150 Medium Hairstyles Divas Are Wearing Right Now

Contrary to popular belief, medium hairstyles are so much more than just a simple bob. Recent trends have proved that medium hairstyles work well with any type of hair and are super empowering for women. Not only that, but they are immensely versatile. Perhaps that’s the reason why so many Hollywood divas have chosen to sport a medium hairstyle and flaunt it on the red carpet. So let’s take a look at our favorite celebrities, their medium hairstyles, and also learn some tips and tricks on how to manage our hair better!


Easy Tips for Medium Hairstyles

The two most important things you always need to keep in mind when wearing medium hairstyles are the weight of your hair and how well moisturized it is. What you want out of your beautiful haircut is the perfect length, but not too much weight so as to pull it down. The hair must always be in motion so that you can enjoy your medium length just like it was designed. Here are the best tips!

  • Clean and condition your hair in the correct way

This means shampooing twice or three times per week. Unless you have a heath issue such as dandruff or itchy scalp, you should not shampoo every day. Doing so will strip your hair of its natural protective oil. During the off days, you can simply rinse it with some lukewarm water to bring back its natural shine and bounce.

Make sure to use the perfect shampoo for your type of hair. This means creamy shampoos if you need some extra moisture and clear shampoos if you need to get rid of build up or styling products residue. You can also use dandruff shampoos if you need to, but make sure to follow them with the appropriate amount of moisture. 

Do not use shampoos that foam too much. It’s always very attractive to go for a shampoo that lathers abundantly when introduced to water. Mostly because pop culture and commercials have taught us that’s how you know your shampoo is working. In reality, the suds or foam you can see forming are due to a large amount of detergent in your shampoo. Stay away from those brands. The detergent in them will thin out the hair and strip all the moisture from it.

After washing, never dry your hair with cotton towels. The process will weaken the hair strands leading to breakage, frizziness, and split ends. Allow your hair to dry out on its own.

  • Always use light styling products

If you’re wearing medium hairstyles, always go for lightweight styling products. The idea here is to add healthy moisture to the hair without weighing it down. You will also want to stay away from any products that make your hair crunchy instead of soft, like it normally should be. Yes, hairspray is on this list. Say goodbye to this age old, but unhealthy styling product!

  • Do not comb your hair when it’s dry

Here’s another huge misconception that we have all grown up with. The idea that you have to brush your hair every morning and every night before you go to sleep. Or that the more you comb your hair, the better it will look. Or any derivation of that. Actually, all that is not true.

Brushing your hair when it’s dry will only make it frizzy and break off its natural pattern. Not to mention that if you don’t use the right hair brush, you could pull the hair out. Plus, too much brushing can definitely lead to weakened hair strands. So tell your grandma that this old time hack is no longer viable!

Here’s the reason. In the past, women used to comb their hair to detangle it, to remove dirt and debris, and so that it wouldn’t matte. 

But modern day women don’t have those problems anymore. We shampoo at least twice a week, live in clean environments, and use safe products that help our hair remain soft and smooth. There is no reason for so much combing anymore. Instead, run your fingers through your hair as gently as you can to arrange your strands rather than comb it.

  • Use special treatments

Apart from shampoo and conditioner, you should also incorporate some special hair care treatments in your routine. This can mean masks that will restore your hair’s shine and softness. But you can also go for overnight treatments, especially in the cold season, when your hair needs some extra love. 

They will act like a barrier between your hair and the elements, protecting it from breakage and frizziness.

Medium Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Flattering and very sexy, medium hairstyles compliment everyone. Still, the art of wearing this type of haircut is finding just the right style for your face shape. Which also means staying away from the ones that won’t do you any favors. Here’s how to do it!

  • Medium hairstyles for round faces

Whatever you do, never wear bangs! They will only shorten the already limited space you have to work with and make it look like it’s even rounder than it already is. What you need to do is add a bit of length on top so that you face looks oval instead of round. Or add some angles which might emphasize you cheekbones. 

