101 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men That Will Have You Looking Badass!

Tattoos have come to stay, so tattoos for men are no longer strange to see. Most young people today have a symbol somewhere on their bodies, some are large and others not too conspicuous. At least 38% of young people between the ages of 19 and 30 in the United States have a tattoo. Many others have been ruminating over the idea in their minds for a while, and they should get one pretty soon.

No longer are people with tattoos viewed as no-goods or irresponsible. People working white collar jobs now have tattoos and most of them in prominent locations on their bodies. People get tattoos for several reasons, some as a way of reminding them of particular experiences or individuals. Some others get tattoos to look badass, which isn’t a bad idea too.

Whatever your reason is for getting a tattoo, the size of your symbols and the location where you inscribe then are dependent on you. If you plan on getting a pretty large tattoo, then you probably should think about drawing on your back. The back is the perfect canvas for tattoo artists as it allows them to express themselves and tell their stories. Another location that could work well is the forearm. It is no secret that most people now get full sleeve tattoos that stretch all through their arms like a shirt sleeve.

A couple of people have been worried about what effect having a tattoo can have on their professional lives. There is no real cause for concern concerning this as several types of research have cleared the air on this issue. Unlike in the last decade or two, employers are now comfortable with having people with tattoos work in their firms.

If there is anything you should be concerned about, it is how much of a badass your tattoo will make you look. There is a sure way a symbol makes a person look like; more like you don’t want to mess with this person. If you are petite or you have a baby face, and you feel people take you for granted because of your looks, then you might want to get a tattoo. Tattoos for men like you make you look badass, and you can be sure not to be taken for granted anymore.

There are hundreds of tattoos for men, and if put into this article, you probably would not read through halfway. In this article, we only cover the best. Check out the 101 best tattoo ideas for men in 2019 that will have you looking badass below.

tattoos for mentattoos for men

tattoos for men

101 best tattoos for men ideas

Small tattoossmall tattoos for men small tattoos for men

They are great for professionals and for someone who is getting the first tattoo. They can be drawn anywhere on the body.

Simple tattoos

Men pick these tattoos as they are usually very cool. It doesn’t always have to be sophisticated.

Religious tattoos

They are made up of religious symbols or inscriptions like verses from the bible or other holy books.

cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos

The cross tattoo is the most common Christian design, and it provides you with so many design styles.

Quote tattoo

It is a great way to state your life philosophy such that everyone can see them before you even speak.

Lion tattoo for men

lion tattoo for men

The lion tattoo speaks of courage, strength, family, and masculinity. It acts as a reminder of your inner strength.

Wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoos speak of loyalty and strength, and they are a fantastic way to seal relationships with dedication.


It is one of the most badass tattoo ever. They have been reinvented over and over again and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Rose tattoo for men

The rose tattoo at first glance appears feminine, but when incorporated with other designs, they are great for men. They represent peace, a fresh start, and potential. They also speak of love.

Owl tattoo

They stand for knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence and there are various ways of drawing it on the skin.

Phoenix tattoo for men

phoenix tattoo for men

This tattoo speaks of new beginnings and rebirth, transformation, and virtue.

Dragon tattoo

They represent power, wisdom, greed, and rebellion. Dragons are mythical creatures recognized for being very powerful.

Compass tattoocompass-tattoo

They are simple but have profound meanings. They signify guidance and direction.

3D tattoo

Creation of several designs in 3D including robotics, abstract illusions, and mechanical gears is quite easy.

Tribal tattoos for men

tribal tattoos

Created from different cultures and they can be captivating in nature. People who want timeless symbols best employ them.

Star tattoo

They can be huge or tiny; either way, they are classy and look very good on a man.

Angel tattoo for men

They show your belief in angelic beings. They are a great way to look badass.

Music tattoo

The music tattoo is an excellent choice for people who are music enthusiasts or sincerely appreciate music. They could be musical notes, lyrics, or instruments.

