75+ Prom Nail Ideas to Ensure You Steal The Spotlight

Take a poll of ten girls, and more than half of them are likely to tell you they look forward to their prom night more than any other night in their teenage life. It is why most girls will kill to look good, especially by having prom nails, on this night. All the details must be right because we all view prom as a ritual that ties up a girl’s experience in high school.

No girl wants to look shabby to prom, and part of the details that must be perfect is the nails. There is just something about having a good manicure. It completes the dress and makes it look elegant. Prom is more than just your beautiful dress, hair, or shoes, it’s everything put together. Wearing terrible nails is a turn-off and could ruin the evening all together.

Prom nails come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, and as such, it can never be easy trying to make a choice on what nails to wear. To make it easy for you, this post brings together 60+ nail ideas you could choose from to help you steal the spotlight at your prom. But before then, check out some useful information below.

Cost of Getting Prom Nails Done

This part must have played over and over in your mind. One of the ways to stand out from others at prom is to wear unique nails. Your style is what puts you in the spotlight. The regular mindset is that to get a set of beautiful prom nails done, you need to spend a fortune.

Once-upon-a-time that was true, but right now, it is not necessarily true. Surprising, right? As unbelievable as it may seem, these days you don’t need to break the bank to achieve the unique class you desire. If you take your time to study the rudiments, you can even have your nails done yourself at home.

With simple nail polish and some acrylic nails, a few rhinestones and crystals, you have something really unique that will put you under the spotlight at prom. If you calculate the cost of the acrylic nails, on the average, they are about 35 to 40 really affordable dollars.

But, if you feel that is too costly, you can still have a simple manicure, and with some nice nail polish still, achieve a lot to maintain the class you desire. The prom nail ideas in this post will inspire you and are sure not so costly to achieve.

Trendiest Color of Prom Nails

If you look back at the last ten prom season, you will notice that no one presents the same style as another, even if they may be somewhat similar. This makes it clear that prom style will always change with each season and so will the color of nails.

However, the next question to answer at this point will be, “how do you know what color is trending for your prom?” This issue has caused many young girls headaches, but really it shouldn’t. It is quite easy to figure this out. What are the celebrities and fashion icons considering as trendy at the moment? When you can figure this out, you are close to your answer.

Through this method, you discover what nails are trending at the moment. Check photos, check photos, and check more photos. Pick up magazines, go on Instagram, and look up pictures on Pinterest, you should have an idea of what nails are trending this season.

Generally, the prom nail ideas are usually drawn from what is seen on the red carpet and other occasions of the sort. To help you come up with the best designs, you need to look at how the nail colors are paired with the dresses. If you already know what dress you want to wear, look for pictures with similar colors and the nails used.

Using the method,  you can figure out what will work best for you. Truth be told, some of these nail designs seem so flamboyant, you feel they are unachievable with the budget you are on. S

When you have gotten your design ideas, you can now take a further step to know the perfect prom nails for you. Check these out in the next module of this post.

Types/Best Designs of Prom Nails

Now that you know that prom nails do not cost a fortune as well as how to know what nails are trendy, let’s check out the best designs you can pick from. This section will help you know the best prom nail designs and how you can achieve them on your own.

Glitter prom nails

Nails with glitter are always attractive, mostly because of the way they attract light and how they blend seamlessly with different colors of dresses. To wear these nails with some glam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Add a clear base.
  2. Lay the base with your choice of nail polish.
  3. Choose an accent finger, most people pick the index finger, paint on it with some sparkle polish.
  4. If your nails are long, then you can try painting the base with a solid color. Add some sparkle to the tips, it always creates an amazing twist.

To make your nails pop out and help you steal the show, pick a dress that perfectly matches the nail color. Also, just so you know, , they look great whether your nails are long or short.

Prom nail design with cute 3-D bow

Adding crystals and rhinestones to nail designs have definitely come to stay. Most designers and manicurists have found a way always to incorporate these beautiful stones to accentuate the nails. Incorporating them to your nails has just gotten better since you don’t have to be a professional to do this at home.

With a few tricks, you can look like a fashion icon or Hollywood star. Another advantage of this design is that you can use different colors of polish to ensure the nails match your prom dress. Most people go for bold colors for long nails, but a pastel look is just as attractive. You can buy the 3-D bow from a well-stocked beauty store, some nail polish, and glitter polish too.

If you can get some acrylic nails, then you can be sure to achieve something very classy. You can also get some rhinestones too.

