190 Celebrity Short Hairstyles for a Gorgeous Look

Deciding to go for a short hairstyle is definitely not an easy thing to do. Women have an emotional connection to their hair. Therefore, taking the big step of chopping it all off is major! Not to mention that you also have to decide which type of haircut to get. That can be a concern in itself. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of the most gorgeous celebrity short hairstyles out there that will serve as inspiration. 

Not only that, but we also have precious tips on how to maintain your short haircut, why you should get it, as well as everyone’s favorite, a pros and cons list. But first and foremost, let’s do some celebrity watching!

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Tessa Thompson Short Hairstyles

This gorgeous actress went as traditional as you could possibly go when talking about short hair for women. Or should we say vintage? Tessa Thompson went for a 1920s short bob with jaw length finger waves and a side part. The ends of the strands are very feathery and casual, making her look approachable and sweet, as if she’s not trying at all.

The short bob is a fantastic choice for the sweetheart neckline yellow dress she is wearing, revealing her neck and shoulders in a superb, elegant way. This could be a great source of inspiration for you if you have to go to a wedding or your prom!

Emilia Clarke Long Pixie Cut

Most people are used to seeing Emilia Clarke with long, platinum blonde hair. But the Mother of Dragons actually has short, bronde hair in real life. To be more specific, the actress wears a long pixie cut with 90s strands curtaining her face. Her color of choice is a very natural brown underneath topped with some sunny blonde and caramel highlights.

Rooney Mara Vintage Pixie

Here’s actress Rooney Mara serving us some major Audrey Hepburn vibes. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s  or Roman Holiday and you will understand. Rooney Mara is wearing a super short pixie cut and a set of striking baby bangs. She has chosen to remain true to her natural hair color, which is chestnut brown.

The actress has also completed this look with a black Alice band, no earrings and very little makeup, which makes it even more striking and minimalist. This might not be a simple look to pull off. But if you succeed, you will be a real head turner!

Kristen Stewart Blonde Buzzcut

When it comes to short hairstyles for women, you don’t see a lot of ladies going for the buzzcut. Of course, there are some iconic examples, such as Demi Moore in G.I. Jane and Natalie Portman. But when a lady does decide to buzz her head, it’s the number one news of the day.

That’s why, if you want to do this yourself, you have to commit and do it big. Your motto when going for the buzzcut has to be Go big or go home! There can be no in between. Take a look at Kristen Stewart for inspiration. She went for a pale blonde buzzcut that she always wore with intense, smokey eye makeup and a nude lip. The combination is a winner!

Jessica Chastain Short Hairstyles

Actress Jessica Chastain is an inspiration for redheads all over the world. If someone ever tells you that you can’t wear a bright yellow dress as a redhead, just point them to this gorgeous pic of Jessica Chastain! 

In terms of hairstyles, Jessica chose a medium length bob that stops somewhere between her jaw and shoulders. Sometimes the fun is just not knowing! She’s also wearing a set of very messy curls that look as if she did them herself at home with a curling wand. Which is fantastic news for you because it means you can totally replicate her hairstyle!

Kylie Jenner Bob

How many girls have rushed to a salon to get this hairstyle after they saw Kylie Jenner wearing it on the red carpet? We don’t know the exact number but we’re guessing in their thousands. The good news is that you can get her haircut as well because it’s super simple.

Kylie’s short hairstyle is a blunt bob. It’s jaw length and it has been straightened out into perfection. The color is obviously dark black, in a solid block without any highlights. Although you should know that hers is most likely a wig. Therefore, if you don’t get the exact same results on natural hair, don’t sweat it!

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Emma Stone Beach Waves Bob

Do you ever dream of that one, perfect haircut that looks amazing in every situation but it also super easy to style? We just found it thanks to actress Emma Stone. It’s this shoulder length, casual bob with a side part. It has been styled with very relaxed beach waves that will fall perfectly onto your shoulders no matter what event you are attendending. Or if you’re simply going to the office.

