160+ Jaw-Dropping Lemonade Braid Hairstyles to Try Out

They used to be known as side braids until very recently when the name was changed to lemonade braids. These braids are famous across several cultures around the world.

There is so much to know about these braids and several variations to choose from. We will be looking at all of these in this post.

Overview of Lemonade Braids

For several decades, these braids have been worn by women from different parts of the world. At a point, it looked like they had become unpopular until they came back with a bang some years back.

Lemonade braids owe their return to the great diva, Beyonce. In 2016, the music star wore the hairstyle for the music video of her hit album ‘Lemonade.’ This is definitely where they got their name from.

Since then, they became a trendsetter and have become a lot more popular, especially among celebrities. It looks like they have gained more popularity than before the initial decline. They have a unique property that makes them fit any race, fashion, or skin color.

Wearing this hairstyle, you will fit into any event without any challenges because they are stylish and very unique. By the time you are done with this post, you will be inspired to get a new lemonade hairstyle.

Best lemonade braids to try out


Medium and small lemonade braids

This is a very unique hairstyle that will make you look really trendy. The multi-braid pattern is very attractive with some looking bigger than others. The differences in the thickness of the braids are the selling point of this hairstyle. If you love to be a trendsetter this is one way to stand out from the crowd.

Small black side braids

When braids begin from the side, they tend to look really cool. This is evident in the way this lady looks, the hairstyle seems to make her look more beautiful. You should try this out if you want a very simple hairstyle that will keep you under the radar.

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Long summer braids

Doesn’t she look so gorgeous? Her hair is simple but long and there are a few embellishments here and there. The hairstyle is perfect for the summer so as the holidays approach, you should try this hairstyle out. You might want to be a bit more creative and try adding more embellishments or use more colors for the hairstyle.

Purple braids and curls

Purple is royal and so does the lady in this picture because of her hair. The purple makes her seem so regal, it is definitely a stand out hairstyle. This hairstyle will be perfect for any outing, especially for the red carpet or an evening date.

Long mixed braids

This hairstyle is made up of different colors. The colors are mixed neatly to form a beautiful blend. It stretches down from her head and is almost reaching down to her waist. There are no embellishments so it looks quite simple even though it is very attractive. You can do a lot with this hairstyle, even pack it into a doughnut.

Wooly lemonade braids

How about using wool to make your braids? This is what you will call unique because it is one of the rarest ways to wear the lemonade hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles for summer. She completes her natural look with no makeup. You can decide how you want to wear yours.

Multicolor side lemonade braids

The braids are made up of different colors and really, she looks really amazing. The way the braids begin from the sides makes them look so adorable. You should definitely try them out this summer. Their length reaches down to her waist, even though you can’t see them in this picture.

Black star long lemonade braids

The way the braids are arranged at the top of the head looks like a star. The black color of the braids is the classic lemonade style and the stretch downward. They are really cool and perfect for the workplace and any other outing.

Cornrow braids with embellishments

If you love thin braids, this will be a perfect idea. The cornrows are neat, stylish, and very smooth. They would look really cool in any color but this lady chose black. To add some style, she puts in a few embellishments.

Side wrapped thin long braids

She must have spent a long time having these braids installed. The braids begin at the side and wraps the head subtly to the other side before dropping downward. They are simple and cute and would be perfect for your next holiday.

Wine colored zigzag lemonade braids

The wine color of the braids makes them look so adorable and attractive. They’ll make you stand out from the crowd and cause heads to spin at the sight of you. This is a perfect way to attract attention, just the way you like it.

Single braid with curly hair

Check out how cool this hairstyle looks. It is a great idea if you don’t have the time to sit at the salon to make your hair. To make the curls look good, they are packed in two parts and the braid sits at the middle separating them.

Short side braids for kids

Try these short braids for your beautiful daughter and you can be sure she would look so great. To make the braids look better, this cute girl has some colorful beads. You should try this out for your little girl.

