75+ Awesome Poodle Haircuts to Try

If you know anything about dog breeds then you will agree with us that poodles are very attractive and adorable. Their selling point is their hair, it looks so amazing, just like real human hair. The hair does not just look good, the texture is really cool too.

As cute as these dogs look, if you do not groom their hair efficiently, they might just become the opposite, very ugly. They show off their grace and elegance as they strut about which is why their owners would always want to take them for a walk in the park.

The most challenging aspect of taking care of poodles is grooming their hair. It can be really difficult trying to choose a haircut for your poodle. This is why we have brought you our catalog of poodle haircuts to inspire you.

To make the grooming process easier, there is some added information for you. It should be an interesting read.

Let’s get to know the poodle breed

Poodles are among the most famous exotic dog breeds in the world. Without an iota of doubt, these dogs will attract the attention of anyone at first glance. Though they look really cool, strut with grace, and are very elegant, they are still regarded as a joke by most people.

It will interest you to know that beyond their looks, there is so much more about these dogs that will blow your mind. It will shock you to know that they are very intelligent, even though they are not guarded dogs. They respond to training in the most amazing manner and they are very loyal.

All of these characteristics are lovely but one stands out as a major advantage. Why people will choose this admirable frou-frou breed is their fur coat. It stands out among other dogs as very unique. It is low-shedding and it is regarded as a blessing or curse depending on how well you can manage it.

If you cannot manage the fur coat properly, then it might be a real challenge. Before getting one of these adorable dogs, ask yourself whether you can handle grooming every three to six weeks.

What are the different poodle breeds?

Just like other animals, poodles have different breeds. The American Kennel Club registered poodles for the first time in 1887. Since then, a lot of research has been carried out on the species leading to the discovery of three different poodle breeds.

The breeds are classified according to their sizes which include signature poodles, toy poodles, and miniature poodles. In the United States, the poodle ranks very high among dogs in terms of popularity. it currently sits at number seven on the list of most popular dog breeds in the United States.

Best Poodle Haircuts to choose from

Adorable summer haircut

Summer is always hot and too much hair will make your poodle very uncomfortable. This is why the owner of this dog has cut the hair very short. The only part of the dog with long hair is the ears and this is very common with most poodle haircuts. The immaculate white is just so adorable.

Toy face with neck bow

Cute is regular with poodles, yet this one still stands out. The hair is cut in the cutest manner to make the dog look like a toy. The ears are left with full hair and to make the haircut look more attractive, the owner adds a beautiful pink bow along with a nice necklace.

Dressed up poodle

Winter comes with cold, it also comes with the opportunity to dress up your dog in the best looking dog clothes. This pup is dressed up in a matching cap and sweater making it look really unique. You could get something like this at the mall or online. It is worth every dime spent.

Cool curls

If you’ll get the best from poodle hair then you have to cut the curls short. This way the beauty becomes very visible. This requires a lot of precision and professionalism so may you may require the services of someone who is experienced. If you throw caution to the wind, you might shave off the resulting spirals without knowing.

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Cute teddy bear

Poodles are always very cute as puppies, you’ll almost wish they stay that way their whole lives. This puppy reminds you of a teddy bear, one you’ll love to snuggle as you go to bed. You will notice how all of the hair on the pup’s body is cut to the same length. This is what makes the dog look so cute.

Classy fur jacket

When you see this poodle for the first time, you are likely to think it is wearing a white fur coat. This haircut is very unique and really attractive. The fur makes the dog look like it is going on an evening date in a seven-star restaurant. Check out how the hair on the feet is cut, very similar to cute feminine boots.

Rock star full curls

Doesn’t this mutt resemble a rock star? The curly hair all over the body looks very beautiful but what stands out more is the hair on the crown. It is so full that it falls to the sides. The only things missed in this picture is a microphone and a guitar.

Fluffy short hair

We have already told you about how cutting the curls short looks so adorable. We don’t need too many words to explain that, the dog in this image is the bodily expression of that statement. The hair on this poodle is fluffy, it looks like a pillow. If you are big on daily grooming, you should totally try this out on your poodle.

Full hair on head, ears, and legs

The owner of this dog is quite creative with this haircut. It brings together the best of both worlds, long and short hair. The hair on the trunk is cut short while the hair on the head, ears, and legs is allowed to grow longer. To make it more beautiful, the hair is styled neatly. The hair on the legs gives an illusion of a pair of baggy trousers while the tail looks like a fluffy brush.

