130+ Marble Nail Ideas To Make Your Fingers Sparkle

Marble nails are really cute and attractive, no wonder they have become very famous. The idea of these nails came up in the last decade but surprisingly have not dialed down as expected. Truthfully, the nails are very chic and stylish and will make your fingers sparkle in the most adorable manner.

To make them more attractive you can add some glitters or gems. These nails can be worn in different colors, depending on the preference of the wearer. So depending on the dress you plan to wear to that occasion, you can pick out a perfect color mix.

Most people believe that it will be difficult to achieve this by themselves at home. That is not totally true, you can get your marble nails done right in your house without the help of a professional. Guess what, they are not as costly as you think too.

This post will provide you inspiration on your next nail designs to make your fingers sparkle as well as other relevant information regarding marble nails.

What are Marble Nails?

Marble nails are a beautiful form of nail art that is formed from simply dipping the fingers in a mix of nail polishes of different colors. The nail polish mix is poured in a cup of water at room temperature then a pattern is made using toothpicks.

The process is also known as the water marble nail technique and it was developed in Japan by professional technicians in nail studios. Since its development, it has gained popularity at different fashion shows and in different magazines.

Different Ways to Wear Marble Nails

Check out the different ways you can wear marble nails below:

Pink and white marble nails

Pink lovers will definitely fall for this beautiful mix of white and pink. It is the perfect girly kind of nails and it looks beautiful on short nails.

All shades of beautiful

Each nail is a different marble color and all of them together are beautiful and attractive. The look is accentuated with long nails.

Peaches, blue, and glitters

All the nails are a marriage of peach and blue, two colors that look amazing any day. One finger stands out with glittery nail polish creating an amazing contrast in the middle. A great way to make a statement and draw attention to your nails.

Black and white marble nails

Almost like the black flowery design was drawn with artistic mastery on a white background and the ring finger has the direct opposite. The short nails are a beauty to behold and will go well with any dress for any occasion.



Green and white

Green is the color of nature and these nails are perfect for a lady who is in love with nature. The green is the major color with the white standing out to create balance.

Elegant lilac

Lilac is very attractive and regal. The neat short nails are perfect for the conservative lady and are very easy to achieve. Simplicity at its best.

Gold camouflage

Whoever thought both colors would match, gold and camouflage. It definitely brings out the military style in you, just that the gold makes it look more attractive. Two nails in gold and three in camouflage, a perfect mix.

Patterned green and white

This mix of green and white is very unique. The white is the base on each finger and then there is a mix of different shades of green as the top coat. They look good on both long and short nails.

Purple, and glittery silver

Every time we see purple we are reminded of elegance. This time it is double elegance because glittery silver nail polish is added to each nail to create an amazing feel. Topping it up is a touch of white and turquoise blue, a classic batik design.

Pink, green, and white

The beauty of marble nails is the creative mix of colors and this nail design is a perfect description of that mix. All the nails have a mix of the three colors while the ring finger has just green splashed on a white base making it stand out.

Oxblood and black

Every shade of red is attractive, oxblood is no different. When mixed with black it becomes heavenly. If you are looking for a way to make a statement with any dress and on any occasion, this is it.

White, red, and pink

Roses are red and pink is chic. Each nail is a different design of the three colors in the most creative manner.

Marble and matte pink

Two matte nails and three pink marble nails, very beautiful and attractive. It is a mix of long and short nails, a great design if you need something really simple.

Orange, pink, and green marble nails

A beautiful mix of colors in the most creative manner. What’s not to love about these nails? Wear a matching dress and you’ll be spinning heads as you walk into any gathering.

Reddish green

Relish the beauty of these nails, red and green, just like pepper with touches of black and white. You can’t help but wonder at the creativity.

Blue Mist

This is made up of all shades of blue, deep, royal, and sky blue. They look neat and simple on short nails and are great for someone with a cool personality.


Green glitters

Add some glitters to the already deep green nails and you have a beauty phenomenon on your hands. The patches of white on all the nails make them easy to wear with almost anything.

Glassy pinkish blue

The nails are a mixture of pink and blue with the pink as the base color. The mixture of both colors always stands out but when you add a top coat of glassy nail polish, you make it more attractive.

