125+ Gypsy Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Ink

Use A first glance at a gypsy tattoo speaks volumes, so it is not difficult to see why they are becoming increasingly popular these days. However,  large fraction of people is a bit confused about what gypsies are so they might not even have an idea about this kind of tattoos. They just see pictures at a tattoo parlor and there is an immediate attraction .

Gypsies are mysterious and so is a gypsy tattoo, but we know that they are just so adorable, we can hardly pass off a chance to have one inked on our bodies. However, they are more than just the beautiful art that we inscribe on our bodies, they bear deeper meanings. Since a strong spiritual meaning exists, you need to understand the meanings before paying a visit to the tattoo parlor.

So, in post will not just show you beautiful images to inspire your new body art, you should know who gypsies are and the meanings behind most gypsy tattoos after reading through.

A short background of Gypsies

You probably have heard about this term for as long as you could read. But just like many other people, you maybe didn’t really care about the meaning till now. Just so you know, the term gypsy is not a new word, it has been around for over six hundred years. As expected, the definition would vary from one location and age to another.

There is a lot of history surrounding gypsies, but their origin goes as farback as Northern India and Egypt. History has it that gypsies were nomads. Gypsies only made their living from working the land, which was their major occupation. Of course, their lifestyle required them to be very intelligent, creative, hardworking, and sacrificial since it was quite unpredictable and difficult.

But, historycmmon beief shows that the first set of gypsies to land in Europe traveled there in the fourteenth century and spread to the rest of the globe from there over the last six decades. However, modern-day gypsies are an itinerant group present in the Americas, Europe, and some parts of North Africa.

Their skin tone is dark with dark hair and the converse in the Romany dialect. As they travel, they utilize their fortune-telling, trading, and farm work to make a living. These people are also the ones who have popularized gypsy tattoos today.

Gypsy tattoo ideas

Below are a few suggestions to inspire your next gypsy tattoo. However, you can work with your tattoo artist to tweak any of these to your taste. They will definitely look beautiful on any part of your body you choose.

Moth and gypsy tattoo

This tatto’s main color is black, and it shows a moth and a classic gypsy.


Colorful gypsy

This tattoo shows the side view of a gypsy’s face in full color. Along with the lipstick, adornments, and roses.

Classic gypsy

Gypsies are mostly related to roses, so this tattoo shows both a regular gypsy lady head and a couple of beautiful roses. The tattoo is drawn in full color.

Unique gypsy styling

This tattoo shows forth the unique style of the gypsies. From the description of gypsies above, they have an Indian heritage, and they have an entertaining background. Once upon a time, they were invited to perform in royal houses.

Gypsy and bear tattoo

Gypsies are recognized for their fortune-telling abilities. This tattoo shows a bear on the head of a gypsy and a few colored roses below. The tattoo is drawn in full color.

Gypsy head half-sleeve tattoo

This colorful tattoo is an exact depiction of gypsy beauty on the upper arm.

Tiger on gypsy tattoo

Details at its best are the best description of this tattoo. It shows a tiger head right above a gypsy woman with all her adornments. The tattoo is usually drawn on the forearm, stretching down the wrist.

Twin fox on gypsy tattoo

Drawn on the thighs, these tattoos face each other in full color. Perfect for a woman who wants to show her sexy side to the world.

Jeweled gypsy princess

Gypsy princesses are always so beautiful, and so is this tattoo. The princess is fully adorned with several roses, jewelry, and beautiful long hair. It is best placed on the upper arm of a woman.

Indian gypsy tattoo

Roses and feathers adorn the gypsy lady in this colorful tattoo. It is placed on the upper arm.


Forever young gypsy tattoo

The inscription of “forever young” wraps the gypsy that is adorned with all her paraphernalia.

Rose and gypsy girl tattoo

A gypsy girl wearing a rose in her hair drawn in full color on the forearm.

Full sleeve gypsy tattoos

The tattoos cover both hands, from shoulder to the knuckles. It is a mix of several elements that make up the heritage of the gypsies.

Hind thigh twin tattoos

The thighs are a great place to ink tattoos, but behind the thighs is very unusual. These twin tattoos are drawn facing each other behind the thighs in full color. They are totally glorious.

Future gypsy tattoo

This tattoo covers the length of the whole leg. The upper part of the tattoo shows a beautiful gypsy lady with all her adornments and the lower part shows a horse with its bridle and some roses.

Dices tattoo


This marries a classic gypsy style with a pair of modern dices.

Demonic gypsy damsel

If you love something sinister, then this tattoo should work for you. It has a winter colored theme and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Blushing gypsy

A mix of pink and red, a perfect representation of a classic gypsy.

Back to the gypsy island tattoo

A beautiful unclad gypsy is wrapped in roses and other flowers while her hair covers her most intimate parts.

Behind the veil

A classic gypsy fortune teller tattoo was showing the gypsy holding a crystal ball. It is a mix of purple, gold, and black.

Gypsy on back tattoo

Full colored gypsy lady covering her hair with a scarf is placed on one corner of the back.

