142 Easy and Stunning Prom Hairstyles for Any Type of Hair

Do you want to know some easy and stunning prom hairstyles for any type of hair? If you are looking for some prom updos and prom hairstyles, either for a long or a short hair, you have ended up in the right place. A stunning hairstyle always adds elegance on your overall outfit, and when it comes to prom night, a gorgeous hairdo is a must. So without further ado, let’s scroll through these amazing 42 stunning prom hairstyles for any type of hair.

1. Long Down Prom Hairstyle with curls and puff

Curls and curves are the two most elegant element we can see on women. If you hate hair updos because of the fuss, you can simply let your hair down and style with a puff on front and wavy locks flowing down. Use a hair volumizing shampoo to make it look more thick and lustrous. If you have small hairs protruding out, use a good quality gel or hairspray to keep the hair in place.

2. High Braided bun up-do with bangs

Braided buns are the classic hairstyles for prom. It will certainly make you look like and feel like a princess. However, creating a high braided bun requires a lot of practice (if you’re doing it yourself) or you can take help from your hairdresser. This hairstyle is perfect if you have bangs and goes well with long or short dresses both.

3. Long Hair Down with Glamour Waves (DIY)

With the right hair color and the right hair texture, we assure you loose hair with glamour waves will give you a red carpet look! Consult your hairdresser before applying any hair color and highlights on your hair to find out which compliments your face and look the best. You can style the hair by with a good curling iron yourself and use a little bit of hairspray to keep everything intact

4. Elegant Low Bun Updo with Hair Piece

Elegant low bun updos are one of the easiest and classic prom hairstyles. This style is perfect for long loosely curled hair and the low pretty bun can be made with any style, either twisted or braided. You can also accessorize the bun with pearl bobby pins or flower pins or gems to add more beauty to it.

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5. Wispy Volumised Flowery Bun

To get this look, you must have a really thick and wavy hair. If you don’t have a naturally wavy and thick hair, don’t worry. Prep your hair using a good quality volumizing shampoo and create some glamourous waves using a curling iron. Now, make a big flowery bun on the top of your crown (seek out a hairstylist or simply roll your hair strands and pin it to give a flowery look) and take out some long side bangs to give your face a frame. It’s “The Look” if you want to be the “Prom Queen”

6.Twisted and Weaved Side Chignon with the flower crown

A twisted and weaved side chignon promises you the stunning hairstyle with volume,texture and a unique style. This does look complicated compared to other mentioned prom hairstyles as it doesnot have any braids to hold the hair together. The hair is simply twisted from the sides and weaved that ends up with a layered chignon. The hairstyle is further beautified with accessories like flower crowns and pins.


7.Half up half down loose waves

This hairstyle speaks of romance. If you don’t want to fuss around to do a bun or a lavish updo, you can adopt the half up half down twisted waves hairstyle to add that elegant and feminine touch. Grab a section of hair on the front and twist them loosely. You can leave it like that or weave them and pin them up on the back with pearl studded pins or flowers. This hairstyle looks great in wavy or curly hair.

prom hair

8.Half up half down braided Bohemian hair

Summer is all about Boho style and if you want to give your hair a new look then try this boho hairstyle. Weave a fishtail braid half up the hair and let the waves flow down naturally.

9. Single all-over braid with flowery bun

Braid your hair from the front to get a neat puffy outlook and keep on adding loose braids on the back or no braids (if you like to keep the style minimal). Make a flowery bun right at the back with twists and weaves to make it look more elegant.

10. Side Swept Romantic Braided Updo

Another gorgeous prom hairstyle would be side swept romantic loose braids. This hairstyle will make you look like a princess. You can either braid your hair all over or twist or weave all the way down to add more volume and texture to the look. This look will give you a glamorous and elegant feel, both at the same time.

11. Half Up Half Down Waterfall Braids

A stylish and artistic waterfall hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, particularly, the prom. This is hairstyle is super easy, all you need to do is split the area of hair you want to braid into three sections; cross the section by taking the top section over the middle one. Next, you need to take the bottom piece and cross it over the following middle piece. Add an extra loose braid from the top and decorate the style with beautiful hair pieces.

