truly amazing effect.

Magically colored butterfly nails

When you look at these nails for the first time, you will think that they were pretty flowers. A closer look at them and you will notice that each nail has an incomplete wing colored in magic colors. It is perfect for all your colorful dresses. By the way, all the designs were done by hand so if you are not up to it, you may have to find professional help. When you look at them, it is obvious that they are worth the trouble.

Polka dot butterfly nails with flowers

This is a perfect combination of flowers, butterflies, and the classic polka dots. Having these nails means you are ready for the spring. Painting the butterflies, dots, and flowers is a great option but stickers would also work great magic. Whichever case, enjoy flaunting this romantic theme.

Colorful butterflies with flowers and polka dots

This is another classic polka dot design accompanied by colorful butterflies and flowers. They are a bit different from the previous one in that the dots are scattered all over the nails rather than just at the tips. Stickers, stamps, or paint will do the magic, it all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Acrylic alternate patterned butterfly and flower nails

These nails are the perfect way to welcome the Spring season. They are painted with acrylic polish as it gives an amazing effect as you can see. Just two nails on each hand have the butterfly and flowery designs. The rest are left plain. You may decide to be creative and add one or two more fingers as long as you stick with a plain base coat.

White base coat with colorful butterflies and flowers

Any length will do with these easy and fresh nails. It is a mix of a classic white base and different brightly colored flowers and butterflies. It is all hand-painted but stickers will do just fine. Whichever you try would work out fine to create the perfect spring-themed effect.

Blue and white butterfly nails with patterns

The bases of the nails are altered, while some have bright blue paint, the others are painted in plain polish. The plain base coats have patterns and butterflies. You can decide to paint the patterns or apply stickers. Make sure the nails are dry before you do so that you don’t smear the whole design and make it look messy.

Butterflies in cold nuance nails

This design is perfect for round or oval-shaped nails. The butterflies look really beautiful and stand out from the background perfectly. A white pearl polish will be perfect as the base and then you can paint the butterflies over the nails in multicolor. These nails are recommended for formal or semi-formal occasions.

Purple and white pastel butterfly nails

If you are a lover of pastel, then you should definitely try this design out. The plain purple nail polish is used to paint each nail except the nails on both thumbs. The thumbnails are painted with a white base and a single butterfly is shared between the two nails. When the nails are put together, the butterfly comes together. This is a very subtle design that requires some bit of expertise. To make it more adventurous, you could add some color to the nails.

Short sky blue nails with butterflies

Contrary to regular opinion, short nails are really beautiful. What matters is how well they are taken care off. These nails are painted in a base coat of sky blue. This base coat color makes the butterfly stickers above to be well-pronounced. Each nail has a single butterfly and the pinky has three small butterflies. The diverse colors of the butterflies make this design perfect for different colors of clothing and the length of the nails are perfect for any occasion.

Colorless base coat with large butterflies and flowers

This is a contrasting design that is really attractive. The butterflies and flowers are really large and stand out from the base coat in the most amazing manner. They are perfect for a business date, a wedding, or some other formal event. Acrylic nail polish will be perfect for the base coat of this nail design.

Palette butterfly nail design

This design features a black background with white spots on each nail. Each nail bears a different color of butterfly wings and they look like the butterflies are trying to perch on the fingers. If your nails are oval or almond-shaped, then you have the right design in this one. Somehow, the design gives the impression that the nails are longer than they really are.

Colorful butterflies with silver base coat nail design

Do you think you are a child at heart? If the answer to that question is yes, then this design is yours. You can decide on how you want the butterflies and flowers to be painted. The base coat is a shimmery silvery color while the colorful stickers are scattered on each nail. To maintain this theme, make use of different bright colors, either painted or with stickers.

Black and tiffany blue butterfly nails

We had shown you another black-themed nail with white dots earlier on. This is a variation of that design but this one seems to be quieter than its predecessor. It is not too difficult to achieve, different shades of nail polish will do the magic. You can alter the design as long as you are creative. It will be great for whatever outing you have.

Colorful Butterflies and hearts nail design

This design has a mix of hearts and butterflies over a colorful base coat. Each finger sports a different base coat color and to make them more beautiful, the coats are shimmery. The butterflies and flowers were painted by hand but you can decide on stickers. Don’t restrict yourself to these colors, get creative and use many other colors. You should have something really amazing at the end of the day.

Other Butterfly Nails Style To Try Out

How to make simple butterfly nails at home

As we have stated earlier, they are elegant and really beautiful and look quite complex. In reality, they aren’t so complex and they can be made right in your home, by yourself.

In this section, we will take a look at how to make these nails by yourself. The aim at the end of this section is that you will be able to make simple butterfly nails in the comfort of your home.

What do you need?

  • Shading brush
  • Top
  • Fluorescent hybrid varnish (pink)
  • Black hybrid varnish
  • Fine brush
  • Yellow hybrid varnish
  • White gel paint
  • Hunrid base

Getting your nails done

  1. When you have prepared your nails for the process, cure them. Do this by applying a base and leave it there for 60 seconds.
  2. Follow this by applying a layer of your black hybrid varnish. Allow it to stay on for 60 seconds.
  3. Apply the topcoat and then cure for 60 seconds.
  4. The next stage requires some finesse. You make use of a brush and the white paint gel to paint butterfly contours. When you paint, try hard to ensure that each wing overlaps on the previous one painted. As you paint make sure that your lines are very thin. Cure the lines under the lamp for up to 60 seconds.
  5. Prepare some white paint gel along with some topcoat over an aluminum foil. Mix the white gel paint with the topcoat to create a clear white shade. Use this color to fill the lines of the butterfly wings.
  6. Ensure that each wing is painted separately and cured over a period of 10 to 15 seconds. You will notice a darker tone in areas where wings overlap. This contrast is part of what makes these nails so beautiful.
  7. Mix some neon pink color with the topcoat, the result should be a transparent pink color. You should add this to the wings you have already prepared. Don’t forget to cure each nail for between 10 to 15 seconds after painting them.
  8. Check for the places where there is an overlap of wings and add some neon pink to attenuate the color. After this, cure for 30 to 40 seconds.


  1. After this, apply the neon pink color to the point where the butterfly and the wings meet. Shade with very little coloring and cure for 30 seconds.
  2. When drawing the body, make it considerably smaller than the wings.
  3. When you are done painting, use a top coat as the finish.
  4. Your butterfly nails are ready to be flaunted to the rest of the world.

Butterfly nails wrap up

You should already be inspired to get butterfly nails at your next manicure appointment. Any of these designs will be perfect and you may tweak them based on how creative you want to be. Let us know your experiences with butterfly nails i

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