Emma’s favorite hair color is red, as we all know. Even though she’s a blonde in real life. And here she is wearing a gorgeous shade of rusted auburn that matches her eyes and skin perfectly. But you can wear any hair color you want!

Emma Watson Pixie Cut

From one Emma to the other. Here is Emma Watson’s now super famous pixie cut. She got it immediately after wrapping up shooting the Harry Potter series. It was a sign she was done with that chapter of her life and ready to move on. When asked in an interview how she felt, the actress responded that she absolutely loved the change. She also said it made her feel more liberated and much sexier than before.

Therefore, if you’re in the same situation as Emma and are looking for a life changing haircut, the pixie will work wonders. In fact, all short hairstyles have the same effect on women, so why not give them a go?

Tilda Swinton Short Hairstyles

Actress Tilda Swinton is famous all over the world both for her career and acting chops as she is for her looks. Tilda has a very androgynous style that makes her perfect for niche roles. As far as hairstyles goes, she likes to feed her androgynous look by always choosing short hairstyles that toe the line between masculine and feminine.

Here she is at a red carpet event sporting a long pixie cut with the sides and top swept back. However, while the sides are perfectly slicked, the top is a little longer and more casual. There is no doubt that this is a masculine haircut, very reminiscent of the 1920s, when men used grease-based hair styling products to achieve the same effect.

However, Tilda also went for a platinum hair color, which is considered to be more feminine.

Sophie Turner Lob

In case you’re not familiar with the term, lob stands for long bob. And this is exactly what Sophie Turner is wearing. The color is a soft vanilla blonde that compliments her blue green eyes perfectly. It also matches her tanned skin and golden makeup. 

But what’s really interesting here is that actress Sophie Turner has chosen the perfect short hairstyle for her face shape. She has a classic square face shape with an angled forehead and a strong jawline. Had she gone for a hairstyle any shorter than this, it would have revealed the chiseled jaw and made her look a little too masculine. And maybe a little too harsh?

But the long bob in this pleasant, vanilla color, softens up her features and makes her look more feminine and easy to approach.

Kelly Rowland Afro Bob

Here’s a hairstyle that you don’t get to see too often and which is a real treat. Singer Kelly Rowland has opted for a full, blown out Afro bob with a middle part. It’s super reminiscent of the 70s but also celebrating her natural kinky hair. 

As you can see, the hairstyle is somewhat tame and almost straight at the roots. It continues in a wavy pattern as it goes down only to get really kinky and fluffy near the shoulders. We stan this beauty queen!

Cardi B Pixie Haircut

Although once again we have to give out the fair disclaimer that this might be a wig, Cardi B’s little black pixie cut is also worth mentioning on our list of celebrity short hairstyles. She paired it with gorgeous, theatrical makeup in gold and purple that balances the minimalism of the hairstyle. And, of course, a pair of gigantic emerald earrings that you don’t really need but are surely amazing to look at!


The History of Women’s Short Hairstyles

It’s always interesting to delve into the history of women’s hairstyles. And you’ll find it even more fascinating when you learn that women never wore short hairstyles until the XXth century. That’s right! Up until then, women all over the world always wore very long hair, that reached as deep as their waists sometimes. In fact, long hair was considered a symbol of femininity and women who cut their hair could be shamed publicly. 

However, everything changed at the beginning of the 1900s. In 1908, Paul Poiret, a modernist couturier was the first one who dared to ask his models to wear short hairstyles for his fashion collection in Paris. The new style was called mode a la garconne or fashioned like the boys in translation. 

In reality, the haircut was what we today call a bob. This monicker, a bob was an American invention, given that in America, boys are usually called bobs. Therefore, since short hairstyles were thought to be manly, they were called bobs as well. 

Even though many thought it would not catch on, the bob did, in fact, become a preferred hairstyle for many women. It represented what they called ‘the New American Woman.’ She was active, independent, and busy, no longer constrained by old, traditional norms.

Short hairstyles in the 1920s

Because of the times and social and political climate in which short hairstyles for women appeared for the first time, they were not much appreciated. In fact, many people though short hairstyles were dangerous and that they predicted a rise in feminism. Of course, they were right. 