12. Multiple Thick Braided Prom Hairstyle

If you do not want your hair to be messy then you can go for this multiple thick braided hairstyles for prom. Start braiding your hair from the sides and continue the braid (loosely) up to the ends. Take the rest of the hair (below section) and braid them too and finally tie both bundles at the bottom to get the thick braid.

13. Half up half down rounded up braids

Another stylish prom hairstyle is rounded braid buns! Take the upper section of your hair and start braiding from the back. Now roll the braids to make a circular bun and pin it up. You can leave the style either like that or do the same with another section of the hair just below the first bun.

14. Improvised Pony-Complete Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids have been in our culture since the medieval ages. The fishtail braids symbolized the status of a noble single woman back in those days and today, these hairstyles have become super-popular. If you think simple fishtail braids are boring, improvise with pony tails on the top and braid the whole bunch. This look is perfect for the big prom night if you want to flaunt your sexy beauty bones and the long neck.

15. Stylish braided and twisted Low Pony

If the old-school buns and chignon are not your style then you can add some personal touch and go for this hairstyle. The hair is tied perfectly as low pony with stylish braids and twists on the crown region. Add long bangs to frame your face and recreate the hairstyle within minutes!

16.Easy Dutch Crown Braid Prom Hairstyle

Get the feel of royal house as you try the Dutch crown braid hairstyle for your prom. Don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry. Watch this tutorial to get that perfect crown for the prom.

17. Pull through Braided Updo

Let your gorgeous highlights shine on the big night with this pull through braided updo. Keep it messy to add more texture and let the wavy strands fall off on your face to beautify your look.

18. Romantic Half Up Twisted Hairstyle

If you want your prom night to be the most romantic one, start with your hairstyle. The romantic half-up twisted hairstyle is the ultimate “Princess” look if you’re planning to wear a long dress or a gown. Accessorize with diamond pins or flower crowns to enhance the look.

19. Wrapped Braided Low Pony

Ponytails are chic and sassy and these days wrapped low pony ails are on trend. So if you’re tired of boring updos and curls you can simply pull off this style and add some braid or weave your hair before wrapping it up.

20. Half Up bob bun with a single braid

Mixing hairstyles were not an option in the past but as a modern woman, it’s important to try new things, especially on big events like prom. Here you can see a mix of braids and twisted hair with a stylish half bun.

21. Side-swept braid with gorgeous curls

A stunning side-swept braid never goes out of fashion when it comes to proms and wedding! Take a chunk of your hair the side (anyone) and make some neat and loose braid. The ends of the braid inside the wavy hair with the help of a bobby pin. Use a curling iron to get that gorgeous beachy waves.

22. Double side braided updo

If braids are your go-to-hairstyle then you’ll definitely choose this hairstyle for the prom. Braid your hair (loosely) from both the right and left section (just like when we did in middle school) and bind them together with a rubber band. Next, roll up the left over hair on the back and tuck them in with the braids with the help of hair pins.

23. Simple Wrapped Low Pony

As we speak about low-maintenance hairdos, we cannot ignore low ponytails. However, we are not talking about simple pony tails. The wrapped pony tails upgrade your simple look to a more chic and stylish one. So just in case you’re running late or you missed that appointment with your hairdresser, this hairstyle will save your look!

24. Short Prom Hairstyle- Braids and twists half updo

Short hairstyles are on trend this year as they are easy to maintain and look super cute and fashionable. On the contrary, when it comes to styling a short hair into buns and updos, it’s quite a thinker. Nevertheless, a short hair featuring braids and twists half updo, just like in the picture can give you “the look” for your prom. Simply braid small sections of your hair on either side and take another section and twist them and tie them up together. Sounds easy, doesn’t it!

25. Wrapped Puffed Up Messy Pony

Pony tails are the easiest hairstyle for prom but you can always improvise with your hair. You can use a curling iron to create the gorgeous waves and puff it up on the crown region by teasing and tucking the hair to add extra volume to the volume. The wavy tails beautify the texture of your whole look.