Small Hawaiian flowers

With the right dress, this nail design will help you steal the show at your prom with ease. The great news is that you can totally pull this off from home and it will still look glamorous. Whether your nails are short or long, you can still make them look very beautiful and attractive by incorporating some sparkle.

Check out these steps to help you pull off this design:

  1. Paint a clear base on your nail, start from the cuticle and end at the tip.
  2. Choose a color for the base and paint away.
  3. Put about five drops of light nail polish on your nail with the help of a brush.
  4. Use a toothpick to join the different drops at a central point.
  5. Use your favorite top coat to secure the design.

Ombre nails sporting gold speckles

If you are caught up with last minute preparations, then this is probably your best choice of nails. They are quick and easy to achieve and the perfect definition of simple but sophisticated. Ombre nails look better when you have long nails. Experience tells that they can match any outfit and look great with acrylic nails as well.

To achieve ombre nails, you need some sheer nail polish, a few paper towels, and gold glitter polish for the gold speckles. Your sheer nail polish should match the color of your dress. These steps will help you with this design:

  1. Apply a coating of your sheer nail polish to nails, it is better to apply it to the tip.
  2. Use one of your paper towels to dab some of the polish to the part of the nails below the tip. This way, the polish is less visible towards the cuticle. This is what gives you the ombre effect.
  3. Allow the nails to dry before adding a second coating.
  4. Go over the process again.
  5. Round off the design by adding a little gold glitter polish.
  6. Add your favorite color of the polish as a top coating to seal the design off.

Just like your dress

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to pick out your prom dress first when choosing a nail color that matches the dress perfectly. Some nail designs will look exquisite and beautiful, but when to put together with your dress, their look is dampened, and they cease to be appropriate.

You can add some sparkly stickers to accentuate the design. The stickers, which come in silver, copper, and gold colors, can be purchased from any beauty store. Ensure the stickers match are commensurate with your nail size else you might have to resize them with small scissors.

Use a durable top-coat to finish up your design. For those who are not keen about sparkly stickers, glitter polish or splashier will do the magic. Add some rhinestones and crystals for a little more glam, and you can be sure to steal the show at prom.

Tips for Getting Prom Nails

These tips will help you get the prom nails you desire to steal the show at prom:

  1. Longer nails painted with brighter nail polish always look more flattering. If your nails aren’t long enough, you can try artificial nails most creatively.
  2. Elegant colors are best if you prefer being simple. A few intricate patterns and embellishments make the design more attractive.
  3. For more detailed designs it is advised that you make use of acrylic nails.

What Can I Expect From a Professional Manicurist?

The first step is making sure that you fix an appointment for the day preceding prom. Some people prefer the day of prom, but that is if you are sure you will have enough time for that. At a beauty parlor, there’s a lot to choose from concerning nails regardless of your nail type.

One of your expectations is the pampering you will receive from the professionals. They will definitely use lotions, give you massages, and treat your nails with heated paraffin wax. Your manicurist will also give you the best advice regarding what colors to choose and styles to go with your nails and dress color.

The manicurist may not be able to choose for you but will help narrow your choices since they have lots of pictures or fake nails to help inspire you. Bottom line is that you have to be creative on your own and be ready to make a choice when you visit your manicurist.

Our prom nails ideas to inspire you

With all you have read so far, you are ready to choose your prom nails design to make a stand out of the crowd at prom. Check out the beautiful designs below:

Coral shock

These coral nails are short and always look neat, best fit for a dress with white or emerald color. One of the fingers may have a few silver line stickers as a means of adding more style. A top coating of clear polish gives a better effect.

French shine

If you are going for a dark-colored dress, this will perfectly suit your choice of color. The black tips provide a perfect contrast for the shiny burgundy base. As long as it is done neatly, it looks perfect with long or short nails.

Burberry imitation

It is not totally Burberry, just an imitation and it looks just as amazing. There is a complete black base with a few lines made different colors on top. The lines can be painted or added using stickers, whichever is still beautiful.

French imagination

This French manicure will go well with any of a red, black, or white dress, or a mix of the three. The nails are white from the base, and then at the tip, there is a touch of silver with a little black design to go. At first glance, it doesn’t seem so catchy, but a second look shows the class embedded in the subtle design. If you like a quiet class, this will be a great choice.

Double-layered tips

Also of French origin, this is another great prom nails idea. The tips have two colors, one layer above the other, a great black and white contrast. The base can be any color you desire, choose one that fits well with your dress.

