45+ Bold and Exciting Dimple Piercing Images + TIPS

Body modifications are gradually taking over our world, and dimple piercings seem to be part of the revolution. It is an undeniable fact that dimples are charming and cute. The holes might be small, but the lovely effect they produce, especially when you smile makes you more attractive.

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that dimples are a genetic defect? I bet you didn’t. In fact, some people will kill to have this kind of defect with the type of cuteness it comes with. The cause of dimples is shortened facial muscles or cheeks. The defect is a result of a fault in the subcutaneous tissue that is developed during embryonic development.

Regardless of the science behind dimples, they are simply adorable on both sexes. They are the ultimate beauty marks. No wonder people have resorted to dimple piercings to show off their beautiful dimples. The piercings are an effective way of accentuating these attractive facial features.

If you are still reading this post, then you must be really fascinated by dimple piercings, so we have brought you a couple of ideas to inspire your next dimple piercing. You will also learn a little more about this topic too, so it is definitely worth the read.

What Is a Dimple Piercing?

This is one question that strikes the mind, probably because dimple piercings are a relatively new phenomenon. Dimple piercings are also referred to as cheek piercings, so for the sake of this post, the terms will be interchanged.

Now to the definition, the piercing is a simple procedure carried out to accentuate the dimples or create an illusion of dimples on both cheeks. If they are placed symmetrically, the illusion is striking and looks great.

The process is usually easier for people with natural dimples since the piercing is done directly over the dimples. If you don’t have any dimples, then a professional piercer can handle it with the necessary tact.

So you know, similar to every other piercing, a cheek piercing is painful. Yes, it is, but your pain threshold is what matters. If you are thinking about this sort of piercing you should ask yourself, how much pain can I bear?

To make it easier, a professional piercer may provide you some ointments to help with the pain before they begin the procedure.

Choosing a Good Dimple Piercer

A significant aspect you must look into when planning to get a dimple piercing is your piercer. Most people would rather pay more for a piercer than spend on piercing fees. Wonder why? It’s simple to figure out. A person promising you the best piercing at a meager price is probably going to do a poor job.

So the trick is finding someone who is experienced and has an excellent reputation among piercers. Sometimes you might need to leave your locality to meet one of such, but it is worth every bit of the trouble. You will need to go through the piercer’s portfolio, so you know what they have achieved. Find the individual’s social media account to check out past work.

You also need to find out about their piercing procedures. To discover this, you may need to contact past clients. You should also discuss how they choose the piercing locations and how they will guard against harming your parotid pipes.

Ideas for Dimple Piercing

By now you already know a lot about dimple piercings so let’s check out some unique designs that will excite you. Some of them are different because of the jewelry used, but the procedure is mostly the same. Check below for some exciting dimple piercing ideas.

Cheek piercing stud

This is about the most common of this sort of piercing you will see around. It gives you that dark and pointed look by creating an illusion that you have deep dimples on both cheeks. This impression makes your cheeks look very attractive and awe-inspiring.

Tiny stud earrings

They are small, just as the name implies, but they are magnificent. One fantastic characteristic is that they reflect light. If you have perfectly toned cheeks, these studs will accentuate your jawline most adorable. With this style, you are bound to spin heads every time you step out.

Shining bright piercing

The perfect choices for this are white beads or jewels. The idea is to create the illusion of a sparkling diamond on the cheeks. No wonder they have become a popular choice among girls. There is a wide range of jewels you can pick from, but the advice is to use multicolored beads. Here’s the reason, they seem to suit everyone’s personality.

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Gold-tone titanium

It is trendy, it is stylish, and it works well for lovers of gold. The large sphere shape is golden in color, and it matches the cheeks most incredibly. They are best for chubby cheeks since they are usually significant. They will enhance your facial features better.

Diamond Gold White

Now, this is a perfect choice because of the color mix, the only challenge may be the cost. If you are not too worried about sticking to your budget and you have the funds, then you definitely have to go for this. They enhance the lower jaw perfectly and help you make a style statement most effectively.