This became even more the natural state of things in the 20s, right after the First World War. Women took charge of their own lives during the war like never before and found that they would like that state of mind to continue in times of peace. Short hairstyles were a symbol of women becoming more independent and wanting to be equal to men.

During the 20s, the world was also witness to the now iconic Jazz Age. Women who wore short hairstyles, heavy makeup, and flashy dresses were referred to as ‘flappers.’ Not only that, but the 20s were also the age when women started going to beauty salons for the first time in history. Their would cut their hair short, mostly down to a bob, and get the iconic 1920s waves. 

As far as coloring goes, in was during the Jazz Age that the platinum blonde appeared. One of the first celebrities to wear it, as well as short hairstyles, of course, was Hollywood actress Jean Harlow. She became the inspiration for women around the world to get short hairstyles and become bottle blondes. Do you know whom else she inspired? Probably the most famous blonde of all time – Marilyn Monroe.

Short hairstyles in the 60s

The other important decade in the history of short hairstyles that is worth mentioning here is the 60s. Why? For one simple yet major reason. The 60s brought us the pixie haircut.

Of course, it had been worn before in a few different ways (think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday). But the classic pixie cut we know today comes from the 60s. The woman who made it famous and introduced it to pop culture was none other than Mia Farrow. She received this haircut from the famous hairstylist Vidal Sassoon to be able to star in the movie Rosemary’s Baby.

Best Reasons to Go for Short Hairstyles

Just like we stated in the beginning, deciding to go for the chop can be a difficult decision to make. Therefore, to help you out, here are some of the best reasons why you should try short hairstyles at least once in your life!

  • Short hair will always grow back. It seems like such an obvious thing to say but sometimes we need to be reminded of obvious things. In other words, you don’t have absolutely anything to worry about if you get a short haircut. Even if you end up not liking it, it will grow back in just a matter of months! Stop stressing!
  • Get rid of unhealthy hair. This doesn’t mean that your hair is unhealthy now, of course. But you might have split ends or your hair could be a little thinner toward the ends. Getting a short hairstyle will rid you of those unhealthy bits in a matter of minutes.
  • Short hairstyles are a way to start over. Sometimes we over do it when it comes to our hair. There’s just too much color, too many hair products, and far too much heat applied when styling it. Therefore, short hairstyles are a perfect way to simply start over. When you cut your hair, you are only left with short, healthy, and natural strands.

  • There is far less styling involved. Short hairstyles are super easy to style. Which means you won’t have to waste that much time in front of the mirror anymore. At the same time, you can get ready a lot faster in the morning and when you have to go out or for a date. Talk about a life changer!
  • Short hairstyles are better for the budget. When your hair is short, you won’t have to spend so much money or hair care products. The logic is super simple. Short hair doesn’t require as much product as long hair. Therefore, you will start to notice that your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and oil last far longer than before.
  • You will shed far less than before. Do you know how your boyfriend always complains that your whole house is full of hair? Say goodbye to that argument! Short hairstyles lead to far less shedding and hair in the drains!

Disadvantages of Short Hairstyles

Now that we’ve seen the pros, and because it’s only fair to be as objective as possible, let’s take a look at some of the downsides associated with short hairstyles.

  • There is no fix for bad hair days. Unlike long hair, which can just be put up in a ponytail if you’re having a bad day, there’s little you can do to short hair if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • You will have to wash it every single day. Here’s the reason why. Sebum and oil from your scalp is produced much quicker with short hairstyles. Not just that, but it will also spread faster all the length of your short hair, so to say. You can try a bit of dry shampoo, but you will soon realize the only solution is just to shampoo every day.
  • Short hairstyles are not as versatile as some other haircuts. Depending on the length of your hair and how you have styled it, you might have to wear the same hairdo every single day.  Be prepared for a little monotony in your life style wise!
  • Very short pixie haircuts a la Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn will only suit women who have oval faces and very petite facial structures. Otherwise, the incredibly short and revealing hairstyle might make you look more like a bodyguard than a pixie!
  • Short hairstyles are very difficult to straighten or curl even if you buy the smallest of tools. But it’s not impossible so you can give it a go!