26. Simple Side Twisted Straight Hairstyle

You know what they say, the less is more beautiful. Let your natural hair flow without any hairsprays or accessories. To add extra oomph, simply twist the side section of your hair and pin it to flaunt your the gorgeous ears and features of your face.

27. Ombre Triple Rose Buns Half Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for those who are planning to wear a white gown for their prom. The silver white and black ombre hair looks super stylish. Simply braid your hair into three sections half way up and roll the braids to make a pretty triple rose. This hairstyle is so beautiful that you do not even need any studs or gems to beautify it.

28. Messy Side Fish Tail Low Bun

Here we have stunning side fishtail with twists and weaves that ends up in a gorgeous low messy bun. Tease out some of the locks on the front as bangs to look elegant and beautiful.

29. Vintage Faux Bob

From celebrities to style icon, everyone has pulled off a faux bob. Create a vintage faux bob with the help of a hairdresser and you can simply leave it like a bob or create a side bun just like this. Watch this tutorial to see how to create a faux bob.

30. Multiple Side Braids Updo

This is probably one of the most gorgeous hairstyles on our list! The multiple side braids just add that extra volume and texture on your hair and make your hair look pretty. This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair as the loose braids add volume to your hairstyle.

31. Upside Down Braid with top bun

Are you tired of the same boring braids and up dos? Edge up your hairstyle by trying the upside down braid and complete the look with a loose messy bun on the top. This look is not too glamorous yet it is stylish.

32. Glittery bobby pinned hairstyle for prom

Sparkling accessories are the savior for your last-minute hair styling. Take a section of your hair on one side and twist them and pin with the glittery bobby pins or snap up pins or flower crowns to add that wow-factor on your look. It might look simple but it’s super stylish!

33. Twisted and weaved side swept tight bun

This hairstyle reminds us of “Cinderella” on the grand ball night. If you have a ton of time on your hand and an expert hairdresser go for this stunning twisted and weaved hair on the side that’s later developed into a low tight bun. Tease our side locks to make it look more feminine and elegant.

34.Side braided updo for long hair and short hair

Tight side braids are another hairstyle idea for prom that goes well with both long hair and short bob. You can leave the rest of the hair like that or curl some to bring out the nice beachy waves and accessorize the braid with pearl pins and studs.

35.Elegant Twisted Half Up Curls

If you want to look elegant and beautiful and are planning to wear a flowy dress or a gown, this hairstyle is the right choice. Simply twist the front section of your hair all the way back and pin it up using diamond studded pins and clip-ons. Make sure your hair is wavy and nicely teased out to flaunt those curls.

36.Glamorous twisted-textured updo

This hairstyle might look super glamorous and a red-carpet themed but if you wear the right dress and style it the right way, people won’t stop glancing at you in the prom. You might need the help of a professional to pull of this glamorous twisted-textured updo.


37.Loose Side Braid with flowery bun updo

The next hairstyle that’ll steal your heart is this elegant loose side braided updo. In this look, the hair need to have the volume so that we can make a big loose braid that ends in a flowery bun. The chunky braid adds more texture to your hair, making it looks gorgeous from distance.

38.Braided Cum Waterfall Half Up hairstyle

Hairstyles are dynamic hence you can always mix-up different hairstyles to create something like this. The braided cum waterfall half up hairstyle is modern, stylish and new! Start off by creating loose braids on the front and later create waterfall locks and secure everything on the place with a good quality hair spray and bobby pins.

39. Reversible head band with a braided low bun

The reverse headband looks super regal and chic. This accessorized look will make heads turn as you walk towards the dance floor. Place a glitzy reverse metal headband with feathers and leaves to bring out the feminine side of the style. Complete the look with a braided low bun.

40. Loose Waves and fishtail braids

By now, you might have understood the importance of fish tail braids as they are always on trend. But why? It’s because you can improvise it in any way. Braid a single side braid and complete the look with twisted sections on either side of the partition to make it lok more natural.


41. CornRows and sleek ponytail prom hairstyle

Sleek ponytail represents boldness and confidence in women. Therefore, if you want to go to your prom looking like a rock star with attitude, this hairstyle is the one. Braid your hair tightly from the top and later develop the hair into a sleek pony tail. However, you should consider that the tight cornrows on your hair might cause severe pain and numbness on the scalp. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to take in the pain for one night, this style is worth it.

