125+ Medium Hair Cuts For Men That Won’t Have You Looking a Mess

We cannot argue the fact that medium hairstyles are among the hottest hairstyles for men this year and they have been for a while now. One of the reasons why this is so is because medium hairstyles are very flexible. Thus, they are easier to style short and long hair put together.

They have versatile features enabling mixing with several other hairstyles like the pompadour, Mohawk, and many others. In addition, you can make them look classier, by adding a side part, wear a natural or messy look, or have a small man bun.

A lot of men have a fondness for this hairstyle due to the ease of grooming.  But,  if they knew how much advantage medium hair comes with they would hop on it. To make this hairstyle look better, you may add some wax or pomade.

Let’s check out a few medium hairstyles. Before then, here are a few tips.


Defining medium hairstyles

Have you tried asking yourself what is the defining factor for medium hair? A simple way to define it will be hair that is in the middle of being long and short. That is just a layman definition, simple enough for a kid to understand.

Here’s a more detailed definition. Medium hair is anything that lies between 5 and 10 centimeters, which is about 2 to 4 inches. As we have stated earlier, there really is nothing like a medium hairstyle. All you have is the medium hair length version of the different hairstyles that exist.

These hairstyles are never equal in length, the feature different lengths depending on the preference of the wearer. The main reason why men wear this hairstyle is that it allows them to show off their personalities.

Styling your medium hair

Unlike styling long hair, you do not need to spend ages to style medium hair. The process is not as difficult or time-consuming. If this is your first time, you might want to stick with the long top and short sides, this is the most common way of wearing the hairstyle. To add some glam, you may decide to have an undercut or fades.

When you look at the array of medium hairstyles, you will notice that they comprise of modified versions of many other hairstyles that you already know. Part of the styling techniques includes slicking the hair backward, quiffs, combing the hair over to the side, spiking the hair, etc.

For best results, you should visit a professional barber. Of course, that is if you have never cut your hair before. Some folks like to be very creative with their hair, if you are one of such, then you should work with your barber to come up with a creative style.

The idea behind styling the hair is coming up with something that you are comfortable with. There is no point wearing a hairstyle that makes you feel awkward. Styling the hair does not follow any hard and fast rule. The length and texture of your hair, how much time you have for grooming, and how much you can spend on products are factors that affect styling your hair.

Best Medium hairstyles for men

The different hairstyles in this section feature the amazing variations of medium haircuts you could try out. We have texture, volume, and waves, as well as many others. Check them and gain inspiration.

Tapered sides with a long quiff

This is one of those very adorable hairstyles. It is very simple but also very attractive. The quiff is long and swept to the side while the rest of the hair tapers down to the ears. The beard is not too long and is very neat. It is definitely a cool choice for a man interested in daily grooming.

Classic mid-pomp with tapered sides

This style features a classic pompadour made of mid-length hair at the crown. The hair gets shorter as it approaches the back of the hair. The sides are also tapered neatly while there is no facial hair. The blonde color of this hair makes more attractive.

Thick slicked back hair with classic taper

What’s not to die for considering this hairstyle? Everything is in place, you wondering if there will ever be a strand out even if he rode a motorbike at 180 miles per hour. The top hair has thickness and slicked backward very neatly. The sides have a slicked neat taper, same as the hair at the back. Any man will look great wearing this hairstyle.

Medium length thick wavy hair

A perfect hairstyle for a nerd or an undercover agent. There’s nothing so special about this hairstyle except the fact that gives you a low profile. All through, the hair is of medium length and very thick. The beard is not too bushy which adds some class to the hairstyle. It would also work well for a business professional or a worker in a 9 to 5 office.


Long natural hair with a middle part

Some men like to grow their hair long which is very cool. The hair is not too long, probably about 7 to 9 inches, making very attractive. It is all slicked backward and has evidence to prove that this man loves to groom his hair daily. The middle part is a great way to add some spice to this hairstyle, very unique.

Messy hair with mid-length beard

This man definitely does not have time to comb his hair or style it daily. Though it is messy, it looks really cool and speaks volumes about his personality. He is one of those people who care less about what others think of him. His beard accentuates this look making all the more attractive. He has a strong masculine aura about him, if you feel you want this, then this is the hairstyle for you.

Brushed back long hair

This hairstyle is truly a classic. It features the whole hair at almost the same length. First, brush the hair backward and hold it in place with a top quality hair product. Here’s a simple fact. If you want to look this good every day, you have to groom your hair, just as he does, every day.

Disconnected undercut with high taper fade

This is another classic medium hairstyle. Comb the front hair backward to form a pompadour while there is an undercut. The undercut seems so disconnected from the rest of the hair, it looks really beautiful. The taper fade begins at the boundary between the crown and the temples and it becomes a fade almost immediately. He sports no facial hair yet he looks this outstanding. This means if you do not have facial hair or you love a clean shave, this haircut should work.

Long textured hair with mid fade

The hair on the crown is long and styled into a pompadour, just like many other medium haircuts. Brush the hair to the side using the hand to get a uniform texture. The rest of the hair then uniformly tapers all around the head and it toward the ears and neckline. Then shave the beard and line it up for a prim and proper look .

