Top 75+ Man Bun Hairstyles for the Modern Day Guy

Interested in man bun hairstyles? First, you are not alone, these days many men are just as interested. Why shouldn’t they? This hairstyle has proven to be very fashionable, versatile, edgy, and a great way to wear your long hair neatly.

To get the best of this hairstyle, your hair should have a length of at least 10 inches. Moreover, this gives you a chance to tie the hair into a bun comfortably. This simply implies that you should grow the hair over the next few months to achieve a bun.

There are so many ways to wear this hairstyle. Let’s check them out in the rest of this post.

What is a man bun?

Before we begin looking through the different man bun variations, let’s get a bit of information about the hairstyle. It is quite simple to describe. It is nothing more than gathering your long hair into a bun. The hairstyle bears a lot of similarity to a ponytail or a top knot.

The difference between this hairstyle and the others is that the knot is more rounded. The bun sits behind the head rather than on the top like the other hairstyles. We have already told you that the hair should have a considerable length before you can tie it into a bun.

This hairstyle is so versatile that you can mix it with several other hairstyles like an undercut, a bald fade, a taper fade, or even a Mohawk.

Growing your man bun

It can be quite puzzling when you think about how to grow your bun. Let’s set it straight unless you already have long hair, your bun cannot grow out in a month. It going to take longer. A mini bun is possible in about 2 or 3 months.

We all know that our genetics contribute largely to how fast our hair grows. Despite this, there are a few tips that can help you grow your hair.

  1. Patience is key. As we have already established, growing your bun is going to take a while. This shouldn’t be strange considering that hair only increases about half an inch each month. At a point, it is going to look awkward. The end result makes every second worth the wait. While you wait, try styling your hair differently to keep you looking great.
  2. Using premium hair products. There are several hair products that help with the growth process. Shampoos are a great way to start. They comprise of formulas and quality ingredients that allow for quick hair growth.
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The idea is growing your hair as fast as you can. Though this may not happen overnight, it is possible to quicken the process. Regular exercise for proper blood circulation, balanced diet to give optimal nutrition, and lots of stress.
  4. Strange right? Yes, it is but it is important to quick hair growth. The idea is just trimming the edges and not any meaningful length. You should get a trim at least once every 3 months. This is necessary to arrest stunted growth by nipping off the split ends. Your barber is in the best position to give you advice on this.

Styling your man bun

  1. Brush the hair into one hand using a comb and ensure all stray hairs are gathered together. If you don’t get the stray hairs, the hair will end up looking unkempt and messy.
  2. Pass a hair band or head tie through the hair using your free hand. Ensure it passes through the hair twice. To make it easier for you to bring the band close to the hair roots then pass the hair through.
  3. To make sure the bun is tighter, you can pass it through the band or head tie twice. As you pass it through the third time, stop halfway. The resulting fold is a man bun.

Best Man Bun Hairstyles

Low man bun

This is a great way to put your hair together if it is long and full. Every part of the hair combed backward in the most adorable manner. It looks better when you have straight hair. The beard is not full, it just graces the face and chin nicely.man-bun-

Long tied up hair

This is a great way to show off how long your hair is. Rather than cut the sides, just pack it together at the back and tie it up into a bun. It works every time. Keep your beard to be a bit full to accentuate the looks of this hairstyle. It is a great hairstyle for a casual occasion, or maybe the red carpet. It is comfortable and perfect for summer.

Goatee with a messy man bun

The hair is so messy, it doesn’t look like it’s been groomed in days. He probably just gathered the hair into a bun just so it doesn’t look worse. Well, it worked, he’s looking really attractive right now. He has a short goatee and a little mustache to go along. A cool hairstyle for a rockstar.

Long hair with a half bun

Fancy looking like Zeus? Then you should try out this hairstyle, of course, that is if your hair is long enough. The hair is so long, it falls in locks down the shoulders. The hair at the crown is gathered into a half bun at the top while the rest of the hair is combed backward neatly. The full beard creates the balance that makes this hairstyle look really cool. It is a must try if your hair looks like this.

Patterned undercut man bun

The hair is so full at the top, it will probably fall below the shoulders if let down. The undercut looks really cool and to make it better, it is patterned with a few lines to resemble a V-shape. Remember V for Vendetta? The bun sits between the crown and temples at the back and it is incredibly huge.

Full-bearded long hair bun

How about this long hair that makes you look renaissance? It seems he’s wondering what to do with his hair but while he’s thinking, he has his hair packed into a cool bun at the back. The beard is full with a very long mustache too. This is perfect if you are not up for a daily grooming routine, you’ll still look really cool, just like this dude.

Full hair with a single braid man bun

The hair is so full, the man just had to find a way to put it together with a single braid. The braid goes right through the middle and forms a man bun at the top. The sides of the hair are tapered very low while the back forms a V-Shape. The beard is mid-level and creates a perfect balance with the hair on top.

Line up + shaved sides + half bun + line up

This hairstyle is a combination of so much creativity by the stylist. The barber had to put in so much creativity considering the fact that the hair is quite short. A beautiful abstract pattern is drawn right on the boundary where the hair begins to taper into a fade. By the way, the fade on this hairstyle is very high, almost at the top of the temples. The bun is small because the hair isn’t full but it is still very cute. It is obvious that some quality hair products have been lavished on the hair to make it look shimmery.

