150+ Hibiscus Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Hibiscus tattoos are about the most popular flower tattoos that exist. If it comes to vote casting to find out which flower tattoos rule, hibiscus will definitely come out tops. No restrictions for placement as almost any part of the body, the neck, back, legs, and arms are feasible. They are very attractive because they are drawn in full color.

You cannot deny that whenever you walk past a hibiscus flower, it attracts you so much you want to touch it. This is the same feeling when you walk past anyone sporting one of these cute tattoos. With the colors of the tattoos, they can definitely match almost every dress or fashion accessory.

Also, the hibiscus tattoos are fascinating and adorable and women are naturally more attracted to them. Most of the different designs are very popular since hibiscus flowers look the same everywhere in the world. In this post, we shall discuss a bit about hibiscus tattoos. More importantly, we have put together a list of designs you can choose from to inspire your next tattoo.

Origin of Hibiscus Tattoos

Did you know that hibiscus flowers originated from the Pacific? Yes, they did and come in many different colors. This is also evident in the tattoo designs, as you will see later in this post. Despite the fact that most of these tattoos look alike and originate from the about the same region, they bear different meanings.

Moreover, every single artist comes up with a creative way of inking these tattoos and each wearer has a specific meaning attached to his or her own tattoo. Each tattoo is unique in its design, the difference, a fiction of the creativity of the artist.

History of Hibiscus Tattoos

These tattoos are mostly representative of how individuals imagine themselves or other situations. They also portray an individual’s innermost creative abilities and how appealing their inner soul is. Really, any of the hibiscus tattoos you get will justify this.

This kind of tattoos has existed for several centuries. The old mariners of the medieval era were the first to begin inking these tattoos on their bodies. They did this for two major purposes, fashion and symbolism.

Since then, more and more people in different parts of the world have been open to the idea of hibiscus tattoos. Artists have put in more creativity to refine the original look of the tattoos, playing with different colors and inking the different species of the flower. Today, people are more open to the idea of tattoos and have found several ways of wearing these tattoos to make fashion statements.

Meaning of hibiscus tattoos

We have already stated that there are several species of the hibiscus flower. Each species, when tattooed, bears a different meaning from the other. However, most of these tattoos bear meanings that are related to the female folk. No wonder they are most beautiful, elegant, and sexy. The tattoos are inclusive as people from different countries and tribes wear them and they have different meanings in these countries.

In Malaysia, for example, they mean honor, courage, and life. On the other hand, in China, they represent something different, though a bit close. Their depiction includes as a symbol of wealth, fame, virginity, and gentility. This is so different from what the flower signifies among the Koreans. It is synonymous with immortality among the Koreans.

Generally speaking, whichever way you see them, hibiscus tattoos are more prominent among women. This is why most of the meanings they bear tilt towards the feminine angle. The tattoos show forth the beauty of women and their delicate nature.

The Symbolism of Hibiscus Tattoos

The different colors and sizes of the flower are the major sources of attraction and they express individuality and personal objectives. The flowers look so exotic and create a certain aura which is another reason why individuals showcase interest in inking them on their bodies. The elegant flowers are very symbolic and they bear very deep meanings.

Several islands on the Pacific, including Hawaii, view hibiscus flowers as a very important signature flower which shows the rest of the world their tourism heritage. Others really believe in the flower that they have taken it as a symbol of devotion and loyalty.

In many other parts of the world, the flower stands for love, royalty, charm, politeness, hospitality, fragility, gentleness, and exoticism. This is not all, the different colors of the flower bear different meanings as well. The red ones symbolize love, passion, and desire. The purple ones signify royalty and wealth, while the yellow ones depict friendship.

The blue hibiscus flowers are a sign of fertility and serenity, the white ones speak of enlightenment, and the pink ones, a rare class of beauty. As a result, individuals with hibiscus tattoos get a little confused about what meaning they want to attach to the tattoos. Since you are about getting yourself one, you should decide what you want it to mean before inking it on your body.

