75 Stylish Low Fade Haircuts in 2019 for Men

As the years go by, one of the hairstyles that have continued to draw attention is the low fade. It seems men cannot get enough of this hairstyle. We wonder if it is because it gives them some attracting power to pull the female folk to themselves.

Then again, what is not to love about the low fade? It has proven to be one of the most versatile hairstyles of all time. It serves as a companion to other hairstyles and still looks amazing. You are probably considering one so let’s cut to the chase and show you different ways to wear the low fade.


Types of fade hairstyles

It is no news that fade haircuts are about the trendiest these days considering the fact that there is a plethora of them out there to try out. With the number of fade hairstyles available, it becomes increasingly difficult to make a choice.

Have you gone to the barbershop with one hairstyle in mind only to get there, see an array of hairstyles and become confused? That is exactly what happens to most people looking for a fade incorporated into their haircut.

You may find it difficult trying to choose between a high fade, middle fade, and low fade. Asides that, you may also find it challenging to decide where the taper will start from. Then you have to go through the process of deciding what clipper guard size best suits the fade style you have chosen. This is a major factor that determines the length of the hair on the overall.

Finally, you need to decide between getting a skin fade and a taper fade. This choice then influences the length of the fading at the bottom. To tweak the hairstyle, you have to decide what other styles you want to add. There are so many hairstyles you could consider. The most common is the pompadour, Mohawk, military, and buzz hairstyles.

Who should get a low fade?

It can be a bit difficult when trying to pick a haircut, especially one you haven’t tried before. There is a lot to consider if you want to look cool at the end of the day. The shape of the face is one of the key factors that determine if a haircut suits your features perfectly.

The low fade is one of those hairstyles that are not choosy about face shapes, it tends to fit every single face shape. What determines the look is really what you plan to have at the sides and the back of the head as well as what will be at the top.

However, if we were to go by face shapes, then we would say low fades look better on men with heart-shaped or round faces. The reason is that the fade at the sides gives an illusion that the face has slimmed down considerably.

Imagine having a low fade with a style that has some height like a pompadour. Automatically, the height of the face becomes longer. This way, the cut balances.

If you have an oval-shaped or rectangular face, do not feel left out. There is a way to wear the low fade that keeps you spinning heads all day. Rather than have something high on the top, you should go for something short. Maybe consider a classic crew or buzz cut, or slick back your hair to reduce the length at the top. This way, your face length reduces.

Best low fade hairstyles for men

Blonde long hair with an undercut and low fade

Having blonde hair allows you the opportunity to try out several hairstyles without being scared, it almost never fails. Check out how long the blonde hair on the crown is. It seems it is just brushed backward with the hand. There is a beautiful undercut which has hair of another color that creates an amazing contrast. The beard is not full, just cut moderately to give the much-needed balance.

Small man bun with low side fade

Man bun hairstyles are becoming increasingly common these days. The criterium is long hair but with medium length hair of about 10 inches, you could have a small bun. Just like the man in this image. He packs his top hair into a small bun, leaves a few strands out of place on purpose to add some spice. The fade begins just above the ears and it appears it was put there just to add some effect. If you have this length of hair, you definitely have to try this out on your next visit to the barbershop.

Spiky hair with side part and low skin fade

Spiky hair can be really cool when you get your styling right, just like in the image above. The barber definitely put in some thought to make what should be a normal haircut look so attractive. See how the side part extends to create an illusion that it gives the front hair a proper lineup. The hair at the back and sides taper into a gentle fade before the hair finally thins out completely above the ears. Oh, how the beard matches up to the rest of the hair in style.

Spiked top hair with patterned fade

The highlight of this hairstyle is not the spiked hair at the top, this is one hairstyle that a lot of men carry. What draws one’s attention is the way the line pattern sits on the edge of the temple. This is the same location where the fade begins, it is all well planned out. No wonder he looks so cool and confident. Lest we forget, the beard is really neat and low too. It seems nothing is out of place with this hairstyle. A perfect choice for the man who loves to groom his hair daily.

Military cut with low fade

These days men are beginning to adopt military haircuts more, especially those who are too busy to groom daily. Not a bad idea at all, as long as the hair looks cool just like the one in the image. The hair on the head is kept short and neat and the fade begins towards the ears, almost unnoticeable. See how the hair makes him look dapper? You can wear this hairstyle confidently to any event without worrying about attracting attention. A perfect way to keep a low profile.

Full beard + taper fade pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles have been in existence for centuries and have evolved over this period. One of the most worn hairstyles by men with a full beard and full hair is this one in this image. The hair at the top is not combed so much, just held in place by some good product. The hair at the side is tapered and then fades slightly near the ears. It doesn’t completely disappear but joins up with a very full beard having a full mustache to go along. He looks like a very neat renaissance man.

Short pomp with side part and taper fade

The first thing you will notice about this hairstyle is how neat it is. Everything is in place, not a single strand of hair is left flying about. The highlight of the short pompadour is the quiff that sits at the tip of the crown and the side part that makes it really pronounced. The rest of the hair is cut considerably low and is tapered into a fade towards the ears and neckline. If you have time to groom your hair daily, then you should consider this hairstyle. It is styled perfection.

