Hot 55+ Odell Beckham Haircuts to Try

One of the most famous personalities in American sport today is Odell Beckham Jnr. It is almost impossible to miss him. If you don’t know him for American football, you will definitely know him because of his creative hairstyles. His creative fashion sense has earned him huge followership in different parts of the world.

The young NFL player, who already has a fashion line to his name. He is one of the most discussed names in American fashion these days. He has been able to make a name for himself with his array of haircuts. It is a little step away from his creative sense of fashion. It seems he was born to make a mark and he is doing that with his football, fashion, and unique haircuts.

He has a habit of mixing several textures of hair and colors to present us with a new hairstyle. We could assume that his favorite hair color is the blonde because he has come up with so many hairstyles using this color of hair.

It can be a hectic job trying to pick from the different Odell Beckham haircuts as inspiration for your next visit to the barber. We know this and so we have put together some of the best to help you narrow down your choices.

Meet Odell Beckham

We don’t want to assume that everyone knows who Odell Beckham is, so we thought it wise to add this section. Originally christened Odell Cornelious Beckham Jnr., the NFL player was born on November 5, 1992, as a citizen of the United States of America.

Beckham has been a football player all his life and has set outstanding records at every level, including in the NFL. Asides his football, he has amassed a lot of fame and followership from his unique expression of style through his fashion and haircuts.

Now that you have an idea of who Odell Beckham is, let’s get to the crux of this post.

Getting an Odell Beckham haircut

One of the key distinctions about these haircuts is the natural curls, majorly because Odell’s hair is naturally curly. If you are going to get a replica of any of the haircuts, then you should have natural curls too. Even if you don’t have, you can get them artificially with the help of a stylist and some hair products.

To accentuate the hairstyles your barber needs to taper fade the back and side hairs either with a clipper or razor. If a clipper is being used the appropriate clipper guards should be employed for a neat fade. Facial hair is also one of the requirements for the perfect Odell Beckham haircut, although, you’ll still look good without it.

How to make your hair blonde

Earlier we talked about how blonde is Odell’s favorite hair color as more than half of his hairstyles have this color. It implies that to achieve any of these hairstyles, you may have to get a blonde colored hair. This will give your hair that unique touch making you easy to spot in a crowd.

Achieving a blonde color might be a bit tasking but we have made it easy for you by bringing you a few tips. Follow these tips and you have yourself some blonde hair.

  1. You need to bleach your hair to a blonde color from black and this can be achieved through the application of certain chemicals.
  2. It is not advisable to have bleaching chemical in your hair for more than an hour. This means that if your hair is naturally jet black, you may need a couple of bleaching sessions to become fully blonde.
  3. Having these bleaching sessions too close to each other is likely to cause breakage in your hair from the wear and tear of the process. This implies that you have to space out your bleaching sessions weeks apart. Your hair will pass through stages of being red and orange during this period, hope you can put up with this?
  4. Toning the hair after your bleaching process is complete will give you a white blonde. You may need to consider this if your aim is the white color.
  5. The bleaching process requires some form of expertise, which means you may need some help if you haven’t done it before.

Odell Beckham haircuts

Spiked afro + skin fade with a full beard

Never has a full beard complemented a hairstyle like this one. The hair on the crown is full and twisted into spikes which are blonde in color. The sides are tapered into a fade from the temples down while the crown hair is full and it runs from front to back. Odell has appeared before the media in this hairstyle a number of times.


Full beard + Blonde curled afro with undercut

Curls are very flexible, they can be incorporated into any hairstyle and still look just as cool, it all boils down to how creative you can be. The bleached hair at the top covers most of the crown and then there is the undercut which still has his natural black hair. The sides and back fade subtly towards the base of the head. The full black beard creates the perfect contrast for this hairstyle.

Bronze full Mohawk hairstyle

Curls usually accentuate the looks of a traditional Mohawk haircut and this one is no different. The tips of the curls are tinted into a cool bronze color which contrasts with the roots of the hair that are black. The front and sides of the temple are properly lined to give a clean cut while the hairs on the sides and the back are tapered softly. His French goatee is a perfect balance for this hairstyle.

Spongy blonde afro with tapered pattern

By now you must be used to seeing Odell Beckham with curls, he loves to show them off as much as he can. In this hairstyle, the curls are bleached to give a deep blonde color that contrasts with the rest of the black hair on his head. The hair is lined up neatly in front and the side hairs are tapered into a fade. The full front hair thins into a V-shape towards the neckline at the back and there is a tapered pattern there acting as a crest. Everything about this hairstyle is spot on.

Long Blonde Mohawk + undercut + full beard

No doubt, Odell Beckham is very attached to this particular hairstyle as he has worn this more than any other one in recent times. It exposes us to his softer side. Traditional Mohawk hairstyles show defiance, this is slightly different, probably because it is worn by Odell. The long blonde curls sit attractively on the crown with the undercut maintaining its natural black color. As expected, the hair on top is full down to the back where it forms a V-shape. At the sides of the V are a few patterns, just the way he likes them. He also sports a full beard which completes this already very unique hairstyle.


Blonde curls and full beards

The blonde curls on the head look like he wore a hat of curls, it tends to overshadow the undercut, you need to look closely to see that. The back and sides of this haircut are faded into the skin in a subtle manner. The beards are black and full and create the much-needed contrast to keep the hairstyle attractive.

Messy Platinum Mohawk haircut

Whoever knew messy could be this cool? Odell just made messy attractive in this hairstyle as the platinum blonde top hair looks quite scattered. Also, there is an undercut which has the front and sides well lined up. He wears a full beard, as you would have noticed in most of his hairstyles. This is a way of creating a balance with the hair at the top. If you have these features then you should totally try this hair cut out.


Bronze afro Mohawk

Behold the bronze curls in their full glory, see how beautiful they make this hairstyle look. Everything about this hairstyle oozes class on a different level. The hair at the root maintains a natural black color while the tips look like they were dipped in bronze, what a contrast. See how the hair at the front and the temples are neatly lined up and then the fade at the sides and the back, definitely flawless. His face is bald at the sides, unusual of Odell, and then the French goatee caps it up. This is a perfect hairstyle for the red carpet or that evening dinner. What a beauty, we could go on and on about this but isn’t it already obvious?

Other Haircuts

Odell Beckham haircuts wrap up

By now you must have figured out why Odell Beckham is more famous for his haircuts and style. You can pick any of these Odell Beckham haircuts and try it out with your barber. We’ll love to hear about your results, share them with us in the comments section.

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