Placement of Hibiscus Tattoos

The placement of a where a tattoo on the body will determine the meaning as well as whether people see it or not. The best spots to place these tattoos on your body are behind the shoulder and anywhere on the foot. The size of the tattoo also determines placement and frankly speaking, hibiscus tattoos are better large. The small ones do not look as good.

Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can decide to place the tattoos anywhere you feel like on your body. Just take note of the fact that the location where you place the tattoo will determine what meaning people will read to them before they even ask you about it.

Types of Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus flowers have been very popular for as long as we can remember all over the world. One of the best ways to include them in your personal life is by getting a hibiscus tattoo. There are several types of hibiscus tattoos and they have different meanings and exist in a plethora of designs. You can pick one of these designs to experiment with your tattoo artist.

Choose any of these styles to form the basis of your new hibiscus tattoo.

Single blooming hibiscus

This tattoo is relatively large and the design is quite detailed. The petals of the flower open widely making the flower look big. This tattoo can be inked on any part of the body, mostly on the feet or shoulder. One more thing, the flower can be drawn alone or with a few leaves.

Bouquet of flowers

Sometimes, a single hibiscus flower is included in a mix of several types of flowers. This is done to create an effect of variety and it sees the hibiscus flower stand out of the mix in its characteristic red color. Sometimes the flower is drawn in a vine as it weaves its way into a more complex design. In some cases, a whole garden of flowers is inked with each flower with a unique significance.

Tribal hibiscus tattoos


You could include a traditional red hibiscus flower in the midst of a tribal tattoo to give it an amazing feel. It is best that the flower is centered somewhere close to the rear of the tribal tattoo. It could be placed on the feet, shoulder, chest, back, upper arm, lower arm, or the thighs.

Hibiscus combined with other objects

Hibiscus are very attractive on their own but you can make them look better by combining them with other objects. Several images can be added such as hummingbirds, robins, ladybirds, bugs, butterflies, and many others. Any of these would make the design look spectacular.

Climbing vine flower designs

Sometimes you can make a flower look spectacular by adding a hibiscus flower on the top to create a vine. You could alter the positions of the flowers and the shading too. For best effects, you could ink the tattoo on the back, the calf, or the forearm. Rather than spread the flowers apart, you should put them together. You may also try putting them side by side for an alternative feel.

Hawaiian hibiscus tattoos

The hibiscus flower is seen as the State flower among the people of the Hawaiian Islands. There are over 200 variants of this kind of design and they come in different colors. The most common colors are red, orange, white, and purple. Each of these colors infer a different meaning. You can tweak it a little by using green, blue, sky blue, or lavender.

As you have seen, these tattoos are not just beautiful, they ar also very significant bearing very deep meanings to different people. You could definitely seize the strength of these flowers and enjoy the amazing possibilities that come with them.

Gorgeous Hibiscus Tattoos Design Ideas


Purple and red hibiscus + text

This tattoo is great for lovers, one flower each representing a person in the relationship. To add some spice, you could add both your names.

Full-sleeve hibiscus tattoo

A colorful tattoo which extends from the shoulder to just above the wrist. It features almost every color of hibiscus flowers there is. It is very beautiful and will attract anyone at first glance.

Forearm hibiscus tattoo

A simple but detailed tattoo which features a traditional red hibiscus flower. The flower is shown shooting from its stalk in all of its glory.

Double hibiscus forearm tattoo

Set between the elbow and wrist are two different colored flowers. One is red and the other, deep yellow. Both flowers are surrounded by the green leaves of the plant. This is one tattoo that is definitely worth the time.

Blue hibiscus tattoo

This blue-themed tattoo is set on the inner part of the upper arm. It is a great tattoo for any male who loves flowers. The details show a great amount of work was put into this.

Turtle hibiscus tattoo

A turtle is drawn on the background of this tattoo with red hibiscus flower covering part of its shell. A beautiful island with a view of the sunset is painted on the remaining part of the shell.

Triple hibiscus + text shoulder tattoo

What tattoo could be more colorful? Three flowers are represented in this masterpiece, two wine colored flowers, and one red flower. Some text is added right on the shoulder, incorporated into the tattoo and a ladybird is seen perching on one of the flowers. never has there been so much detail and creativity married together in one tattoo.