Patterned lemonade braids

How about having some cool patterns on your head. The braids are thick which makes the pattern more pronounced. They are simple and really amazing and perfect for your next hangout.

Thin braids with jewelry

Jewelry always looks good on braids as long as they are not too many. Check out the way the jewelry make this hairstyle look amazing. You should totally try this hairstyle out when next you visit the salon.

Short braids with gold cuffs and curls

Gold will stand out anytime, any day. They do on these braids and she really looks amazing. The braids begin from the side and wrap the head to the front before forming beautiful curls. This is perfect for you if you are not a lover of long braids.

Lemonade-inspired trendy braids

This style features side braids that are made of beautiful green color. The color makes the braids look funky and the length adds the style. It looks like something from Beyonce’s looks and would be perfect for summer or spring.

Thin stylish lemonade braids

With thinner braids, you can have a higher number than with larger braids. This gives your hair a more beautiful patterned look. The hair in this picture is smooth and very neat. It would suit anyone to any occasion.

Large burgundy side braids

A burgundy tone will make your braids look classy any day, just like the one in this picture. It is stylish and trendy. You can vary the length and thickness of your taste. It is a great choice if you are thinking of changing the color of your hair and you want to keep it simple.

Thin lemonade braids with beads

Accessorizing your braids using beads is classy and would never go out of style. It is a great way to reconnect to African culture, just like Beyonce. You can make use of different beads to add your own style. This hairstyle will also be great for summer.

Stylish medium lemonade braids

As you would have noticed, braids can begin from any spot on the head. The ones in this picture start from the side and go around the head to the other side. It is funky, stylish, and totally fresh. You could add some choice colors when recreating this hairstyle to make it more unique.

Long black lemonade braids

The braids in this picture are thick and also begin from the side. It is perfect for a lady who is not into colors or beads. Though they are quite simple yet they look so glam and adorable. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Thin black lemonade braids with silver cuffs

Another way to accessorize your braids is by using silver cuffs. See how they accentuate the beauty on this lady’s braids. To make it more interesting, you can mix the silver with some gold cuffs. The result will be amazing.

Trendy thick side braids

This hairstyle is summed up in one phrase, “simple yet funky.” The braids begin at the bottom of your head the wrap around it to the other side before extending downwards. When it is done, it is all shades of beautiful.

Jumbo-sized zigzag lemonade hairstyle

This zigzag is bold and beautiful, perfect a woman who loves to try something new. It may seem dramatic but it is fun and looks really great. It is a great way to make a statement at any occasion.

Dark red lemonade braids

This hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd and is just perfect if you love to make a statement with your hair. You could try out other colors too such as caramel or gold.

Jumbo-sized lemonade braids

This beautiful style helps to protect your thick mane and tame it efficiently. It will make a statement anywhere you turn, especially if you have curly, thick hair. This way, you can look great and tame your locks at the same time.

Other Lemonade Braids to Try

Preparing your hair for your new lemonade hairstyle

It is always exciting when you are about getting a new hairstyle. The euphoria is multiplied when it is close to the holiday season. Before you go ahead to get your new hairstyle done, you need to sufficiently prepare your hair.

Wondering why? You are going to be spending a very long time installing your new braids. That is a sufficient reason for you to get your hair prepared. The preparation process will include washing, shampooing, and conditioning. All of these must be done with premium quality materials to ensure that the hair and scalp are cleanse efficiently.

The materials to be used should be the right match for your hair. For instance, if you have a dry scalp, you should get a dry-scalp shampoo and hair conditioner. What this does is a restoration of the hydration of your hair.

After getting your lemonade braids?

The care does not stop with getting the braids done. There is still a lot to be done after the braids are installed. Majorly, you have to leave your scalp with some treatment to ensure that it does not flake afterward.

To do this, you have to massage the scalp gently, advisably with some hair oil. It is great to wear protective styles but they can affect your hair growth negatively. To this end, you should endeavor as much as possible to wear for just short periods if you are planning to grow your hair longer.