Gypsy and robin tattoo

A beautiful gypsy lady with her full adornments has a robin flying close to her head. The tattoo is usually placed on the forearm.

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Owl gypsy tattoo

A sinister tattoo which has an owl sitting behind a rose. Behind the owl is a gypsy drawn in red and white.

3-D butterfly gypsy tattoo

This tattoo is placed from the wrist down to the fingers. It shows a gypsy girl’s head above a butterfly drawn in 3-D and then a few elements are drawn on each finger.

Indian gypsy princess

This beautiful Indian gypsy princess is inked on the forearm. In some cases, the tattoo is inked on both forearms.

Mysterious gypsy tattoo

If you love something dark and mysterious, this tattoo should work for you. It is usually placed on the leg, just below the knee.

Gypsy Home tattoo

Gypsies are nomads, but they build homes when they need to. This tattoo is great for someone who loves the nomadic lifestyle of the gypsies and wants to identify with it.

Snake gypsy tattoo


It is an old school tattoo which is still prominent till date.

Meanings/Interpretations of Gypsy Tattoos

Gypsy tattoos bear very deep meanings for both men and women. Despite looking so beautiful and attractive, they are very symbolic and tell a lot about the bearer. The interpretations of these tattoos are not dependent on the tattoo type, rather, it is dependent on the lifestyle, traits, and history of the gypsies.

Number one on the list of meanings attached to gypsy tattoos is self-reliance and independence. This is because gypsies are nomadic in nature and have no restrictions on their journeys. They rely on their own work as a means of survival. So inking a gypsy tattoo could mean that you are independent or look forward to being independent in the nearest future.

Since gypsies are recognized as fortune tellers and seers, having one of these tattoos could depict that you are a visionary with a picture of your future. Gypsy women are also very strong and independent. Having one of these tattoos could be a way of honoring a woman in your life who bears these attributes. To accentuate the meanings of the tattoos, you could add some flowers and jewelry.

The following are some other meanings:

  • Spirituality
  • Success
  • Divination
  • Happiness
  • Life’s path
  • Future
  • Good fortune
  • Accomplishment
  • Fringe dweller or outsider

Placement of Gypsy Tattoos

If you look closely at a person sporting a gypsy tattoo, you will realize that it is mostly placed on the shoulder or upper arm. The tattoo looks really captivating when placed here, both for men and women.

Another excellent choice for placement is when it is used as a sleeve tattoo. It could be a full or half sleeve, whichever makes the gypsy tattoo totally adorable. Some men place them on their chest or back while ladies prefer their ribs and thighs.

They do not need to be huge to look good. When they are small and detailed, they are still as adorable. So you can place them on your wrist, ankle, lower foot, or collarbone and be sure they’d still look cool. Consulting your artist will help you decide the best position to place your new gypsy tattoo.

Primary Styles of Gypsy Tattoos

A gypsy woman tattoo is always enchanting and will look exquisite as long as it is done right. There are several styles to pick from, but the ones in this section are the most common totem styles.


This is also known as the gypsy head tattoo, and it combines a sugar skull with a typical gypsy head. It is very enchanting as the gypsy maintains all of her looks save her face. The tattoo sports the face of a sugar skull. In most cases, it is used in remembering a lost loved one. In some other cases, you could have both faces intertwined in the same tattoo.

Old-school Gypsy

Despite the many variations of this tattoo, it is about one of the oldest and most common in this category. There is usually some curly hair surrounding a beautiful gypsy face. The woman could have a scarf and some ornaments and flowers adorning her head, face, and neck. A couple of people prefer having a male gypsy, so you might just decide on one for yourself. They are just as cool.

Fortune teller

One major characteristic of gypsies is that they are seers and fortune tellers. This tattoo is very symbolic and quite simple to achieve. You just need to have some extra adornments on a regular gypsy woman tattoo to make it more intense. In certain cases, there could be a crystal ball with the hand of the gypsy man or woman on it.

3-D Pattern Gypsy

3-D is one of the best ways to give your gypsy tattoo an enchanting and attractive look. The technique is long and complicated, but always worth the wait. It simply requires the artist to pick any of the styles and to draw it in 3-D on your body.

Animal headgear on gypsy girl’s head

As people discover newer ways of inscribing tattoos to make them look more beautiful, they have resorted to adding their favorite animals to the head of the gypsy tattoo. The most common animals used are wolves and deer. A deer symbolizes gentility and calmness. On the other hand, a wolf depicts loyalty and intelligence.

Native American Gypsy

This tattoo involves the marriage of two distinct cultures that create an amazing tattoo. Use of Feathers typical to Native America is common in the adornment of a gypsy woman. With Native American jewelry in the mix, the image produced is simply fantastic.

Other Gypsy Tattoo Ideas






After going through this post, you ought to gain inspiration to get yourself a gypsy tattoo. But, one thing is clear, they are elegant, classic, and enchanting, just like the lives of gypsies. So, you can drop your comments in the comment section, we will love to read your experience with gypsy tattoos.

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