Thumb surprise

A great way to diversify and be creative with colors. How about some rainbow color on the thumb and a silver lining on the tip of the other nails? It is all shades of classy. Any color will be befitting for the base of the nails.

Glitter on crystals

If you want stylish and simple at the same time, this will work perfectly for you. Single crystals stuck to the base of each nail and then the ring finger is covered in glittery nail polish. The stand out finger creates a contrast that brings balance to the already quiet design.

Coffin nails

These coffin nails will look great with any manicure, in fact, the longer, the better. Base of the nauk can be covered in pink and the upper part of the nails in glittery polish. Using the mix amplifies the effect of elegance, which will help you steal the show with ease.

Almond shape

Considering the color of an almond, these nails will be perfect for your prom, especially if you are wearing a white dress. The base of the nails can be covered with a touch of pink polish while glittery white polish works well towards the tip.

Silver icing

This will also work well on a white dress since it is a perfect mix of silver and white. A lot of people haven’t realized it yet, but white and silver go well, anytime, any day, despite your choice of design. When you have both colors together, you don’t need to be overly creative, simple is fine.

Creative French manicure

You can hardly never go wrong with French design, and it is one of the easiest ways out if you are not too inspired. This design is a mix of white and pink with a silver lining close to the tip.

A blast of dark blue

No matter what you end up wearing, these dark blue nails will do just fine. If they are long, they will bring the best out of everything else you have on including your hair. To create a little contrast, you can have a little touch of silver, maybe paint a whole nail to look glittery and reflect some light.

Matte blue

Matte blue nails can be difficult to match, but when you get the right dress, the limelight beams on you immediately.

Dark silver surprise

White and pink are a bit too regular, but with some dark silver nail polish, you can make a great impression. Though you can only paint a few nails dark silver than the rest in white and pink.

Night champagne

Black nails have a certain allure to them. The idea is something simple yet very attractive, and you are good to go with any color of the dress. For some extra glam, add some glitter to the base of one or two of the nails.

Light Pink almonds

Simplicity speaks volumes when you can push it out properly. These beautiful almond nails, when painted in plain light pink, gives you that innocent princess disposition, a great addition to your amazing prom look.

Crystal design

We have already established that coffin nails will look beautiful with any color or style, but with plain pink, they are immaculate. To add some life to this design, fix some crystal stones to one of the nails. Watch how heads will spin when you pass by wearing your beautiful nails.


Glittery smudge

Here’s a simple truth, these glittery nails are simply unique. Wondering what it is made of? It simple baby pink polish as the base color with a clear glittery polish on the tips. What makes it stand out is that the glittery polish is smudged over the nails rather than applied neatly.


Pink base color and black hearts creatively drawn at the tips of four nails is just beautiful. To make it catchier, paint the tip of the nail on the ring finger with glittery white, gold, or silver polish.


Depending on your choice of dress, a mix of silver and black will look just perfect. You can turn simplicity to class by adding some snowflake effect. So, to achieve thism just add a few silver glitters to the base of the nails, just above the black.

Egyptian style

It could seem overboard if you decided to use gold on all your nails. However, when you paint just one, making it stand out from the remaining pink ones.

Witchy nails

If you want to stand out in a weird but beautiful way, this will work perfectly for you. The mix is glossy black at the tips with matte black at the base. Black will match any dress you pick, so there is no need to get worried about your choice of dress.

Black glitters

Black and pink are attractive any day. Just paint the base of the nails with pink and add some black glitters towards the tip.

Bright white

White nails always look classy, especially if you are wearing a white dress too. This color works better for long nails, and a few crystals at the base will definitely do you some good.

Silvery candy cane nails

These nails are great for prom, and any color will suffice. The image above is white and silver, two colors that can never go wrong.


Pen strokes

This is a great way to pay tribute to your carefree high school days. Simple plain polish is used on all the nails save one on which you can play with a few blue strokes resembling pen strokes.

Maleficent nails

This is a great way to become a maleficent fairy once in your lifetime.

Classic red

This design is perfect for all occasions, including prom. By the way, classics can hardly go wrong.

Colored crystals

If left plain they may be a bit dull but with a few blue crystals and black paint on the tip of the nails.

Purple Mountain

The shape seems complicated, but with the bright purple color, you are sure to stand out of the crowd.

Other Ideas

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You must have been inspired from the above collection of prom nails for your prom. Try out any of the designs either at the beauty parlor or from the comfort of your home. Drop your views in the comments section, we want to read from you.

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