The most common types of protective styles include buns, wigs, braids, two-strand twists, and many others. It is important that you let the hair rest before doing something new with your hair. Pulling the hair could cause damage or breakage to your hair as a result of tension. It could also cause damage to the scalp so it is important you take precautionary measures to keep them safe.

How to keep your braids smooth and fresh

Women are in love with everything that makes them look beautiful and would stop at nothing to ensure they remain beautiful. One of the reasons why lemonade braids are so popular is that they are very easy to maintain.

In fact, if you reside in a temperate region, they could last so long because they won’t get itchy easily. In tropic regions, however, the opposite is the case as the humidity leads to irritation and itchiness. This is not to say that they don’t last more than most other hairstyles.

To ensure their durability, you still need to take certain measures. These measures are really simple and you can do them from the comfort of your home.

Take the following steps:

  1. Silk Pillowcase. This is necessary to reduce friction and tension. It helps you keep your hair from breakage and damage.
  2. Spray for braids and locks. This provides the necessary moisture for your hair to thrive. The moisture also gives your hair the necessary nutrients to enhance growth.
  3. Hair restoration balm. A perfect way to keep the under of your hair healthy.
  4. Castor Oil with Butter for Braids and Locks. Apply this moisturizer to condition your hair before the braid installation. It will keep the braids smooth and easy to manage.
  5. Conditioning gel and extra hold shinning. This will keep the hair in place and stop it from sliding out. The conditioner is non-greasy and free of alcohol which is very safe for your scalp and hair.
  6. Edge control. This is necessary to prevent the hair from getting messy at the edges.
  7. Oil sheen hairspray. It is inevitable, the hair will lackluster after a while. This hairspray will restore the shine and revitalize the looks.
  8. Calming Tension spray. Braid installation involves a lot of pulling which will cause tension between the hair and scalp. It is usually very painful and discomforting. This spray will help calm the tension by easing the pressure on the scalp while preventing itchiness.

Maintaining your lemonade braids on the go

Over time, the hair could become fuzzy which is why you need to take time in maintaining it. It is important that you take conscious effort to maintain your hair.

Do the following to ensure you maintain your braids on the go.

  1. Apply hair wax. The wax can be melted in and it is necessary to ensure that the hair does not slide out of place while keeping it soft. It is a non-stick balm and it keeps your hair from getting fuzzy.
  2. Anti-itch serum. When your scalp becomes dry, the hair would definitely become itchy. This could lead to dandruff mostly when you reside in a humid location. This serum will help you reduce itching to the barest minimum.
  3. Minerals moisture shimmering. This will help you care for the ends of your braids as they are likely to go dry after a while. They add moisture to the hair while keeping it nourished.
  4. Applying scalp and hair oil. This is important to prevent breakage that may result from tension from pulling the hair during installation.
  5. Dry shampoo. What many ladies do not know is that regular shampoo leaves residue in the hair that becomes dandruff at the end of the day. Dry shampoo helps avoid this as well as an unpleasant odor.
  6. Leave-in hair conditioner. This conditioner moisturizes the hair making the braids smooth and soft to touch. It should be used daily.
  7. Lock Cap. This is necessary to ensure that your hair does not mat up when you sleep. It is a substitute for the silk pillowcase mentioned earlier in this post.

Never forget that the healthier your scalp is, the healthier your hair and braids will be. This is why you must ensure you take good care of your scalp.

Confidence in your braids is the key

The first few days after your lemonade braids are done are about the most challenging. This is because installing the braids require a lot of pressure which will likely keep you uncomfortable. After a week or so, the pain should have subsided and you can begin styling with beads and whatever you please.

Beautifying the hair is simple and can be a lot of fun if you are confident in the process. Many women are scared to be creative so they just do something really simple. However, creativity and confidence would lead you through an amazing path with respect to styling your braids.

You really don’t need to blend in with your colleagues all the time. Standing out works even better, especially when you are looking at being a fashion icon. After all, how did the beautiful hairstyle samples come to limelight? Someone decided to go against the grain.

