45 Trendy Spiral Perms: 5 Essentials to Know {Including Pros & Cons}

Perms are a phenomenon that has lasted for a very long period, from the ’80s to date. Whenever one thinks the era of perm is fading out, it comes back with a bang, looking even better. The spiral perm is one style that will always remain trendy.

Your choice of perm mostly depends on the era in which you grew up and your evolvement since then. There are a plethora of perm styles to choose from. Even though we will be focusing on the spiral perm in this post, we will still love to highlight your other options.

What is a perm?

We bet most people don’t know how the word “perm” came to be. ‘Perm’ is the shortened form for ‘permanent wave.’ It is one of the most famous hairstyles that is worn by pop culture stars in the ’80s.  You also see a lot of Hollywood stars wear this hairstyle these days, Olive Moon and Emma Stone are not left out.

A perm is made up of curly beautiful hair. As beautiful as a perm can be, it is not meant for everyone. For instance, if you have naturally dry hair, you should think twice before deciding to get a perm. This is because the chemicals used in making perms have been known to dry out hair. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to damage your hair. The spiral perm, the regular perm, or the one in between spiral and regular are among the ones you can choose from.


How to choose a perm that best suits your hair and personality

Check out our list of six perms you can choose from.

Regular Perms

Regular perms are perfect for people who are not particular about depth for their hair. They just want the volume. Regular perms will create an evenly uniformed curl throughout your whole hair leaving a subtle barely noticeable effect. For people with pretty short hair, the spiral perm is what you should go for. The regular perm is made by thoroughly washing the hair with the appropriate chemical. Then divide it into small portions and using a roller to make a flat roll on the head.

Spiral Perm

If you are interested in depth and you love the corkscrew curls, then the spiral perm will make you leap for joy. This is made by washing the hair and applying the appropriate chemical. Afterward, you should cut small portions of your hair and roll it around a curling iron vertically against the head.  This perm is good for almost all kinds of hair but people with long hair enjoy it more. There are different spiral perms for you to choose from and we will be discussing them later in this post.

Body perm

Body curls are the loose version of the spiral perms. To create this you need a bigger sized curling iron than you will use for the spiral perm. If you don’t really fancy a head full of curls, or maybe you want to change your look, this hairstyle will be your best option. It is made by washing the hair and applying the appropriate chemical. Following this, cut it into small portions and roll it around a curling iron vertically against the head. Subsequently, you should comb out the curls.

Multi-textured perm

If you like depth and are also confused about what choice to make between the spiral or body perm, you should turn to this option. This is because it incorporates the two perm styles using different sizes of curling iron. The effect of this is beautiful depth.

Root perm

This perm is for people who are interested in maintaining flat hair but want a full bouncing root. The curls here are concentrated at the root. Like all other perms, it is made by washing the hair and applying the appropriate hair products. The cutting and rolling processes follow.

Partial Perm

This is the direct opposite of the root perm as its curls are concentrated on the tip giving you a very classic evergreen look. It is also made by thoroughly washing the hair and applying the appropriate chemical, then following the same steps as in other styles.

The Spiral Perm

The spiral perm comes in different styles and sizes and it is made with a hot curling iron. No matter your type of hair the spiral curl will accommodate you. Whether it is thin and fine or full and bulky, one thing you are sure of is the depth. If this is what you are looking for, the spiral perm is for you. As long as your hair is over 8 inches long, then it is achievable.

Types of spiral perms

Spiral perms come in different curls. We will be discussing five in this post.

Extra small/tiny curls

The extra small curls also known as the bohemian curl is a cascade of curls falling from the top of the head to the shoulder. Made with the tiniest iron, they have very tiny curls and they are perfect for any length of hair above 8 inches. If you have bulky hair though, it may not be advisable as the depth might be overwhelming. The curls on this spiral are uniform.

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Small Curls

This curl, although small in size, it is bigger than the bohemian curls. It would work for any type of hair as well.  The curls are much defined and you get a full head of depth. These particular curls are always very finely defined. They are also made with the small size of hot curling irons. The curls on this perm are also uniform. Like the tiny ones, it has a lot of curls.

Medium Curls

The medium curls work for any kind of hair, whether long, short (not shorter than 8 inches), full, or tiny. It is very well defined. Also gives you a full bouncy look. It is also made within a hot curling iron of the appropriate size. The medium curls are usually a mixture of curls.

Large Curls

The large curls are also made with hot curling iron of moderate size. This curl is very fine, falls from the top of the head and flows down around the shoulder. This type of curl is very fitting for long hair as you get to feel its fullness. It is not advisable to wear this curl if you have short hair, as its beauty might be overlooked in the process. If you want the look of a classy chic, this is the perfect perm for you.

Extra-large curls

The extra-large curls are very elegant, gives you a classy chic look. It is also made with a hot curling iron and is made with very big irons. Falls around the shoulder with a bouncy look. If you have got full long hair, this is the perfect curl for you.

Pros of spiral curls

  • The spiral perm is the most versatile of all perms. You have different styles to choose from and something befitting for every hairstyle.
  • Never goes out of date. Although the 1980s come to mind when you see a spiral curl, it still remains relevant even in this modern era.
  • The spiral perm, unlike other perms, gives room for creativity. You can come up with your own look. It doesn’t have to be one way. While the other perms can be boring, the spiral perm can never go wrong.
  • Long lasting. A well-done perm can last for up to 6 months with the right treatments. So if you are the type that is not keen about going to the salon every time, this is the style for you.
  • Spiral curls always deliver a classic look. If you choose any of this type of curl, be rest assured you are going to be screaming “classy and chic” with your looks all the way.

Cons of spiral curls

With spiral perms, there are very few disadvantages. One of the most conspicuous is that this type of hair wouldn’t work with any of the spiral curls. Looking on the brighter side all you need do is grow your hair more and then you should also be able to carry the spiral curl.

An extra tip

There are several ways to temporarily curl your hair but if you are looking for something long term, perm treatment is the way to go. Before you embark on any kind of perming treatment you should make sure your hair is healthy enough to withstand the chemicals involved in making perms. Although, if you find a really good professional hair stylist your hair texture will not matter. Any hair type will bend to their touch.

All you need to know about spiral perms roundup

If you were confused about what type of curls will be fitting for your face or hair type before now, we believe this post has been helpful. If you have concluded to go for a spiral curl your hair stylist is in a good position to help you pick the appropriate one. Whatever you do, always go with something you are comfortable with and what goes with your mood.


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