If you’re keen on bangs, try a longer set and sweep them to one side. They will cut across your face and make it seem less round. You can also try a simple set of beach waves that will add both length and texture.

  • Medium hairstyles for square faces

As opposed to a round face, what you’re with working here is too many angles. Hence the name, square. Therefore, you will need to soften everything up a bit. First of all, keep the medium hairstyle to a long bob. Do not go for jaw length hairstyles. They will only attract attention to your square jaw, whereas a longer hairstyle will make it vanish. 

At the same time, never part your hair down the middle. This will only add more squareness and straight lines. Go for a side part and softened edges to your haircut.

  • Medium hairstyles for heart shaped faces

When it comes to medium hairstyles for this type of face what you want is one that won’t emphasize your forehead. Given that your face is shaped like a literal heart, that’s where all the width is. You will also want to stay away from any volume on the sides. Try a few soft waves that curl more at the bottom. Or a jaw length bob that draws attention to your jaw rather than your forehead and that can balance things out.

  • Medium hairstyles for oval shaped faces

If you have been blessed with an oval face, you can start celebrating right now. The oval face shape is considered to be the best and most attractive one of all, considering traditional standards of beauty. This also means that you can wear any kind of medium hairstyle you want, without worrying how it will look on you. It’s going to be great!

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

For some women, Rapunzel hair is just naturally given. Others have to work a bit harder to get those luscious locs that everyone envies so much. If you have really fallen in love with medium hairstyles and can’t wait until your hair becomes long enough, here are a few tips that will help you!

  • Trim your hair all the time

Not, this is not a joke. It might seem like a paradox. And it is. Trimming your hair all the time to make it grow longer? Yes! Evidently, it won’t be the haircuts per se that will make the hair grow. That’s not possible. But the idea behind this process is that by getting constant trims you can get rid of the unhealthy split ends that are breaking your hair. They are responsible for you losing a lot of your length. So trim them to keep your hair healthy and growing faster!

  • Don’t go blonde while growing your hair

Again, it’s not the color per se, nor will it stop your hair from growing, but it’s the process. Any shade of blonde will require you to bleach your hair first to a certain extent. But bleaching is a very dangerous process which involves chemicals that dry out the hair and leave it very brittle. After that, your strands will be much more prone to breaking and even falling out. This is what will make you acquire length a lot slower.

  • Moisturize your hair every night

We all have super busy schedules and very long days. Therefore, it becomes incredibly tempting to simply crash into bed with your makeup on and your hair as is when you get home. But that’s far from alright. 

Specialists recommend you always to remove your makeup and moisturize your hair before bed. This means spraying it with just a few puffs of a product that will hydrate it but not make it oily or weigh it down. You can buy such sprays or you can make them yourself. For example, you can mix a floral water of your choice with a few drops of coconut oil and you’re done!

  • Eat healthy!

Growing your hair faster so that you can have the medium hairstyles you have always dreamed about also depends on what you eat. Doctors explain that you should try to feed your strands from the inside out first to ensure they are strong and healthy. This means more protein which can be found in meat, beans, whole grains, and nuts.

If you’re a vegan, try to replan the proteins in meat with healthy alternatives. 

According to specialists, women who don’t introduce enough proteins into their diet will often experience things like their hair falling out a lot more than usual. Or split ends and hair prone to breakage. This will, evidently, not help you in gaining any length.

  • Don’t use heat when styling

One of the things most women are guilty of is overstyling their hair. This includes using as many heat based styling tools as they can get such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, curlers, and flat irons. All of them used on a daily basis. If you absolutely need to use any of these tools, you should always apply a heat protectant first. And only use the tool on very low heat.

  • Take your daily vitamin

It can sometimes happen that your daily diet doesn’t include all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need. Therefore, the best thing to do is to supplement it a bit with a daily dose of nutritious things. 

