80+ Slicked Back Hair Styles for 2019 to Try Out

Take a poll of hairstyles in 2019 and you are bound to have slicked back hairstyles as one of the top hairstyles. With these styles, men are now able to carry long hair with high or low fades to create that perfect trendy hairstyle.

A few men prefer having a slicked back undercut which tends to give a better contrast than the regular slicked back fade. If this style of haircut interests you so much, then it is important that you learn the best methods to slick your hair backward.

In this post, you will get all the information you need to tutor you on how to slick your hair backward as well as how to style the hair too. You will learn how to choose between a fade and an undercut, how to lick curly or thick hair backward, and how to get that perfect look you desire.

Finally, you will get to see the different slicked back hairstyles that will make you look trendy this year. Let’s get started.

Slicked back hair: An overview

Slicking back is one of the best ways to style a “long top, short sides” hairstyle. It is close in semblance to the pompadour and quaff. The idea is giving your hair that shiny, sleek look when combed backward with the use of quality products like gel or pomade.

Certain guys prefer the slicked hair sitting flat while others want to add some more texture or volume to make it a bit bulkier. This slick back idea is actually retro and it dates back to the 1950s, even those days the hairstyle was greasier. Since celebs and hipsters brought it back, it has become very popular.

How to achieve slicked back hair

When you have your hair length at about 3 to 5 inches, it will definitely look great when slicked back. Another concern for most people who desire to slick their hair backward is whether the shape of their faces will be perfect for the hairstyle or whether they even have the best hair texture too.

Let’s get this straight. The hairstyle will look perfect on you regardless of your face shape (round, oval, or square) or hair type (straight, thin, wavy, or thick). The styling of the hair totally depends on what you think works best for you. The only challenge for guys with extremely wavy or curly is that their hair is unruly and respond poorly to hair products. This is the only reason why they are advised against the hairstyle.

By the way, the hairstyle is easy and versatile, what you should be worried about is getting the perfect product to help slick your hair backward properly. If you have thick or coarse hair, then you should go for a firm hold product. The hair can end up very shiny or dull depending on the shine of the pomade you use.

One final tip, make sure you get a quality hairdryer and comb to help you style your slicked back hair. If your hair is wavy, you may want to add the product before blow drying it to help make the styling process easier. You may also need some hairspray, depending on how responsive your hair is, to ensure frizzy hair is tamed. If you are seeking have a looser, more natural slick back, a comb and some light pomade will do.

Slicking your hair back

This hairstyle is not as difficult to achieve as you think and if you love it, you should totally learn to do it yourself at home. If you have straight hair, then the process is actually very straightforward. However, the thicker and curlier your hair is, the more difficult the process is likely to become.

If your hair is curly, you may want to consider straightening it first before slicking it so it is easier to comb backward. If your hair is thick, then you need to add some pomade. When you work it in and comb backward, it should do the magic and give you the exact style you want.

Check out a more detailed set of guidelines below:

  1. After washing your hair, dry it with a towel but make sure that it is still a bit damp. This will ensure that your hair responds well to the product while being easy to style.
  2. Take a little scoop of hair pomade and run it through your hair. You should start with a little quantity at first and then increase the quantity as you go on. Less of the product makes your hair textured and adds some more volume while more of it gives it a shiny, sleek look.
  3. Your next line of action is to comb the hair backward. Begin at the top of the forehead and run the comb backward to the back of the head in a single smooth motion.
  4. If your hair is wavier or thicker then as you comb it backward, ensure you blow dry it. This way, you achieve more hold for your hairstyle.
  5. To tame any stray hairs, you should apply some hair spray.

Styling your slicked back hair

Let’s get this straight, if your hair is very thick or curly, then you might have to run several experiments before you can achieve the style you want. For example, when you add more product as you comb, the style is likely to get more hold. Another thing you want to try is combing your hair for the whole day, this way, the hairstyle stays in place.

Slicked back haircuts are very cool and simple, yet they are really classic. This is the perfect haircut if you don’t like to spend ages styling your hair.

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Trendy slicked back haircuts

Short slicked back hair with high fades

This looks like the traditional slicked back haircut but the hair is short and instead of going backward, it goes towards the side. The hair fades very high from just above the ears to the temples. Cristiano Ronaldo looks flawless with this and shows us that this hairstyle is perfect for sports people.