Opalite Dermal Piercing

This piercing is very colorful, and the colors have a way of accentuating your personality, just as they do for everyone else. Girls have a soft spot for this piercing because they can match the colors with the clothes they wear.

Dull, clean, and flat

For many people, simple is very stylish. If you are one of those, this style will go down well with you. The beads are flat and dull and are great for someone who is getting the first piercing on the cheek.

Silver Stud

Already, silver is very classy and attractive. Imagine protruding silver studs on your cheek, and they further show off the features of your face. They speak of a bold and unique personality, so if you believe you have such, then go for these.

Cubic Zirconia

This is perfect for people who care less about what others think and will put their personality in anyone’s face. The cubic zirconia is very tiny and just enhance the cheeks perfectly. Depending on your piercer and other piercings, this could take your piercing game up a notch.

Yellow Gold Piercing

Gold lovers can go on and on about how much they love yellow gold, and it is understandable. The color is bright and gives your personality a well-deserved lift. When you smile, the gold enhances your facial muscles and radiates your character.

A few dimple piercing aftercare procedures

Dimple piercings require a lot of aftercare to ensure that they heal as fast as possible. Some of these procedures can be cumbersome but will produce amazing results if followed to the letter. After your dimple piercing is done, take the following aftercare steps:

  1. Ensure you don’t play with the piercing when talking, eating, brushing your teeth, or speaking. Playing with the piercing could put a strain on the area which puts you at risk of infection.
  2. Clean the area regularly in the most careful manner. The most advisable method is the use of a cotton ball dipped in a water and salt solution. The advantage of this is that it cleans up the area and the jewelry too.
  3. Don’t make use of alcoholic liquids in cleaning your face, it could adversely affect the wound.
  4. It is good to wash the area when having your bath but make sure you avoid using strong antibacterial soaps.
  5. After your piercing, avoids smoking or taking alcoholic beverages as much as possible.
  6. Wearing makeup and using ointments and creams over the area could be detrimental to the condition of the wound.

FAQs About the Dimple Piercing

You probably have several questions about dimple piercings, especially if you have never gotten one. Don’t worry, you are not too inquisitive, several other people have similar questions. In this section, we have put together the answers to a couple of questions that are commonly asked about cheek piercings.

Are cheek piercings painful?

A simple answer, “Yes, they do.” Not as much as you think though, majorly because the cheek is all flesh and no cartilage. They, however, require a lot of commitment and aftercare.

Will there be swelling after the procedure?

Yes, there will be swelling. The magnitude of the swelling will depend on your body type but for most people, their faces grow to the size of chipmunks. By the way, there will be a little blood too. You will probably taste it in your mouth for a short while, but other than that, you are fine.

What kind of piercer should I be looking for?

If you were thinking of getting the ear or eyebrow piercings, about any piercer can help you with that. But for cheek piercings, you legit need a very good piercer, someone with a lot of experience and a vast portfolio. Cheek piercings are very complicated, and you might not be able to change them personally. This means you might be visiting the piercer more than you bargained for.

Where should I have my piercings done?

Frankly speaking, you cannot just jump into any beauty parlor and request for a dimple piercing. You need to carry out some form of research, and more than that, you must be comfortable in the location. If you feel uncomfortable, it is okay to speak up or walk out. There are ways to air your views without being rude. So if you are not comfortable, speak up or leave before the needle strikes your face.

Will the piercings be perfectly symmetrical?

You might not like this, but the answer is no in most cases. Here’s why our faces are actually not perfectly symmetrical. So even if your piercer uses different fancy rulers and other equipment, the chances that the piercings will be symmetrical are almost zero.

What will people say about my piercings?

Guess what, people will always talk, so be ready. Some will say beautiful things, others, very terrible things, you shouldn’t be bothered because it is your body and your decision. Everyone has to be comfortable with your decision.

