61 Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Here’s the deal: People ink tattoos on them for two reasons. First, tattooing is an ancient culture as it used to be a ritual or tradition that passed on from generation to generation. Second, it is an act of giving meaning to something really important to a person which they will take on to their grave. On the contrary, most people, particularly the young generation today think that “getting a tattoo” is a cool thing and they want to get a tattoo just because it looks cool and beautiful. That is why the trend of tattooing has gained the hype over the years.

But here’s a different thought: most people want to represent their roots and their country and they think, “what better way to do that than getting a tattoo to serve the epitome of their land”. Americans have lived terrible wars and contentions in their history, one of which is The Civil War fought between the United States and the Confederate States of America. Southerners can relate a lot to their rebel flags which they flew as a sign of Southern pride and independence. 

The Southern states, unfortunately, lost the war but they still worship and appreciate their Southern roots and ink themselves with amazing artistic rebel flag tattoos. If your ancestors have fought in the civil war and lost lives, you would definitely want to get a rebel flag tattoo to represent the great Southern archetype. We know that people might perceive it as disputable but their rugged looks and creative touch is perfect for the blonde body builders or the riders.

History of the Rebel Flag

The inhabitants of the Southern United States truly know the importance of the Rebel Flag. The flag embarks the pride and long history of the Southerners who used this flag to fight for their freedom. It represents the Confederate States of America which bud from the Union before the historic civil war. The civil war took place between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. The confederate included a total of eleven southern states that forsook the Union in the 1860s and formed an independent country.

The First Rebel Flag

The first rebel flag of the Confederate States of America aka “The Stars and Bars is made of alternating white and red, three stripes. It had a blue square in the upper left part of the rectangular flag. The square incorporated thirteen stars in a ring to represent thirteen states and it flew for two years, from March 5, 1861 and May 26, 1863.

The Second Rebel Flag

The second rebel flag. which most of us have seen, flew up on the air, on 1st of May. 1863. It was named as “The Stainless Banner” representing the pure hearts of the South. The flag was also known as the Battle Flag back then, because of the Southern Cross inside the red square placed on the top left of the plain white flag.

Surprisingly, most people misunderstood the flag as the surrender flag because of its white base. The flag looked plain white when it hung up on the air

The Third Rebel Flag

The third official rebel flag was adopted on 4th March, 1865, shortly before the end of the Confederacy. The flag is similar to the second rebel flag with a slight modification that involved a broad bar of red on the fly end of the white base.

The Rebel Flag Now (The Confederate Navy Jack)

This is the popular Southern Rebel Flag and it began its reign on the air after the year 1863. However, most even flew this flag after the end of the civil war in the year 1865. This is the last of all the rebel flags and now it is recognized as the emblem of the South. Although most of the Southern states do not fly this flag anymore, the trend of inking rebel flag tattoos is quite popular. Rebel flag tattoos might make you appear a bit racist and rebellious in the eyes of true Americans, but if you’re proud of the Southern history and heritage, you can definitely make your body a canvas to hold onto the Navy Jack for life.

Unlike other fancy tattoos, rebel flag speaks of true Southern pride as these awesome illustrations can make people turn their heads back; again and again. With that being said, here are some amazing ideas for rebel tattoos that might create quite a bit controversy among your friends. But it’s just art and one needs to keep calm and enjoy the Southerness in you.

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61 Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Here’s is the list of 61 Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas for both men and women. Let’s begin.

  1. Rebel Flag Shining Tattoo

The rebel flag here looks lively and powerful with the shining blue rays behind it. You can also add the national flowers like Camellia or flowering dogwood on the base. So, basically a national flower of your state below the rebel flag.

2.Rebel Flag Warrior Design

As you can see in the picture,  the rebel flag is torn and ripped in different places which signify the historic civil war. You can ink it on your ribs and waist just like this to avoid showing off.

3. Rebel Flag Classic Tattoo

If you have that Southern blood in you and want to show to  the world the pride and grand history, get this classic tattoo on your arm and enjoy the positive comments and appreciation (hopefully).

4.Rebel Flag Ripped Skin Tattoo

Skins were ripped, blood was shed, lives were lost during the historic civil war. This tattoo basically symbolises that you are a true Southerner inside your skin. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women.

5.Rebel Flag Thrashed skin Tattoo

The design resembles a thrashed or clawed skin, probably by an animal like a lion. The ripped skin adds the depth to this tattoo and the blue-starry flag looks perfect inside the outlines.

6. Civil War Tattoo

Eagle represents the freedom and power and here the eagle is holding both the flags of United states and the Confederate States, signifying that both fought for their freedom and power. Get this tattoo and everyone will appreciate the meaning behind it!

7. Rebel Flag ripped belly tattoo

Ripped skin tattoos are on trend and while most want a ripped skin tattoo showing the internal organs of inside, a true Southerner can showcase their glorious rebel flag beneath the skin. Ladies, this design will certainly suit your belly.

8. Rebel Flag Ripped Skin for Arms

As mentioned earlier, ripped skin are on hype and the colorful flag just compliments the aesthetic of the whole illustrative and ornamental tattoo designs.