3-D shaved design + man bun

How about having a 3-D design on your head? Not everyone is open to this idea but looking at this, you are almost convinced to try it out, if you aren’t already. The sides of the hair are tapered into a fade very high while the hair on the crown is very full. The full hair is packed into a man bun at the back of the head, right where the hair stops. The 3-D cube design has a little replica that looks like a reflection of the bigger cube.

Low taper fade man bun

Wondering what to do with your full long hair? You should totally try this hairstyle. The man bun is so huge and sits at the back of the head. The hair at the sides is tapered into a fade just above the ears. The hairs are properly lined up down to the beard which is neatly shaved. This guy is all shades of cute.

Thick beard and full man bun

If you have very full hair, and a thick beard to go along, then this hairstyle should work well for you. The hair is very long all through and is packed into a very full bun at the back of the head with a few strands out of place. The beard is very full and seems to overflow from the hair on the head.

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Full beard hipster man bun

The hair on this style is very long on every style, resembling that on a hipster. The face is not spared as the facial hair is full and looks quite scruffy. The hair is packed into a bun at the back of the head with a few shorter length hairs falling to the sides. Overall, the hair looks a bit rough making it look like the man hasn’t had time to groom it in days.

Wavy long hair with a big bun

The hair is full with very long wavy hair. The bun on this one is quite huge and sits between the crown and temples towards the back of the head. His side buns are almost inconspicuous while he has a little goatee and mustache to create balance with the hair on his head. A very cool hairstyle for a young man who loves to look casual.

Braided bun + shaved sides + full beard

The sides and back of the head are shaved completely while the hair at the crown is left full. It is so full, it had to be braided into two large cornrows. It is packed into a bun right where the long hair ends. The beard is left full to complement the full hair on the crown, the contrast is amazing. Finally, he has “perfectly imperfect” tattooed to the back of the head around the neckline.

Braided Bun

How about trying this out if you are in between having long hair and braiding your hair? At first, the wearer seems a bit confused but the beauty of the hairstyle draws him some pardon. The sides and back of the hair are cut quite short. However, the hair at the crown is left long and braided using extensions of different colors. The braids are packed into a bun at the top of the head. A very cool hairstyle for a man seeking to find his identity.

Tied Up Top Man Bun

This man bun sort of borrows it looks from the messy man bun, just that it is not as messy. The hair is growing very long with no sort of shaving on any sides. The beard is also left at medium length. The bun is tied on the top of the head rather than behind, making the wearer resemble a monk, save for the beards. A cool hairstyle that can be worn anywhere for a man not really keen about his looks.

Man bun with a high fade

This is one of those versatile hairstyles you can wear to any occasion. The hair is very neat with the fade beginning from the temples. The top hair is full and long, packed into a neat bun at the top of the hair. Check out the beard. Neatly trimmed to medium length making the style look very attractive.

Black man bun

With how attractive this hairstyle looks on this man, it is obvious this hairstyle knows no boundaries with respect to race. The bun is packed right on top of the head very neatly. The hair tapers neatly into a fade on the sides and the back. Check out the low cut beard and the line up of the hair in front. Don’t you just love it?

Mohawk Bun

If you have long hair and have been considering a Mohawk, you should definitely try this out on your next visit to the barbers. The hairs on the side of the hair are faded neatly from the temples down. The crest is made up of long hair that forms a bun at the middle. The hair at the back is neatly shaved to form a V-shape close to the neckline. With this hairline, you’d be standing out from any crowd.

Messy beard + Messy man bun

Who knew messy and style could sound nice together as a phrase? This is one way for a hipster to stand out even though it is obvious he is not so interested in grooming his hair. Funny how women find this unkempt look very sexy. If you consider yourself a ladies man, maybe you should get your hair a bit messy.

Neat beards + shaved sides man bun

The first thing you would notice about this hairstyle is how neat and attractive it is. The way the hair is lined up in front to how the sides are neatly faded is just captivating. The beards are also very neat and line up to the shape made by the jawline. The most attractive part is the man bun that sits just at the edge of the crown to the back. It is not too full, neither is it too small, it is just somewhere in the middle.

Undercut man cut

This is about the most common variant of this hairstyle and it is very obvious why. Check out how the full beard pairs attractively with the full man bun on the top of the hair. The tapered sides help to balance out the fullness of the hair on the other parts of the head. This hairstyle is the perfect representation masculinity.

Other Man Bun Hairstyles

Maintaining Your Man Bun

Now that you have gotten your dream hairstyle, it is important to be able to maintain it properly. Without proper maintenance, you might lose your shine faster than you got it. The reason is that in a very short while your long hair could become greasy.

To keep the hair looking neat and healthy, you need to shampoo the hair at least once every two days. If you are having facial hair, then you should use some beard oil to keep it looking good.

If your scalp is prone to being dry, you should make use of normal shampoo once a week and dry scalp shampoo twice. This way the natural oils in your scalp remain intact, leaving your hair with its natural luster. If you have an oily scalp, then you must avoid hair problems by shampooing every two days.

By the way, to avoid baldness, you shouldn’t tie the hair too tightly.

Man Bun Hairstyles wrap up

By now you must be seriously considering getting a man bun. It is one of the coolest hairstyles around and you can totally get one yourself at home. Tell us about your experience in the comments section, we want to read from you.

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