Forearm purple hibiscus tattoo

Do you want something royal? You should definitely go for this tattoo. It shows the purple hibiscus flower on the forearm in all of its splendor.

Vector, text hibiscus tattoo

This tattoo is quite simple even though it bears a considerable amount of detail. The text is probably the name of a loved one and it sits between two beautiful vectors. Both act as the stem of the plant from which the flower sprouts.

Bird on hibiscus tattoo

Birds are known to regularly visit the hibiscus plant for its nectar. In this tattoo, a bluebird descends upon a pair of red hibiscus flowers having green leaves in the background.

Traditional hibiscus shoulder tattoo

A great way to proclaim your love for hibiscus flowers to the world. the flowers are the regular hibiscus species sprouting out of their parent plant.

Sky blue hibiscus leg tattoo

Leg tattoos are always very attractive, especially those to the feet. This tattoo shows a sky blue hibiscus flower placed very close to the heel. It is all shades of surreal.

Large flowers half-tattoo tattoo

There are just three flowers on this one but they are so large and drawn with so much detail. The tattoo stretches from the shoulder to just below the elbow. It is an amazing work of body art.

Farewell foot tattoo

What a way to bid farewell to a loved one. There is not much detail on this one but loads of emotion make up for the deficit.

Butterfly and flower tattoo

Purple butterflies are rare and so are blue hibiscus flowers. this tattoo brings together both rarities then some beautiful text is added right at the bottom.

Daddy’s little girl hibiscus tattoo

If you are daddy’s girl or regard yourself as one, then you should definitely get this tattoo. It looks very beautiful placed just between the knee and ankle.


Black and white hibiscus tattoo

Black and white tattoos are classy and ageless. This tattoo is all shades of black and white beauty on the upper arm. Despite the fact that there are no other colors, the tattoo still bears a lot of detail.

Tribal hibiscus leg tattoo

For a tribal hibsicus leg tattoo, you have a perfect merger of a traditional hibiscus flower on tribal tattoo art. the tattoo sits on the foot and it is outright beautiful.

Hibiscus plant tattoo

This beautiful work of art is placed on the inner part of the upper arm. A branch of the hibiscus plant sits here and is perfect for males and females.

Blue and orange hibiscus tattoo

Two hibiscus flowers in the simplest forms, they are so beautiful sitting on the inner part of the forearm. The colors seem a bit contrasting but stands out to attract anyone’s attention.

Full leg hibiscus vine tattoo

This tattoo stretches from the hip to the ankle and it shows diverse flowers in a vine. Hibiscus flowers pop up severally within the design in the most amazing manner. The tattoo is a mix of several colors and is great for a lover of flowers and tattoos in general.

Chest to arm full sleeve hibiscus tattoo

Several elements are put together to create this beautiful tattoo that begins at the chest and stretches down the arm to the wrist. Looking closely you will see a wrist watch, waves of the sea, and the hibiscus flower stands out of the crowd.

Red and black hibiscus tattoo

Never has red and black looked so beautiful. This tattoo is very simple yet the beauty speaks volumes in the most amazing manner. The red flower stands out glamorously from the black background. The black is not painted to create any object, it seems more like a smudge.

Colorful orchard tattoo

This tattoo of a beautiful orchard shows several flowers and leaves. The beautiful garden has a few hibiscus flowers scattered all over. To add some glam you may add the name of a loved one.

Grey and black hibiscus tattoo

This beautiful tattoo is placed on the upper arm in black and grey. There is a lot of detail expressed in this creative tattoo. The tattoo is very classy, as are all black and grey tattoos.

Black tribal hibiscus tattoo

This is one unique tattoo. There is just one hibiscus flower but it is drawn using elements of tribal tattoos. It will look perfect on any part of the body.

Other Tattoo Ideas

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Gorgeous Hibiscus Tattoos Roundup

Also, we cannot emphasize how attractive hibiscus tattoos are and you definitely have seen for yourself in the different ideas you’ve seen. Try out any of these and let’s know about your experience in the comments section.

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