Twin bunnies

Don’t they just look cute? They could pass for bunnies but for their ears that are considerably shorter. To make them look more attractive, the owner adorns them with cute clothing around their necks. You should try this out next summer.

Short mane poodle haircut

There are several ways to cut poodle hairs but this one clearly stands out. To achieve this haircut you need to leave the hair long to reach about four inches in length. This will allow you to style the hair more efficiently. A professional will work this haircut better, so if you are not one, you should visit one to help with this.

Hairy ears with a scarf

The ears always steal the show where poodles are concerned. The owner of this mutt understands this and so has cut the hair to focus all the attention on the ears. The hair on the ears is left far longer than the hair on the rest of the dog’s body. The secret to making this haircut attractive is cutting the hair on the ears neatly, not too long or short.

Neat fur coat

Grooming of the poodle’s fur coat is non-negotiable, else you’ll be putting your dog at risk of skin infections. The hair on this mutt is left considerably short, the only part that has some full hair is the head. The ears also have some more hair than other parts of the body. You cannot deny that this poodle is really adorable.

Baggy pants

Wondering why we labeled this haircut baggy pants? Take a look at the legs of this dog, don’t they look like the dog is wearing baggy pants? The outline on the legs is so beautiful and classy as it makes the legs stand out from the rest of the body. All you need to do is make sure that the hair on the legs is longer than the hair on the rest of the body.


All-white summer

This dog makes you look forward to taking it on a walk in the park in the summer. The short white hair on the whole body is so attractive. It has long hair on the ears and head, how adorable?

Neat dreads poodle haircut

You cannot deny that poodles look great in dreads, at least, this poodle proves the point clearly. Everything about this haircut exudes class and creativity. Who would have thought a mutt would look this good in dreadlocks? This is one hairstyle that will keep your dog standing out among its contemporaries.

Slicked to the side poodle hair

A very creative way of cutting your poodle’s hair. The hair on the dog’s crown looks like an afro but the side hairs are slicked further sideways, covering the ears. The hair on the dog’s legs is also left long but neatly cut in the shape of short boots. The rest of the body has very short hair, it almost looks bald.

Princess poodle haircut

Royalty always looks cool and so does this mutt. Her full hair does justice to the crown that sits adorably in the midst of her head. She also has a cute necklace around her neck which completes her royal look. This princess is fit for the red carpet or any other occasion you wish to attend.

Poodle Haircut Alternatives

A little more info about Poodle Hairs

We can go on and on about the amazing characteristics of these beautiful dogs but we will spare you too much of that gist. Let’s just talk about their hairs and how cool they are in reality. Poodle hairs have a particular characteristic that makes them stand out from the hair on all other dogs. While other dogs sport regular fur, the texture of the fur on poodles feels like human hair.

Okay, to the more difficult part. What we are about to tell is the reason why many people run away from owning poodles. The fur is high maintenance mainly because it is curly and grows very fast. The growth is so fast you need to groom it at least once a month.

In case you are wondering why you have to groom this frequently, here is the reason. The fur is non-shedding and the few hairs that fall off get caught up in the hair on the outside. This could make the hairs tangle and form into a mat. If this is not clipped frequently, it could lead to skin infections and diseases putting your mutt at risk. That is aside the amount of money you’d be spending at the veterinarian hospital.

A few grooming tips

As we have stated, grooming poodles can be a real herculean task which is why most people will rather invite professionals to handle the whole process. You can actually handle most of the process by yourself if you can get a hang of it.

We have brought you a few tips in this section to help you groom your poodle.

  1. Their fur will continue to grow, primarily because it is very similar to human hair. This is one of the key reasons why you need to clip and groom it frequently.
  2. Puppies have more of wavy hair rather than curly hair.
  3. A poodle should develop adult hair between nine and eighteen months. This hair becomes completely mature at around three-years-old.
  4. The hair on poodles is thick and dense, coarse in some cases, but generally very curly. The curls could be soft or near-ringlet in nature.
  5. If you are not accustomed to grooming poodles, it is advised that you employ the services of a professional. Within a few months, you should have learned if you have the time to.

Poodle haircuts roundup

We have already explained why grooming is important to poodles. You should have been inspired by going through our catalog of poodle haircuts. Tell us about your experience in the comments section, we will like to share in your experience.

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