90+ Men Military Haircuts for Summer 2019

Military haircuts have existed for centuries but they have never been considered as stylish, trendy, or attractive. Probably because they are related to men of the military who are most serious and focused on carrying out their duties. However, when a person wears a military haircut that perfectly suits his features, it is undeniable that the person attracts a lot of attention because of how cool he looks.

For many years, only military men wore these hairstyles but with the passage of time, people became attracted to these styles making some of them very popular. Some of the more popular military styles are the undercut, fade, crew cut, and buzz cut.

Naturally, military men are perceived to be very well-disciplined and bold and this can be noticed in the different military haircuts that they wear. They are usually expected to wear these haircuts both on and off the army base. It is more like part of their uniforms.

What Do We Know About Military Haircuts?

A general look at these hairstyles and you will notice a particular set of characteristics that they all share. The haircuts are usually short in length and faded into the skin at some point. There are specific reasons for this. For example, the hair is kept short because it requires very low maintenance and it will never interfere with the soldier’s line of sight on the battlefield.

Another thing you will notice in the military is that the higher in rank a soldier rises, the longer his hair is likely to become. Even though this is very common it is not really official, it is one of those unwritten rules. Basically, a soldier’s time on the battlefield in considerably reduced when he becomes a high-ranking officer. This is the reason why the start to leave their hair to grow longer at this point.

Due to their low-maintenance nature and their length mostly limited to just two inches, they have become increasingly popular among men. One of the tips to get this hairstyle is to ensure that you get a sample picture to your stylist before getting a cut. This will help avoid mistakes and you can be advised on what style best suit your head.

There are so many military haircuts and really making a choice could be a very difficult task. To make things easy for you, we have brought you a couple of sample military haircuts. You should be sufficiently inspired before you are done going through this post. We have also added a few other pieces of information. Let’s get down to the crux of the business.

Military grooming regulations

There is a notion that being a military man means you have to be able to go through rigorous exercises and show off a broad hairy chest. Asides being able to navigate physical obstacles, which is important during training courses. Well, this is not the crux of the matter. We are talking haircuts here.

The strict grooming rules that govern the army have led to the invention of these cool haircuts that we are all grateful for today. There are guidelines that must be followed to ensure that your haircut is perfect for the battlefield straight from the barber’s shop.

According to the Queen’s regulation for the Army, the hair should be kept trimmed and well cut, except by reason of exceptional authority granted or religious reasons. The color and style should be natural, else not of exaggerated nature.

This is very straightforward, but other countries have some added guidelines. For example, in the United States, the rules are a bit stricter. One added rule is that the hair must not fall over the eyebrows or ears when the hair is combed.

It is also required that the hair must be tapered in appearance. This means that the hair should be conformed to the curvature of the head. Take a look at the military hairstyles and you will notice that these hairstyles are designed from these guidelines.

Why Military Haircuts are so popular

There is almost no military haircut that cannot be classified as a classic hairstyle, this is because most of them have been in existence for several years. The hairstyles are very simple, inoffensive, and clean. Many people regard these hairstyles as timeless, they have always looked good and they will always do.

Why they are so popular is because they are masculine, timeless, and very simple in nature. They will never go out of fashion.


Buzz cut

The hair is not lined on any part, it looks like the clipper just runs through to keep the hair length short. Having a stubble helps the look of this haircut. The hair is a bit longer at the top than the rest of the hair.

Crew cut

This hairstyle is very conservative and it is used by military men, actors, and sportsmen. The haircut is very simple with the hair at the back and on the sides tapered while the top of the head is cut short. Though the top is shorter, it is a bit longer than the rest of the hair. These days, the crew cut could be worn with a little beard or goatee.

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Comb cover skin fade haircut

This hairstyle is one of the most famous these days and it is very masculine in nature. The hair begins to fade around the middle of the hair, just like in many other hairstyles. The hair at the top is not too low but the hair is combed backward neatly and held in place with a strong product. To sum it up, this is a very neat look.

Swept back military haircut

This might be a great option if you want to retain a military haircut but are wary of having your hair cut too low. The medium length hair is swept backward and begins to taper down the temples. This is one very smooth and neat haircut that still lets you show off your thick, nice-textured hair.

Short burr line up style

A burr haircut is never complete without very short hair meaning you must be comfortable with this if you will be getting one. This variation of the burr haircut has a perfect line up at the front and at the temples. The beard is also not left out and the end product is stunning. This hairstyle is also great for a man with a receding hairline.

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Mid Fade short haircut

This is a very masculine look which sports a clean shaved face with short hair at the top and taper faded sides. It will be great for coarse or straight hair and to keep the style perfect, you need to make regular visits to your barber.

Front and center

This is a variation of the classic Ivy League haircut and it is attractive in the weirdest of ways. The hairstyle is mostly associated with leadership which makes the look more regal than you will consider it on a normal day. To achieve this hairstyle you need to keep the hair at the top a bit longer than the rest. The remaining hair, including facial hair, should be trimmed to the same length.

Skin fade medium length haircut

Usually, you are not allowed to keep your hair long but this hairstyle is a smart variation which allows you some leeway with longer hair than normal. The hair is taper faded from the temples down the back and sides of the head. The hair at the top is not styles, just combed neatly to the side and held in place with a good hair product.