Look for a vitamin that was specifically designed for your nails, skin, and hair. Also, read the label as carefully as possible and do research on every ingredient you don’t know. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and that they do not interact with any medication you are currently taking. Please consult your physician if you have any doubts.

  • No more ‘cleanses’

We’re sure you’ve heard of them. Juice cleansing, water fasting, bentonite clay cleansing, they’re all super trendy and they all promise the same thing. To detoxify your body and make you super healthy. But traditional doctors are actually against these trendy cleanses that claim can turn your whole life around.

What happens during a cleanse is that you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs in order to function properly. Not only that, but cleanses don’t detoxify you in any way. No amount of water, clay or superfoods can do that for you. The human body is engineered to eliminate toxins naturally through the liver, urine, and sweat. Not by eating certain fruits or drinking gallons of water.

In fact, most doctors and nutritionists state that, after such a cleanse, your hair will start growing a lot slower and loose its luster. The negative effects happen after only a week!

  • Try using a silk pillowcase

Growing your hair longer to achieve medium hairstyles while you sleep? Is such a thing even possible? Yes, of course it is! Get rid of your cotton pillowcase! We know it feels soft and warm, but it’s damaging to your tresses. Your hair rubs against the cotton weave all night, becoming frizzy and breaking. Not only that, but cotton will also tangle it and produce lint which gets caught in your hair. 

Instead, use a silk or a satin pillowcase. The fabric is much sleeker and will not damage your hair at all. Apart from that, silk pillowcases are also fantastic for your skin. So win-win!

The Positive and Negative Sides of Medium Hairstyles

Whether you want to achieve medium length hair by cutting your long tresses or by growing your short hair, it’s still a big decision to make. It’s also a very long and often arduous process that you are embarking on. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of medium hairstyles which might help you decide if this is really what you’re looking for in terms of hair styling.


  • Medium hairstyles are eternal classics. Women have been wearing these haircuts longer than we can remember and for a very good reason. Everyone looks fantastic with medium long hair. Therefore, if you choose this option, you can stick with it for as long as you want. It won’t go out of style.
  • Medium hairstyles are quite low maintenance in terms of styling and products that you normally use. Therefore, it can help if you’re on a budget or if you don’t have enough time to spend in front of the mirror everyday styling yourself.
  • Getting such a haircut can mean starting all over for you. In the sense that you can get rid of unhealthy hair, split ends, strands that you have been dyeing for a very long time, bleached hair, and so on. Getting a trim is like a whole new beginning!
  • In case you really don’t like medium hairstyles, even though that’s not likely to happen, you won’t have to wait very long until your hair grows out. Not to mention that you can always cut it even shorter, into a bob or a pixie cut.
  • You will be able to wear different styles every day which includes ponytails, buns, and braids.


  • You have to get the perfect medium hairstyle for your face shape. Not all medium hairstyles fit everyone like a glove. This means doing a lot of research before going in for the cut. Or you can ask your stylist for recommendations on what would look best on you.
  • If you have wavy, curly or kinky hair, the shorter it is the more volume it will have. Therefore, you can go for medium hairstyles, but try to keep them lower than your shoulder. Anything above that, jaw length or ear length will simply mushroom and you will have a hard time dealing with all the frizziness and volume. 
  • You will have to buy completely new hair care and styling products that will moisturize your hair but not weigh it down. Medium hairstyles can look greasy if treated to the wrong hair care products. Consider whether or not you have the budget for this.
  • Some medium hairstyles such as almost all the bobs cannot be styled in any other way than what the stylist gives you. Therefore, you will be wearing the exact same look every single day. Be prepared for that!

Selena Gomez Long Bob

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to medium hairstyles, Selena Gomez is the one to go to. She has been sporting bobs for a very long time and making us all very jealous! Selena has dark chocolate brown hair which is super silky and shiny with just a touch of ombre toward the ends. As far as medium hairstyles go, this is as close to perfection as you can get. Not only that, but the haircut and color also compliment skin and eye tone perfectly. Well done, Selena!