Disadvantages of Short Hairstyles

  • Short hairstyles could end up being a burden on your budget because they will require you to go to the stylist once every three weeks to get a trim. Of course, it all depends on how fast your hair grows, but this is the average.
  • If you are bothered by cold weather, short hairstyles will not be your friend. Your head and neck will get extremely cold, and you will always have to wear or carry a scarf around with you.
  • If you have very curly or kinky hair, think again before going for the big cut. Your hair will most likely pouff up and you will end up with a mushroom of a hairstyle. This will mean a lot of hair products and a lot of wasted time in the morning!
  • Very fine or thin hair doesn’t react well to short hairstyles either. Instead of looking like those pictures you see on Instagram, it could end up looking greasy or unwashed.

How to Maintain a Short Haircut

Even though short hairstyles look absolutely amazing, caring for them is not always as easy as pie. But the experts of the hair styling industry always have some fantastic tips ready on hand to help us out.

  • Don’t comb short hair that often

It might be tempting to do because it feels so good, but it’s wrong! The reason is that short hair will not tangle or matt the same way long hair does. Therefore, you don’t actually need a comb or a brush. Instead, you can run your fingers through your hair. Add a little styling product to infuse it with some moisture or volume whenever you feel the need to.

  • Don’t use heat tools

Especially now that your hair is so short, you need to stay away from heat tools. They include straighteners, hair dryers, and curlers. The intense and excessive heat will damage the hair shaft. As a result, it will become weaker and weaker and it might even start to fall off. Therefore, try to find a hairstyle that suits you but doesn’t require a heating tool.

  • Cotton buds for flyaways

Short hair always presents the same problem. Everything is fine when you go to sleep but when you wake up, you have a flew flyaway strands of hair that you just cannot tame. Normally, you should wash your hair and the problem will disappear. But if you don’t have time, here’s what you do. Dip a cotton bud in a little water and dab at those strands. They should be back to their place in no time!

  • Get rid of volume

This might be the most valuable piece of advice you will come across regarding short hairstyles. When you get a short haircut, the volume automatically increases. That’s because when the strands are short, they tend to stick out. Therefore, you will need to find the right styling products that will tame that frizz. What are those miraculous products?

Anything that can introduce moisture or texture. Therefore, start using hair oils, leave in conditioners and natural sprays that will moisturize your hair without leaving it limp and greasy. On the other hand, you can also try some texturizing products such as sea salt spray or mousse. They will make your hair more manageable and get rid of some of that excess volume you now have.

  • Get the right haircut!

This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but hear us out. Not any short hairstyle will fit you well. Yes, you might have seen it on Insta or on your favorite celebrity but that doesn’t mean it will be the perfect choice for you as well. Different haircuts suit different people. Find the right one for you. For example:

  • Heart shaped face – try a layered, wispy haircut with a side swept set of bangs. It will minimize your forehead and bring some balance to your angled features.
  • Oval face – go for an angular bob. This is the best face shape of all according to traditional standards of beauty. Apart from that, it also has very soft features. Which means you will be able to get away with dramatic haircuts.
  • Square shaped face – the thing you need to be aware of here is the profile of your face. Both your forehead and jawline are square and very prominent. Therefore, go for a bit of length that will be able to soften them up.
  • Round face – the iconic pixie cut will work like a charm for you. Trim the sides super short to emphasize your cheekbones and make them look more hollow. You can also leave a bit of length on top that will make your face look more elongated and thus more oval than round.
  • Elongated face shape – the lob with a side part will make you look like a movie star. A lob stands for ‘long bob’ which will cover the somewhat severe angles of your face while the side part will account for softening your forehead.

What about you?

Are you ready to go for the big chop or are you here just to gaze at the pretty short hairstyles? Either way, we would absolutely love to hear your opinion, so make sure to leave all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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