Am I at risk of a scar?

Yes, you are going to get a scar ultimately. In fact, this why some people get dimple piercings, for the wounds that show up afterward. Why you will get an injury is because the process damages some muscle tissue, when it is going to heal, it will leave an indelible mark.

Bold and Exciting Dimple Piercing Ideas

Check out the piercing ideas below. You can choose any of them for your next cheek piercing or simply use them as an inspiration to get a new design.


Maleficent golden piercing

These golden piercings are a beautiful addition to your piercing repertoire to make you stand out from the crowd. They are very relaxed and give you that rock star look.

Small silver dimple piercing

These are not too conspicuous, but they give you that fantastic look. Attractive at first glance and accentuating your beautiful facial features.

Black natural dimple piercing

These small black jewelry give your face that natural dimple feel. They are actually adorable, and the contrast with the skin color is just heavenly. You should try these out if you are worried about what people think of your piercings, they are discreet.

Thick cheek piercings

This piercing is cute and attractive. Like you know, gold always stands out, mix this gold piercings with your smile, and you have a perfect marriage.

Inconspicuous dimple piercings

Dimples are very cool even though they are initially an anomaly. This design just makes dimples cooler than they actually are. Very simple, the piercing is almost not visible, what we all see is cute dimples that make your beautiful smile pop-out.

Big black cheek piercing

How about conspicuous for a change? These piercings standout from your cheek in a manner that everyone would see them at first glance. They are bold, significant, and beautiful, a perfect choice for your attractive, outgoing personality.

Bulgy gold cheek piercing

A severe face can be awkward to achieve most times, not with these bulgy gold piercings. If you feel no one takes you seriously and you need to make a statement, this is your go-to piercing.

Cute smile, cute gold jewelry

If you want your dimples to accentuate your smile, even when your teeth aren’t out, this is your perfect choice. They are only cute and have a way of proclaiming your beauty to the world.

Silver studded waistline

How about studding your waistline for a change? You probably never thought of putting studs on the dimples on your waistline. Well, you could, and they are cute too. These small silver studs will standout well, and then you can wear those short tops to show them off in the summer.

Golden helix dimple piercing

This is another way to give yourself a serious face, the perfect camouflage for someone with a soft personality. However, they are cute and attractive, as gold is always.

Cheeky gold jewelry for men

A perfect way to accentuate your facial features, including your blue eyes as a man. The beards should be a great concealer, but the jewelry blend perfectly to produce a beautiful effect.

White gold piercings

This is a perfect balance when you have other piercings on your face. They create the perfect dimple effect on the cheek, they are almost like they aren’t there yet exude all the cuteness in the world.

Black cubic zirconia piercings

Are you really keen on your piercings? If yes, these will work well for you, especially if you are not fazed by what people say. The black jewelry stands out from your cheeks in the most amazing way.

Golden prongs

These jewelry are large, and the gold color makes them stand out on your skin in the most beautiful manner.

Silver prongs cheek piercing

Just like the gold, these silver prongs accentuate your facial features and jawline. They are very cool and give the perfect illusion of dimples.

Teeny balled studs

They are very beautiful and create an amazing contrast with the skin. If you have a piercing just above your upper lip, then you have a perfect balance.

Low profile white gold piercing

The perfect way to complete your cute look. The piercings are very attractive and cool.


Gold pop-ups

If you want everyone to see your dimple piercing, then this is your best choice. It is great if you are a bit cheeky. The big golden jewelry sticks out of your face in a pop-up manner.

Black cheek piercing stud

With this black jewelry, you become “bold and beautiful” personified. It gives a perfect contrast to your skin, so it stands out, just the way you want it.

Dimple piercing roundup

With all the different dimple piercing ideas above, you must be inspired to get your cheeks pierced so you can show off your beautiful dimples. The additional information will help you achieve your aim perfectly. Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.


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