Emma Stone Medium Hairstyles

Did you know that Emma Stone is blonde in real life? Even though she loves red hair the most and tends to choose it every time she gets the chance, the actress is a natural blonde. Here she is sporting sunflower blonde hair which, of course, came out of a bottle. But it’s enough to give us an idea of what her natural hair looks like.

Her haircut is a stunning shoulder length bob with very feathery ends as well as a side swept set of bangs. Do we love this look on Emma Stone? Of course we do, she’s gorgeous! But we like it just a little bit more when she’s a red head. There, we’ve said it!

Kate Middleton Medium Hairstyles

We have arrived at the future Queen of England. Well, the future future Queen of England, after Camilla Parker Bowles, of course. Still, she will be Queen some day and not the Instagram kind or the type that has to put it on a T-shirt. The real deal. So let’s pay closer attention to her style.

When it comes to Kate Middleton’s hair, it could also be described very easily as long, as well. But since she tends to wear it in these overworked, classic curls, it shrinks down to a medium hairstyle. The Duchess, which is what she is now, has always been partial to this very natural looking light chestnut hair color. Which is very befitting. We don’t really think the future Queen of England could wear pink hair, but you never know!

Kylie Jenner Messy Medium Hairstyles

There is nothing that Kylie Jenner does that won’t be copied the very next day by millions across the world. She has a massive following on Instagram comprising very devoted fans that are ready to do anything to look like her. This is what sprouted the Kylie lip challenge where teenagers everywhere tried to pout their lips to get them to the size of the diva’s very own. 

But people also copy her makeup style by using her very own products and her hairstyles. Here she is wearing a gorgeous dark brunette messy bob. It’s shoulder length and has many layers that add to the messy feeling. It’s a very casual look that you can wear easily enough all day long. However, please be aware that Kylie is most likely wearing a wig. Therefore, consult with your stylist to make sure you can get the same results with natural hair.

Emma Watson Medium Hairstyles

The actress went through a medium hairstyle phase while she was trying to grow out her hair after her now iconic pixie cut. The reason why she should be important to you is because she can serve as inspiration for girls with thin hair. 

As you can see Emma doesn’t have a lot in terms of volume or thickness. However, a well-cut hairstyle such as this one can help a lot. If you have fine or thin hair as well, ask your stylist to create some layers. They will add the illusion of more volume in your hair. 

Rose Byrne Medium Hairstyles

As far as inspiration goes for hair and makeup, actress Rose Byrne is our goddess. Here she is at a red carpet event wearing a gorgeous ombre bob and dark, glamour makeup. Let’s break that down because it will be worth it!

Her bob is collar bone length which helps elongate both her neck and her face. If you look closely you will see how the vertical line of her sleek hairstyle makes her cheekbones stand out. The color helps with that illusion as well.

Rose is wearing a very subtle ombre that goes from a gorgeous natural ashy brown to a warm, subtle toffee. As we all know, one of the main functions of a good ombre is to create the illusion of volume. And this is exactly what’s happening here. Even though her hair is the exact same width and volume in all its points, you get the impression the bottom half is more fluffed out. While the upper half, surrounding her face, is slimmed down.

The actress’ makeup is a thing of beauty as well. She’s wearing a gray smokey eye with heavy eyeliner and pencil all around as well as an oxblood lipstick that goes perfectly well with her brown hair.

Bella Hadid Medium Hairstyles

We couldn’t have possibly created this list without referencing Bella Hadid’s gorgeous slick back moment. She wore a side part as well as a wet hair look complete with just a smudge of dark eye makeup instead of the more classic eyeliner, pencil or mascara. There is no denying that the look is striking and that it will get you a lot of likes on Instagram if you decide to copy it!

Final Thoughts on Medium Hairstyles

We’ve seen all the divas wearing medium hairstyles. But does that mean they are right for you? Absolutely yes! Medium hairstyles will never go out of trend so why not try one right now?

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