42.Elegant Multiple Braid Chignon

This braid speaks of it’s own unique style and personality. Here, the chignon is not neat and simple but improvised as braided buns. Add multiple braids on your long hair and wrap the braids to makeit into a beautiful bun updo.


15 Life-saving Beauty Tips for the Prom Night

Prom night — the lit and the biggest night for all the graduates can make one go crazy and anxious. Who should I go with? What should I wear on the prom night? How can I stand out from the crowd and look beautiful and chic all night long? These are common questions that make you sleepless but knowing some smart tips will certainly make it easier to have the perfect prom you’ve always dreamed of. Ladies, gear up! It’s time we hand over you these amazing, life-saving beauty tips for the prom that you should certainly try!


1. Once you’re done with your facial make-up, don’t forget to dab some foundation on your ears. This will prevent you from looking two-toned as your ears may get red due to a lot of dancing and heat!


2. Double the hairspray as the little hairspray may cause your hair to fall down. So if you want your updo to last all night, apply hairspray before and after the hairdo.


3. Do you know the secret to 24 X 7 lasting perfume? Well, it’s not something expensive or a rare product. Any guesses? Let me break the silence. It’s Vaseline! The tip here is to dab on some Vaseline on the areas like your neck and wrist where you normally put on perfume and spray the perfume over the vaseline. This will lock up your perfume and you’ll smell irresistible all night.

4. Prep for a shining smile as we all know, “Smile is the best curve on a woman’s body.” Therefore, to get that dazzling smile switch to a whitening toothpaste one or two weeks before your prom date.


5. Carry a hairspray and few bobby pins in your purse to avoid updo meltdown. If, under any circumstances, your hair starts to fall down, you can spray some hairspray on the bobby pin and tuck it in to keep your hair in place.

6. If you want perfect prom photos, make sure you draw in your brows. You are lucky if you have naturally thick brows. However, if you don’t then fill them up with a sweat-proof, long-lasting eyebrow gel/liner to get that professional look on your photos.

7. Always use a cream based eyeshadow rather than a powder one for the big date. It’s because the cream based eyeshadow lasts longer and looks more prominent than the powdered one. To avoid any smudging or melting (from the heat), dab a little translucent powder prior to applying the shadow.

8. Pack your bag with painters tape to clean up the fallouts of a smokey eye. In case your eyeshadow falls or smudges (unfortunately!) don’t panic. Use a painter’s tape on the area and gently pull the mess up. Bring extra makeup so that you can touch up and look perfect throughout the night.

9. The right way to apply any lipstick is to first prep your lips. Brush off the dead skin using a toothbrush or with a lip scrub. Apply the first coat of lipstick and blot off the excess. You can apply the same shade again to get a more bold color or you can mix it up with a lighter color. This will make your lipstick last longer.

10. If you are worried about getting blisters on feet due to all the dancing and jumping all night, don’t be. Apply some deodorant on areas that you would likely to get blisters and you’re ready to go.


11. Another lipstick trick for the prom is to go for a matte lipstick instead of a glossy one. If you take pictures with glossy lips, the reflection and light might result in the bad appearance of your lips.

12. How do you apply perfume on your wrist? You spritz on your wrists and rub together. This is the wrong way of putting perfume because when you rub the perfume, the heat causes the alcohol to vapor away faster and your perfume won’t last long.


13. Make your eyelashes stand out by using a dual mascara. First, use a regular mascara to provide more volume and length to your lashes. Following that, use waterproof mascara on top of it to get a long-lasting naturally thick lashes.

14. A night before the big event, apply some good quality clarifying shampoo to add extra volume to your locks.

15. Last but not least, a blush tip for everyone. Blush is meant to give you a natural, lively and young feels to your face not just your cheeks. Most women go about applying blush only to their cheeks but you should apply gentle strokes all over your face.

After you applied the blush on the apple of your cheeks, brush the same along your cheekbones reaching up to the temple to make it look more natural rather than clowny.

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