Chiseled Military hairstyle

This hairstyle is not just charming, it possesses a historical feel which leads us down memory lane. This is one very popular haircut among soldiers, it is so because it probably will never go out of fashion. The hair is neatly trimmed with the top hair considerably longer than the sides and back. The hair at the top is combed to the side while the hair at the sides and back are faded downward. To add some spice you may ask your barber to infuse a side part.

High and tight

This haircut does not have a fade. Instead, the sides and back are completely shaved to make them bald. The hair at the top is also kept short. This is a perfect low maintenance hairstyle you can achieve by yourself if you wish to.

Short Military haircut

If you like to wake up in the morning and go about your daily business without styling your hair, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The hair is short and requires very little maintenance. It has a very high fade which begins as the hair descends from the temples. To keep the hair at the top very high you may need to add some gel.

Slicked back military haircut

One look at this hairstyle and you can’t help but remember the good old days. It mixes the classic version of this hairstyle with the modern version. The major difference between both is the length of the front hair, in this modern version it is considerably longer. The hair at the top should be tight and kept high. It will be best to bring a picture of how long you want it to be so you don’t get disappointed by your barber.

Medium length classic hairstyle

This is a medium length version of regular military haircut. It has long hair of the top which is a mix of wavy and straight. Just blow dry the hair after washing, style it by combing the hair backward and then add some pomade to strongly hold it in place. The hair is faded as it goes towards the sides and back. The facial hair is also reduced to the barest minimum.

Temple fade Buzz cut

This is one perfect buzz cut that comes with a few deviations from the regular as the only fades are seen around the temple. The rest of the hair is relatively the same length all through. The fact that the hair is wavy makes the hair very cool and attractive.

Retro military style

If you want to mix a modern military haircut with a retro style, then you should try this. The key is flipping the quiff and the combing the rest of the top hair to the side. A side part separating the hair on the crown from the temples gives this hairstyle an amazing look.

Faded Butch Haircut

This haircut has the hair at the top cut fairly short and towards the sides and the ears, the hair fades into a shorter length. This is a perfect haircut for a fighter or a person who frequently goes fishing. You will definitely look good even with combing or any form of grooming.

Faded undercut

This is a bit different from the classic military hairstyles. The hair at the top is very long and after washing and blow drying it can be combed backward. It is better to use a blow dryer because it helps you have a higher volume of hair as it lifts the hair at the root. To get the best from this hairstyle, you also need to make use of some volume increasing hair products. You should ask your stylist to help recommend a product that works well for your hair.

Organized Low Fade haircut

A very accurate and neat haircut is very attractive even though it is very simple and straightforward. There are straight lines across the forehead and around the temples which lead to the flawless curve of the beard, which is also cut low. As the hair approaches the neckline it begins to fade into the skin, a super smooth look.

Hard part army cut

By now you must be aware that military haircuts are not bound to many rules like soldiers are. There is still an allowance to show off your interesting personality and be creative. All you need to do is tweak the classic hairstyle by adding a few adjustments. This haircut sports blonde hair and a high side part. The hair at the sides is tapered while the hair at the crown is a bit longer and combed to the side.

Side-Parted Hairstyle with Pompadour

This is one of the symbolism of how military hairstyles have evolved over the years. Those days there are a few distractions on the hair with this haircut. These days we have decided to shave off those distractions to have just a tapered fade. This is one of those hairstyles that perfectly mixes retro with modern, very attractive.

Side fade, short hair

It is always very easy to style short haircuts and this is one is no different. If your hair is straight then styling this haircut should be a stroll in the park. All you need to do is wash the hair and dry it properly, add some quality hair product, and comb it sideways. The style should be set once the hair dries completely to give you a perfect haircut. The fade begins midway to the ears and not too far from the neckline.

Attention sir Haircut

This haircut was very popular in the United States of America in the 1980s. It has a flat top and you probably have seen it in many cartoons, on the different action characters which we were familiar with in our childhood. This classic hairstyle will always remain trendy and memorable.

Military high fade

This hairstyle has a very loud masculine vibe about it. It has a very neat fade which begins at the temples, which is very high. The hair is lined up neatly in the front and the temples, plus there are no facial hairs at all.

Burr haircut

This haircut is just a step above the induction haircut. The hair is evenly cut using the number 1 guard of the clipper meaning that your hair will end up as one-eighth of an inch. This haircut is very simple, no distractions, yet it will spin heads if you have a round face.

Short army haircut

This is a very clean haircut that is quite easy to achieve with any skillful barber. Make sure you show a sample picture to your barber. The hair at the top has a length of about an inch or less and as it forays down to the sides it begins to fade. The front hair is properly lined as well as the part of the hair on the sides that are not faded.

Receding Burr haircut

If your hairline is receding or you are going bald then you can avail yourself with this hairstyle. The hair is always very low, about an eighth of an inch. This can be achieved using a clipper and it is best you allow your barber handle the styling.


Other Styles

Military Haircuts roundup

Military haircuts are classic and there are so many styles to choose from depending on your taste in hairstyles. You should try out one of these and let us know what you feel in the comment section.

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