131+ Holographic Nails Design to Make You Go Gaga

If you are an ardent follower of social media and fashion trends then you definitely know about holographic nails, even if it is just a little. This is the new way of rocking nails now and about everyone is taking it on themselves to keep up with the trend. You are probably looking for a way to keep up too. Else, why would you be reading this article?

Models at fashion shows, fashion bloggers, movie stars, and our favorite celebs all get their nails done in this manner now. With all the glam surrounding it, one is tempted to think that it will cost a fortune to get holographic nails done. Guess what, it doesn’t.

This post will show you 31+ Holographic nails designs to make you go gaga and you don’t need to break the bank for any of them. Let’s get straight to business.

What are Holographic Nails?

You must have heard about the new trend, holographic nails, more times than you can remember and you have been wondering what they are. From the red carpet to the latest music videos to runway shows, these nails are everywhere. You must have wondered, what kind of nails are these that look so cool?

Holographic nails are colorful, sparky, and very beautiful, catching your gaze at first look. They are nothing more than nails painted with regular nail polish that has been mixed with holographic powder. That simple? Yes, that simple.

A pigment known as Spectraflair is added to regular nail polish to make it holographic nail polish. You can purchase this pigment online, that is if you prefer doing your nails yourself. On the other hand, just go to the beauty parlor and request for holographic nail polish to be used for your nails.

There are different grades of the pigment and what you want to achieve will determine which grade you go for. This article is not about making your own holographic nail polish, so let’s go ahead to discuss the different holographic nails ideas you can choose from.

Tools Used to Achieve Holographic Nails

Definitely, you might not always make your appointment to the salon and you have to sort your nails out on your own. Even if you didn’t know it, achieving holographic nails is something you can achieve on your own in the house if you have the right tools.

Every trade has its own set of tools, so whether you are a manicurist or you want to fix your nails at home, you need to get the tools needed for this type of nails. In this section, we shall be discussing a few tools you need to add to your arsenal to achieve holographic nails.

Tools for Holographic Nails

A correcting pen for nail polish. You can achieve flawless nails without being pro if you can clean up the nail bed properly. This tool will help you achieve that precision you’ve always desired.

Nail polish remover pad. This remover pad helps to clean off any unwanted gritty glitter in a jiffy. It is a textured pad used by most manicurists to achieve precision.

Holographic nail powder. It can be bought online or in big beauty stores. It is referred to as hologram mirror powder by some labels. Your best choice is something iridescent or silvery to give you that flawless hologram look.

White nail polish. This is your basecoat on which you will apply your finishing color.

Top coat nail polish. This is usually applied over the basecoat. You can make use of your preferred color for this. Simply apply a layer and let it dry until it becomes rubbery.

Soft brush. The function of this tool is to dust off excess powder. Most manicurists use a soft eye shadow brush or kabuki brush.

UV light. This is needed to cure the nails for about 60 seconds so that you can start showing them off.

Holographic foil. It is also known as spectrum foil and it is dedicated to nail art. It can be purchased online or at a well-stocked beauty outfit. If you don’t get this you can make do with holographic cellophane which can be purchased from any gift store around.

Manicure scissors. This tool is used to cut down the foil to nail sizes. The truth is that you might not get a perfect cut but anything close will do.

Additional Tools

Foil adhesive. A thin layer of this will help you stick the holographic foil to your nails.

Orange wood stick. This tool helps you smoothen the foil on your nails to get rid of bubbles and wrinkles. When using this, don’t apply too much pressure to avoid ripping the foil apart.

Design Ideas for Holographic Nails

Have you wondered how you can transform your nails from regular to “OMG, I really want these?” You can check out these holographic nails design ideas to inspire you. As stated above, you can fix these yourself or talk to your manicurist to help you. Without further ado, scroll through the different designs below.


Classy touch

Soft in nature but bearing a mix that oozes class. It is a marriage between regular holographic and chrome nails. The soft pink color mixes perfectly with the shiny chrome nails.

Straight to the point

So sharp, they could cut glass yet sweet and sultry. The rhinestones add an amazingly beautiful look that attracts everyone. The mix of pink and purple is just royal.

Purple rain

The purple color comes with a myriad of positive vibes and the metallic sheen is able to attract several other colors to create a rainbow feel under the light.

The Midas touch

What a way to let the world know that all you touch becomes gold, like the legend of Midas. The gold of the nails attract everyone at first glance and with a few rings, you could accentuate their look.

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Sugar and ice

This is a twist of classic and modern as they seem so meek because of the mild colors yet they shine ever so brightly because of the holographic powder.