Buzz cut with bald fade and sparse beard

You should totally try this out if you have short hair. Never has a buzz cut looked so enticing and alluring. The hair length is almost the same all round except for the area that it begins to fade into the skin. Just above the ears, the hair fades completely leaving bald skin, even towards the back. The beard is sparse but is lined up neatly. A very nice hairstyle for a neat personality and a business professional who likes to look the part at every chance.

Long textured top with a low cut fade

Wondered how a textured top hair will look with the rest of the hair cut low? This is one of your answers, amazing. A few hair strands on the top are out of place but it doesn’t change the fact that the hairstyle is really cool. What is most attractive is the way the full hair at the top fades into the skin at the sides and the back seamlessly. Definitely worth trying out, that is if you have enough hair on your crown.

Skin burst fade with wavy Mohawk

This is another very attractive way to wear a Mohawk. The hair extends from the crown to the neckline, full and wavy, not lacking grooming. The sides are tapered into a fade using the skin burst technique. Isn’t this just lovely? Oh yeah, the cool beard. He could pass for a model, definitely a ladies man.

Brushed back with a beard and low skin fade

There is just something that the right pomade adds to the hair. That shimmering luster cannot be traded for anything by some men like the one in this image. The pomade makes everything about the hair attractive. See how it holds the brushed back hair in place, he could a thousand miles without a strand of hair changing position. The beard is neatly shaved and lined up to balance with what is above. The fade begins just above the ears, just like many of the styles on this list.

Short messy wavy hair with all-round tapered fade

Trying to be creative with your hair? You should totally try this hairstyle out. The wavy hair on the crown seems quite muddled up, what most of us term as messy. However, it is the way the hair behind and on the sides are tapered that seems the most attractive detail. The fade is almost not noticeable except towards the neckline at the back. Check out the way the three lines make the difference on the fade. Nothing short of classy.

Curly high top with edge up and low fade

This is another very cool hairstyle for black men, especially those with curly hair. The hair on the crown is full and very curly, does not really need combing. Check how the hair at the front and sides are lined up to make the hairstyle extremely neat. Just above the line is a subtle taper that allows the hair to fade into the skin with so much finesse. This is not just a hairstyle, it a beautiful work of art.

Side combed fringe + lined up low fade

Fringe hairstyles are becoming increasingly common these days among men, this is just one of the many examples. The fringe is combed neatly to the side while the front and side hair are neatly lined up. Everything about this hairstyle looks very attractive, especially the way the hair fades into the skin behind and at the sides. A great way to appear on the red carpet or at any social gathering.

Long crown hair with low fade

This is one way to wear your crown hair long if you are not willing to pack it behind into a traditional knot, ponytail, or bun. It looks nice as long as you have the time to groom it daily and purchase the products to hold it in place. The long hair is combed to the sides and backward. The fade begins very close to the ears after the hair has been tapered with a clipper down the temples.

Low skin fade with textured spiky hair

This hairstyle works well for a person not so interested in daily grooming of the hair. The hair on the crown is full and textured, no sign of combing here. It looks like he just put it in place using his hands. There is a low skin fade to the sides while at the back it fades into a V-shape as it approaches the neckline.

Curly afro with a low drop fade

Low fades know no races or hairstyles, it looks good on every single one of them. This curly afro seems a bit here and there but the low drop fade drags everything into place. The jet black nature of the hair suggests that it is not lacking grooming measures. This hairstyle is quite common among young black men.

Low taper fade with high blonde pomp

Wondering how to wear a blonde look? You just got your answer. All of the hair on the head is blonde, which already very loud. He combs the front hair into a quiff forming a high pomp. The sides are tapered and the low fade is almost inconspicuous. His facial hair contrasts perfectly with the hairstyle, giving him that cool look we all want.

Faux hawk with a low skin fade

This is one of those hairstyles that shows off your sense of style. The faux hawk is one of the modern ways of wearing a Mohawk. The way the hair stands out at the crown, you definitely cannot hide in a crowd. The fade begins midway down the temples and goes around the head towards the ears. To create a balance, there is a little facial hair which seems quite sparse but suits the purpose.

Low razor fade with modern pompadour and side part

How attractive can a low profile hairstyle be? It is evident that this man loves to be under the radar. But with how his hair is, that is almost impossible. The modern pompadour with the side part and the way the hair is neatly lined gives him away. Looking at the fade, it is conspicuous that his barber made use of a razor. How neat and creative. It is one hairstyle to try out this summer.

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Long comb over with low taper fade

If the hair on your crown is long, then there’s a lot you can achieve with styling. This guy in the image above has his crown hair combed over to one side. The rest of the hair is relatively shorter and is tapered down over the temples. As the hair approaches the ears, it fades subtly. He sports very little facial hair which blends perfectly with the hair on his head.

Part + Quiff + Low Fade

Already you know the low fade can be quite versatile as it can be merged with a million hairstyles. This particular hairstyle has the front hair combed backward in a quiff while there is a part just above the temple. The hair fades neatly at the sides and the back. This is a great choice if you want to keep your hair full and neat. It is evident that some quality pomade was used to hold the hair in place.

Other Man Bun Hairstyles

Low fade hairstyles for men roundup

Now that you have a clearer picture of the low fade hairstyles, you can make a choice easily. Try one of these hairstyles with your barber and let us know about your experience in the comments section.


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