Here’s our simple advice to you, be creative, try something new with your hair and be confident to show it off.

Queen Bey and the Lemonade Hairstyle

Beyonce, popularly referred to as ‘Queen Bey’ by her fans made this hairstyle popular. Even though we cannot credit the hairstyle to her, she brought about the new name. She has also been seen on stage wearing it several times.

Her 2016 look was inspired by the famous Egyptian Queen Nefertiti as narrated by her long term stylist, Kim Kimble. Since then, we have seen Beyonce wear different variations of the hairstyle on different stages.

She sees it as her way of reconnecting to her roots while promoting African women’s empowerment and culture. Isn’t it amazing that she is showing honor to this hairstyle that existed long before hair-making tools were available?

When you conclude on removing your braids

These braids are important in keeping your hair and scalp in a healthy condition. Most women can wear lemonade braids for several months before taking them out.

While you have the braids on, the different management techniques above will suffice to keep them looking great. However, when it is time for you to get rid of them, you still have to take certain precautions.

Condition the hair once the braids are out

One of the reasons why many women prefer braids is that they will never go out of style. Asides this, they provide lots of protection for your natural hair and allow it to grow very fast. The only reason why you are advised to take them off after a while is because of the pressure to your scalp.

Follow these tips to get the braids out without feeling much pain.

  1. To avoid the braids from kinking after they are removed, apply conditioning oil. This will keep the braids moisturized sufficiently. This is best advised when you are taking the braids out by yourself.
  2. Untangle the braids from the end and work them towards the scalp. This should be done gently by using the fingers to untangle the twists and knots.
  3. Don’t make use of a comb when untangling braids to avoid damaging your natural hair. Using your fingers separate the twists gently even though it is more time-consuming.
  4. After removing the braids, apply some clarifying shampoo and wash the hair. Ensure you cleanse your hair tracks and scalp efficiently while doing this.
  5. When you are done washing your hair, apply some deep conditioner. Put on a shower cap afterward and allow it to stay for between 20 to 30 minutes before washing off.
  6. It is inevitable, the ends of your hair strands will likely be damaged. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Trimming the tips will allow the hair to grow back better.
  7. Before putting on another braid or protective hairstyle, allow the hair to lay fallow for a minimum of three weeks.

No one can take responsibility for caring for your hair except you. This is why you must regard it as a serious business.

How to add beads to your lemonade braids

These beads can be used to add some glam to your lemonade braids and make them more attractive. The following materials will help you achieve this:

  • Hair beader tool
  • Rubber bands
  • Crotchet box braids
  • Hair Beads possessing big holes of between 5mm and 8mm.

To bead your braids, take the following steps:

  1. Fix the beads in the beader tool. Decide what pattern you want them to take before lining them up. The first bead positioned in the tool will come out at the tail end of your braid.
  2. After the braids have been added, the box braids should be placed in the beader tool.
  3. Pull your braids through the beader tool to tug them through the beads.
  4. After doing this, fold the end of the braid until it reaches the last bead by about 1cm. Tie the beads using the rubber bands so that the beads don’t fall out.
  5. That’s all about the beading process.

Beading your lemonade braids without a beader tool

Just in case you don’t have a beader tool at your disposal, there is still a way to bead your braids. You can make use of regular aluminum foil and follow these steps to bead your lemonade braids.

  1. Even out the knots by smoothening the braids.
  2. Use the aluminum foil to wrap your braid at the end tightly. After this, slide the beads gently over the hair. The number of beads depends on you, as long as they are not causing discomfort.
  3. After this, roll up the foil starting at the base. The foil should be rolled into a ball large enough to prevent the beads from falling off.

That’s it, you now have beaded lemonade braids.

Lemonade Braids Round-Up

There you have it, all you need to know about lemonade braids. They are beautiful and cool and will make you stand out from the crowd. You should try them out and you’d be glad you did.

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