Blueprint design

These blue nails are pale yet very pretty. The gentle touch of the gemstones on the ring finger placed on the shell nail design is a beautiful contrast. A perfect example of opposites attract.

That Blue Feeling

You know those days you feel so blue? These nails are just perfect to make you feel better in less than no time. One of the nails stands out on each hand with a deeper, marble-like blue pattern made of glitter gel. The remaining nails are covered with holographic powder to create a plain shiny blue color which reflects other colors for a perfect rainbow look.

Toughness redefined

Nothing could explain no-nonsense like chrome fingernails gleaming silver excellence. The filing and polishing make them glitter, telling everyone you are in for business. The sharpness is softened by the different colors picked up as you move on your way.

Hugs, smiles, and purple

There’s a lot of purple on this list but this one stands out in a class of its own. It has a very attractive design that will always draw a second look. The fourth finger on each hand has a seashell template with a few gemstones properly arranged to the end of the nail.

Blue-Green undertone

This is an amazing contrast, who knew blue and green could work together to produce this sort of beauty? The design is perfect for someone with a taste for conservative designs.

Lilac is bae

With a little nail polish, you can transform a warm nail color to cool. The metallic lilac color is bright yet very cool to the eyes and is perfect for every season.

Silvery White nail design

The holographic powder is used to increase the brightness of the nails rather than just touch up the design. This simple touch transforms the nails from regular to spectacular.

Precious Platinum

Holographic nails are all about flamboyance and the glitter on this design is all about that. It is one of the real metallic nails on this list.

Metallic rainbow

When you see it at first it looks like a regular gray nail polish but when light bounces off the nails you see the amazing glittering rainbow. The more the light, the more the glitters.

Rustic iron

This nail polish has a rustic feel with a reddish brown undertone. The golden glitters of the nails combined with the holographic powder’s metallic sheen gives it a vintage and modern look all at once.

Irregularly patterned nails

These nails combined different patterns of nail arts a different one for each finger. One would expect this to be weird but looking at it together it is actually beautiful.

All about glitters

For this style of nails, it’s all about glitters and shine. They are sharp and attractive in every sense of the word. Completely bejeweled with a different pattern on every nail.


Pink with class

This follows the trend of contrasting nails. The long nails are painted in pink and the ring finger on each hand is polished in white glitters. The contrast is eye-catching and very attractive.

Quintuple Rainbow

When struck with a light beam, these holographic nails show forth an outstanding rainbow. It takes advantage of this to shine forth making your nails look so attractive.

Girly Holo nails

Pink is very girly and so are these nails. The perfect blend of the holographic powder on the nails makes the design classy, clean, and simple. You should definitely try out these modern nails out.

Mirror, mirror

The finish of these nails has a beautiful glassy feel somewhat like chrome. No wonder so many fashion icons are in love with them.

The odd one

Made of quite short nails, this design is perfect if you don’t want to take the holographic designs too hard on. One nail stands out with a pattern while the others are plain. The contrast is simply beautiful.

Clean yet classy

This design is perfect for any occasion and the bright colors go well with almost any dress. The nails are not just brightly colored, they are glassy, allowing rays of light to bounce off in the most alluring manner.

Purple Chrome

These gorgeous nails stand in a class of their own. Each nail has a glittering art at the base which is the only part of the nails that are more attractive than the nails themselves.

Simple and short

Crisp and clean nails that stand out in the most amazing way from the crowd. The nails have a metallic look that makes them seem industrial but the style gives it a touch of class.

Snow Queen

The perfect winter feel of a snow queen with the nails having a cool-as-ice look. They look so complicated but they are quite easy to achieve with some nail polish and a brush. Spend some time on it and you would achieve your aim.

Pink Wednesdays

The warm and friendly design only shows its holographic qualities when viewed at close proximity. A few rings will accentuate the beauty of the design.

More than a color

This design shows nails that depict an attitude, not only color. This is definitely a showstopper and eye spinner.

Pink is amazing

These nails are short, neat, and sparkly. Just great for the conservative mind and the nail polish creates a beautiful twist.

Pretty Pink

These long and strong nails speak of your extrovert nature. With a few rings they become eye-catching, people definitely can’t help but look more than once.



Glamor girl

The nail could look pink or chrome depending on what angle the light strikes it. Regardless of the look, it still looks amazing and dashing, especially with the metallic millennial pink.




Other Holographic Nail Design Ideas



Holographic nails design roundup

By now you will agree that holographic nails are the real deal and you should definitely get your nails done in this manner. Now that you have been inspired by this post, why not try out these nails and share your experience with us in the comment section. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll achieve.


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