White turquoise blue nails

Very creative design, definitely a work of art on nails. They are perfect on short nails and some stones are added to create some glam. The stones are colored in different shades of blue and are arranged to follow the lines of the design, classy.

Blue Green patterns

If you just want to stand between these two colors, not sure which you want as the major color you can pick this design. Both colors switch places as the base and top coat on different fingers creating some beautiful consistency in the most unlikely manner.

Red, white, black short nails

A few folks don’t see short nails as attractive but when you see these, you have to change your mind. They will stand out any time, any day. Perfect for an evening out with your friends or a day at the beach.

Silvery black

What could be more metal than these? Black and silver nails touched up mildly with glitters all over. You can bet they would catch anyone’s attention, especially when they reflect light rays.


Polka dot marble nails

Polka dot is classy any day of the week to any event. Imagine having this on your nails interchanging the background between red and white. The creative masterpiece that is complete with the big toes painted in marble. The design is capped with a top coat of colorless glass nail polish.

White on black with silver

A black base adorned with touches of white. One of the nails is completely painted in glittery silver nail polish to add some glam.

Other Marble Nail Design Ideas


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DIY Marble Nails

Just like everyone else, you are probably thinking that getting marble nails will require a professional touch at a very expensive cost. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is a totally wrong notion. Even though they seem so complicated, they are quite easy to achieve and you can get them done from the convenience of your house.

Here’s the drill, you are going to play with a couple of colors to achieve this beautiful nail art. If you like to get your hands dirty or mix colors, this should be fun. This is not to say that you can’t do this without getting your hands dirty.

This is how you do marble nails by yourself.

What do you need?

Firstly, you need some nail polish in different colors. It is best to work with three to five colors, depending on how much you love to play with colors. If you are not keen about very bright nails you probably should go for a muted, soft palette.

Secondly, you need a cup. A plastic cup of any kind should work the magic but the most preferred are solo cups with sizes like shot glasses.

Finally, some water and a few toothpicks. The water shouldn’t be cold or hot, best practice recommends room temperature water. If the water is too cold then the nail polish hardens up in less than no time.

A few guidelines

  1. Since this is your first time, it is safe to describe the process as an experiment. Ensure you cover the surface you’ll be using with some paper towels. In fact, it is better you make use of a surface you don’t mind soiling.
  2. You’ll be sticking your fingers into polish so if you don’t want them getting smeared with the polish you need to take precautions. The best precaution is to put some Vaseline on your fingers, this way the polish will not stick to your skin. Don’t put the Vaseline on the nails though, else all your effort will go to waste. You may also use tape to cover the skin around the nails.
  3. If you don’t mind nail polish on your skin, after sticking your fingers in the polish leave them to dry. After they dry, wipe off the paint on your skin using cotton swabs and nail polish remover.

The process

  1. Pour some water in your cup.
  2. Pour small amounts of different colors of polish into your cup, make sure you do this a single color at a time. The mixture should form a bull’s eye shape as you add in more colors.
  3. Make sure that you pour the polish very quickly so that they don’t harden in the water.
  4. You can now begin to make a design on the mixture which will be lying just above the water. To make this design you will need to make use of your toothpicks.
  5. When you have your design ready, just begin dipping your nails into the cup. Seems quite simple right? Yes, it is that simple. The design is expected to stick to your nails, each nail with a slightly different design.
  6. When the polish dries up, use the cotton swabs and nail polish to wipe off the polish from your skin.

That’s about it for marble nails. A simple process that you can do at home.

Cost of Professionally Done Marble Nails

The cost of these nails vary from location to location and also depend on a lot of other factors. One of such factors is how complex the design you want is. Another is what other services you plan to enjoy. One of the first things anyone will notice when they see you are your nails.

If this is the case then it is worth it to spend a healthy amount of money to make them look good. It is usually advisable that when you visit the beauty parlor to get your nails done, you should have a manicure. If you are going to have a manicure, which costs about $25 on the average, and get marble nails too, which cost about $40, you should be spending about $65.

This is just an average cost, it could vary depending on the beauty parlor or the manicurist. But ultimately, it is worth every dime spent if you visit a credible parlor.

Marble nail ideas roundup

Your nails are a major part of your dressing and since anything worth doing is worth doing well, you should try out marble nails to make your fingers sparkle. They are quite easy to achieve, as you have learned above, so you can get yours done in the convenience of your home.

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