Cool beard with hard part and long combed hair

From the beard to the hair on the crown, everything looks very neat. Though this hairstyle may not suit the workplace, it is great for almost every other gathering. See how the beard is full yet everything seems to align properly. The top hair needs treatment before combing to the side and backward. The hairstyle features a cool hard part and a high skin fade to make more interesting to look at over and over.

Combed over mid-length hair with side part and taper fade

This is a cool way of wearing your medium length hair. Comb the hair on the crown neatly to the side. The rest of the hair tapers into a fade on the side. A cool side part sits on the boundary between the crown and temple. Leave the beard very low with the sideburns non-existent.

Heavy fringe with textured top

It looks like he is wearing a cap of black hair. The medium length hair needs texturing. Then curl it in a  manner that it covers the whole head. There is really nothing special here, just that you do not need to worry about daily grooming. It will work well for you if you lack facial hair, just like the guy in the image.

Messy long top with taper fade

Look at how he makes messy look attractive. The top hair is very messy and unevenly textured yet he wears it so elegantly. The hair behind is almost as long the one on the crown, this makes it look like a Mohawk, even though we are sure it isn’t. The sides are tapered into a fade, though the skin does not go bald at any point. See how the beard blends seamlessly with the hair on the head?

Long fringe with texture

It is quite unusual to see fringes this long, when we do, they are so adorable. It seems a bit messy but it is actually textured. Rather than being slicked backward, the hair is slicked forward, very unique. There is an undercut and the rest of the hair is tapered toward the ears. The facial hair seems to be tapered as well and it perfectly suits the hairstyle on top.

Hard part pomp with a skin fade

Every time the law of gravity is defied, it looks really exciting. This hair gives one that impression especially with the way the pompadour stands hard in front with the curved edges. It sort of resembles a flat top but then again, the top is a bit wavy. The sides of the head have tapered hair, same as the back. His beards are not too full and they look really cool, balancing the effect of the top hair.

Tapered sides with messy textured hair

This classy hairstyle is a winner any day. The hair at the top is textured and looks really messy but very attractive. The sides are tapered neatly, to contrast the messy top. There is no facial hair which lets us know that he is still interested in daily grooming.  Try this out on your next visit to the barbershop if you are interested in a clean face.

Wavy Fohawk with high taper fade

Mohawks look cool every time and are really attractive. The hair in this one does not reach the back of the head as in the traditional Mohawk. This is why it is called a Fohawk. It is, however, a mixture of spikes and some slicked back hair. The sides and back are taper faded very high, beginning from the crown. It streams downward into a bald skin, same with the face.

Undercut with slicked-back top

Slicked back haircuts always look great, especially when held in place by a strong pomade. This hairstyle has the same elements making the top hair look pretty sleek. The undercut mixes texture and height together to produce a most desirable haircut. The hair fades into the skin very high, close to the crown.

Low fade with a high quiff

This is another medium hairstyle that resembles a pompadour. No doubt, the young man in the image looks really cool with this hairstyle and you can look just like him. He has a crown full of hair which is brushed up to form a quiff. The sides and back of the hair are tapered into a very low fade which begins right above the ears and the neckline.

Traditional pompadour with taper fade

The top hair is slicked backward to form a traditional pompadour which is held in place with a quality pomade. This hair definitely enjoys a lot of grooming which is evident from how neat it is, nothing is out of place. The sides are tapered into a fade which begins midway down the temples. He has a very neat beard to complete this outstanding look.

Medium pompadour with surgical part and full beard

The pompadour almost looks like it is a Mohawk just that it is way neater and has lesser hair behind. The side part is quite pronounced and looks like he had a surgical procedure on that spot. This part separates the full hair from the skin fade which adds some spice to the hairstyle. His beard is so pronounced and put together, you can never miss it, even at one glance.

Brushed up top with short sides

The top of this hairstyle is brushed high up, everything standing which makes the man attract all the attention around. To complement this, the hairs on the sides and behind are neatly combed or brushed down. Clearly, the whole hair has enjoyed some good hair products which keep it looking this good.

Modern textured quiff with neat beards

How about this for your next haircut? The hair on the crown is combed into a neat quiff to make the hair look like a traditional pompadour hairstyle. The sides, as expected, are tapered neatly toward the ears. The beards are really neat, they don’t look too long or bushy. You could get creative with this hairstyle and send the top hair any direction you feel suits you at that point in time.

Long fringe with a medium beard

This fringe is quite different from the others as it is not so common with men. The fringe is combed forward such that it almost covers the eyes in a very stylish manner. The hair is full all around the head even though the fringe seems to be longer and a bit messier. The beard is mid-level and kept neat.

Medium length hair with a side part

A great hairstyle for a young college student or someone who loves to maintain a low profile. The hair maintains the same medium length all through the head. There is a side part which is almost inconspicuous, just the way he likes it. You could try this hairstyle out if you feel like keeping a low profile for now.

Slick medium length hair with high fade and beard

High fades can look really cool, just like the one in this image. The hair at the top is mid-length and is slicked backward neatly. The hair is held in place with a good pomade which gives it the slick shimmery look. The beard is neat and cuts low, it is also lined up to match the hair at the top.

Other Medium Hairstyles for Men

Medium hair for men wrap up

We believe that at this point you must have been inspired on what medium hairstyle to choose for your next haircut. Here’s a little piece of advice, talk to your barber to help you pick one that best suits the shape of your face. Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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