9. Rebel Flag Ripped Waist

Any cowgirl here? A true cowgirl can showcase their glorious rebel flag beneath their skin, on the waist using this design. 

10. Rebel Flag Sketched Tattoo

Rebel flag sketched tattoos are perfect for those who love sketches and stencils. Ask your tattoo artist to give it a bit more rough sketch look with a rebel flag showing and there you have it, a sketchy red flag tattoo.

11.Rebel Flag Eagle Head

Eagles and tattoos have a long history. The giant eagle head on top of the tattoo looks super cool and authentic. You can also add your name below to make it like you own it.

12.Rebel Flag Dog Paw

For all the dog and rebel flag lovers, this tattoo speaks perfection. The adorable dog paw print with a hint of rebel flag will tell a lot about your personality.

13.Rebel Flag Modified

If you want a long (from arms to wrist) tattoo, featuring rebel flag then this is the one. You can modify the rebel flag as a banner or a ribbon and add other details like roses, thorns, barbwires and so on.

14.Rebel Flag Crab Claws

This tattoo doesn’t take up much space on your body and it’s a bit innovative as it resembles like crab claw on the top and a ribbon below. It’s perfect for spots like necks and wrists, suitable for both men and women

15.Rebel Flag Banner Tattoo

An entire rebel flagg on your arms might look overwhelming but if you want it, then go for it!

16. Rebel Flag Waving Tattoo

If you want your tat to look realistic then this is another best ideas for rebel flag tattoo. The waving rebel flag tattoo denotes that the Southern pride and dignity is still alive.

17. Rebel Flag Torn Skin Design

Another ripped skin rebel flag design that you ladies could try and tick off your bucket list!

18. Rebel Flag Muscle Imprints

Ask your artist to make your flag look like tendons and flexor muscles on your calves as it gives you a 3D effect.


19. Rebel Flag Tinkerbell

We all loved the pretty Tinkerbell in the childhood fantasy movie, Peter Pan. Well who thought we could use a rebel-flag and a tinker bell in a tattoo? It’s possible and looks unique and fun!

20. Rebel Flag Guns and Roses Inspired

If you’re a 90s kid then you’d know the legendary band Guns and Roses. You can transform the classic guns and roses into rebel flag and roses and ink it on your chest!


21.Rebel Flag Waving on Shoulder

The waving rebel flag tattoo makes it look real and signifies that the Southern pride and dignity is immortal.

22.Rebel Flag Improvised

Improvise the cross sign of the rebel flag using different patterns and colorful backgrounds to add more texture to your tattoo.

23. Rebel Flag Quoted

“Country Must Be, Country Wide.” Quoted rebel flag tattoos are more meaningful than the plain ones. Ink it like a waving banner with quotes of your choice and it will look classy.

24.Rebel Flag Cowboy

Noone represents the rebel flag better than the cow boys. Get yourself a rebel flag tattoo with a sexy cowboy next to it.

25. Rebel tattoo ripped arm

Ripped flesh tattoo on the arm looks scary yet artistic. But add a rebel flag to it and there you go, a perfect symbol to represent your Southern roots.

26. Ripped chest rebel flag

As I said earlier, ripped tattoos are on trend so ink them all,either on your arms or your chest. Make sure your tattoo artist gives it a 3D effect to make it look more real with a rebel flag inside. Glorious!

27.Rebel flag on a stick

This is a classic rebel flag on a stick and here you can see it’s been torned towards the end. This showcases the struggle and the battle Southern states went through in the civil war. This is a go-getter when it comes to rebel flag tattoos.

28. Ripped shoulders rebel flag tattoos

Ripped shoulders rebel flags are a must try as it includes more shading than the line work and the flag peeking out of it is a great conversation-starter with people coming up to you and asking you “Where did you get this tattoo?”

29. Wavering rebel flag

The waving flag means that it’s still standing high up on the air with pride and glory, wavering along till eternity. People who hold the Southern history too close with them should get this tattoo.

30.Barbed-wire rebel flag

Barbed wire tattoos generally signify the Jesus’s Crown of Thorns that he wore before he was crucified. So another great idea for tattoo incorporating the rebel flag would be a barbed wire wrapped around the flag. Amen!

31. Rebel flag banner design

If you’re looking for an authentic yet simple rebel flag tattoo design, this one suits it.It’s simple with no added elements. Just color and shade the flag well with a professional artist and it’s done!

31.GhostRider Rebel Flag

Ever seen a live burning skull? Yes, we all have seen Ghost rider and you can now recreate the ghost rider, but with a Southern touch. This tattoo is colorful, with lots of different shades and is perfect for your shoulders and arms.

32.Rebel flag Rock and Roll

Ink you favorite singer with a splash of rebel flag whether on their jacket or their guitar. Trust me, it will look super cool!

33.Beautiful heart-shaped rebel flag

This tattoo idea will certainly suit the ladies who wants to show off the Southern pride and glory. The beautifully inked heart with the flag inside and the red roses on the side gives it a brave yet feminine look.