Slick back taper

This is a perfect haircut for you if you do not want your stylist to bare down so much on your skin. There is a little difference between a fade and a taper. With a taper, the hair is not as short and the gradient has some hair left on it. A fade, on the other hand, means the hair is trimmed to the skin level. This hairstyle gives you that more traditional look. It is recommended for more mature or older men.

Neat Mid Part haircut

Not too special but perfect for a cool personality. The kind of haircut you want to have when working in a serene environment. The sides are tapered towards the ears and the top is full but combed backward and parted right in the middle.

Slicked backcombed hairstyle

It looks just adorable as the hair is combed backward very neatly. The sides are tapered instead of faded but it still looks very neat, especially without the beard. It is great for the 9 to 5 worker or business professional.

Slicked backcombed hairstyle with beards

This is just another slicked backcombed hairstyle, just like the one above. The only difference is the beards to add some extra class. The perfect look for a corporate meeting or a semi-formal gathering. It will work well for any kind of hair texture, what matters is how long you can comb it back.

Tucked behind the ear blonde hair

The hair is combed backward in this haircut. Nothing else stands out and it’s the perfect haircut when you want to stay under the radar.

Slicked back undercut with short hair

This is about the most popular of the slicked-back hairstyle. To achieve this you have the back and side hairs cut to the same length, mostly fading into the skin. The top of the hair is left at a length you are comfortable with. In this image, Brad Pitt has the top hair a bit short.

Mid-length slick back haircut

You can get this rather elegant haircut if your hair is mid-length. It is a perfect hairstyle for a nice evening dinner party. Brad Pitt makes this hairstyle more glamorous in his all-white ensemble.

Short pushed back bearded haircut

This is definitely one way to make a statement. The hair is pushed backward in the most casual manner while the sides are treated in any special manner. The beards are not too full, just perfect to complete the sophisticated look.

Tapered slicked back hair plus beard

The first thing about this hairstyle is the shiny and sleek nature, you can hardly walk past without noticing it. The sides of the hair are tapered towards the ears and then faded a little towards the beard. The beard is very neat and cut short. A perfect hairstyle for a conservative man to any occasion.

Renaissance slicked back bearded look

If you want to look really old school, then you should definitely try out this haircut. The sides of the hair are tapered and the top hair is not too long. The beard joins to the hair on the head and the mustache is extremely long, a stand out feature of this hairstyle. This is a great haircut for actors and celebrities, cool for the perfect red carpet fashion statement.

Informal finger slicked back haircut

Obviously, the hair is slicked back using the fingers and not a comb as is expected with the traditional slicked back haircut. It is great for the simple “cool guy” look.

Zakary Quinto and his undercut

Often tapered to the sides with the top well-combed to the back. The gel and pomade hold on the style are evident. The style is definitely unique to keep you standing out.

Skin fade slicked back haircut

This is one of the freshest haircuts you could have, it is modern and sleek, and the beards just accentuate the look. Your barber fades the hair at the sides and the back into the skin nicely, more like a fade mixed with some tapering at the top. This is one of the best ways to show off your unique style.

Slicked back undercut with faded sides

The long hair is combed backward very neatly and packed behind. The sides of the hair are faded towards the temple and the beard is neatly shaved.

Straight pushed back style

This style is as simple as you can get it. Every part of the hair is pushed back neatly.

Hipster slicked back haircut

Hipsters find this as one of their favorite hairstyles. There’s just one reason, it stands out from the other boring haircuts.

Slick back fade

This is the more recent variant of the classic taper. The taper fade perfectly blends the longer hair at the top to the sides. The length of the hair depends on what you want, it could be long, short, or medium. It will also depend on how faded you want the sides.

Slicked back low fade

This hairstyle is perfect for corporate people and business professionals who do not desire to show off too much of their scalp. The blending process in this hairstyle begins just above the ears and makes a neat curve just above the neckline. This hairstyle can be worn anywhere, from a corporate meeting to social gathering.

Slick back high fade

This gives you a more badass, modern twist to the slicked-back haircut. The sides are cut very low while the high fade is hot and very sleek. This style is perfect for all hair types, especially men with longer and thicker hair. If you have a receding hairline, you may want to try this out too.

Other Slicked Back Hairstyles

Classy Slicked back hairstyles to make you look trendy Roundup

By now you must have seen that slicked back hairstyles are not just trendy, they are classy and easy to achieve. You should try any of these out with your stylist today and let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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