34. Rebel flag cracked skin

Aside ripped skin, cracked skin is also one of the popular tattoo design and the Navy Jack appearing off the skin is a great piece of tattoo art.

35.Rebel flag barbed wire

Barbed wire usually represents the battlefield where our soldiers and warriors lost their lives. So for their tribute, you can add a barbed wire around your rebel flag to make it look more distinct and meaningful.

36.Rebel Flag Southern Justice

Well, many might argue about who should have won the Civil War and who deserved the justice but the Southerners believe that they won in their hearts. You can ink a tat just like this if you want to keep this belief alive.

37. Rebel flag Fancy font Tattoo

If you love fancy texts or words in your tattoo that also features a rebel flag, then you can show this to your artist and get it inked. The shaded text giving it a bevelled look drawn around the flag is super creative.

38.Rebel Flag Pirate Design

This is a bit rustic, pirated version of the tattoo with lots of elements like texts and skull and ofcourse the rebel flags.

39. Giant Deer emerging Rebel Flag

Deer symbolises spiritual authority and it also indicates regeneration or rebirth. So by getting this tattoo, you can believe that your rebel flag is back to life and it’s been revitalized.

40.Rebel flag bandana

If you want to improvise with the rebel flag, ink the rebel flag around your arm with twist and turns, giving it the look of a bandana. You can also add features like feathers and beads to give it a feminine touch and hence is perfect for the ladies.

41.Rebel flag shot gun

Shot guns, hats, boots and rebel flags; all of them represents the Southern roots. Ink this tattoo on your back or on your shoulder to flaunt the Southern culture.

42.Rebel flag King Cobra

Cobras are one of the deadliest snakes in the world and Southerners during the war were no less deadly and fierce than the cobra. Ink the cobra and rebel flag together to add the extra power to your tattoo

43.Rebel Flag Cross

Adding a cross in your rebel flag denotes the mercy of the Lord Jesus and the struggle of the Southern states during the war. You can also add the facial structure of Jesus to make it more graphic.

44.Rebel Flag Man of Steel

The glorious Navi Jack is strong like steel and you can add more graphics to it by inking a metal worker actually making the flag with torch blower! Looks pretty cool!

45.Wrench Themed Rebel Flag

If you’re a handyman yourself and love using handy tools like wrenches, you can showcase it through wrench themed rebel flag. The design looks dapper and it suits on your arms and shoulders. You can also improvise it as Thor’s hammer! What say?

46.Rebel Flag Bits and Pieces

To add more creativity, ask your tattoo artist to ink the rebel flag in bits and pieces like shown below.

47.Guitar and angel themed Rebel Flag Tattoo

Music, angels, and rebel flags, all speak for one thing- freedom. Get inked like its shown below and be ready to get compliments.

48.Phoenix Rebel Within

We all are a rebel at some point in our life as going by the rules will not take you to your dream. Also we have to have a never-give-up attitude just like the phoenix that reborns from its ashes. This tat gives serious motivation to the ladies who want to make it big in their lives.

49.Bandana Rebel Flag

Ink the flag like a bandana around your arms to give it a classy look.

50.Palm Tree on Rebel Flag

According to the various mythologists and readers, the palm symbolises abundance and great rewards. You can incorporate the rebel flag on the palm tree to express the rebellous wave of the flag during those times.

51.Jesus Christ Cross Rebel Flag

Nothing is greater than the love of the almighty Jesus and getting a tat with rebel flag design in the cross, simply shows that you’re a faithful peace-loving rebel.

52.Grim Reaper Rebel Flag

Grim reapers signify death, someone who collects souls, so if you’re looking for a tattoo with darker, deeper meaning, with a rebel in your mind, you can go for this design.

53.Devil’s angel Rebel Flag

If you want to get more graphic and dark, you can try this tattoo that features devil’s angel with rebel flag feathers. It looks colorful as well as unique.

54.Pretty Butterfly Rebel Flag

Who thought sweet and rebel could mesh together, but if you’ve a creative brain, you can ink it with butterfly with a rebel flag design inside. Ladies, this design is a must-try.

55.Fairy Rebel Flag Feathers

This fairy is a bad ass fairy with rebel flag feathers. This tattoo is colorful, graphic and beautiful with meaning. These are perfect tattoo ideas for women with a brave heart and a beautiful soul.

56.Rebellious lilies

If you’re fond of lilies, (just like me) and want to play a bit with the colors of the rebel flags, you can go for this design.

57.Classy Typography of Rebel

Bold typography with classy fonts looks fancy and cinematic. Try this idea now!

58.Skulls and rebel flag

Skulls are one of the popular and on-demand design in tattoo and the skull head covered with rebel flag is super authentic.


59.Rebel Flag Improvised

The designs of tattoo are dynamic and when it comes to rebel flags, most prefer the plain flag designs. But you can improvise the design just like the below one.

60.Soldier Rebel Flag

If you want to pay tribute to all the brave warriors who lost their lives in the great Civil War, you can go for this design.

61.Wild Wild West Rebel Tattoos

The modern cowboy tattoos have been in the style for years so, if you want to get a tattoo that represents your true Southern side, get this one.





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