Arrow tattoo for men

arrow-tattoos for men

Arrow tattoos appear high on any part of the body, and they are simple and very stylish. Location of the symbol is often on the wrist and forearm.

Feather tattoo

Feathers are very symbolic and will fit in on any part of the body. They may be very straightforward but with the right creative touch, they can very exquisite.

Crown tattoo

crown-tattoo-for men

Having a crown tattoo depicts royalty, the man is king. In most cases, they are part of a couple of tattoos. When you consider this, then you know that a crown tattoo is very symbolic.

Family tattoos

These are a great way to express love for one’s family. Among the best ideas is Family Over Everything, Family First, Family Forever, portraits, names, and family trees. They are very symbolic and unique. Men hardly have regrets over this kind of tattoo.

Scorpion tattoo

They are symbolic in a lot of ways. Could represent the Scorpio Horoscope, sexuality, passion, evil, power, perseverance, intimidation, or death. Depending on which representation you choose, you may want to consider how you want the design to appear.

Meaningful tattoos

They come in different shapes, sizes, and themes. Your choice will depend on the message you want to pass across. You can pick a quote, picture, name, symbol, or something that speaks to your soul. Just like you, many guys prefer these types of tattoos.

Name tattoos

These are a great way to express love to friends, family, or partners. You can inscribe one to remember a lost relative or a friend leaving you. You could also engrave the name of your spouse in style on any part of your body.

Watercolor fox

watercolor tattoo men

They are tasteful and straightforward, and they have become trendy. The fox has an ombre effect and will attract every eye that sees it.

Quote, dagger, and roses

This tattoo mixes harsh and soft tones to produce a unique design. You can personalize the quote to suit your purposes.

Surrealist tattoo

This one is breathtaking, and the skillful shading will have everyone talking about your tattoo. Definitely a great way to make a statement.

Cute cats

The minimalist tattoo is an excellent way for a cat lover to tell the world about his feline love. They are delicate and dainty, yet elegant. The location of such a tattoo is always on the forearm.

Regal scepter

A cool tattoo for myth, novel, and fairy tale lovers. It oozes royalty, and the drawing is with bright colors similar to the ones found in a story book.

Romantic quote

This is an all-time classic. The quotes are written in italics and are perfect on any part of the body.

Punk Rock Perfection

Just perfect for a skater boy or girl as a way of expressing their love for the sport. It is graphic but straightforward.

Classy French Quote

Written with a handwritten font, they are beautiful. They are classy.

Motivation quote with graphic

This tattoo helps to keep you going on those days you need encouragement the most. Made up of a cool motivational quote and a beautiful image to accompany it. At the same time, it is a great way to make a statement.

An eclectic collection of objects

Just in case you are not sure of what to ink on your body, this collection of different objects could be your way out. As much as it is a marsh of objects, it is still classy and beautiful.

Ship and feather

Usually inscribed on opposite arms, the tattoos are complimentary. The design is always delicate, and in some cases, a few texts get written within or around the symbol.

Map of the world

Are you a lover of travel, a cartographer, or a geography major? Then this could be the perfect tattoo for you. It is simple with clean lines which makes it very classy.

Inkblot clock

A beautiful work of art, it features an embellished inkblot pattern on a classic clock graphic. It gets drawn in jet-black ink which makes the clock lines precise.

Utterly badass quotes

If you are a rebel and you want to make a statement, this is your go-to tattoo, but be warned you should be ready to explain yourself a lot of times.

Witty copyright

This tattoo is for semi-satirical comic fellows. It is always simple your birth year will suffice.

Flawless Floral Sleeves

This tattoo is always rich in colors which brings life into it. Unlike the usual overpowering effect of sleeve tattoos, this one is subtle in an edgy kind of way.

Half skull tattoo men

Half skull

This particular design is unusual and very weird, the head itself is already a sensitive design, and now the half skull is even scarier. If you want attention though you are sure to get lots of it with this.

Peaceful quotes

This tattoo design is always appealing even to people who detest tattoo. They are delicately scripted and will appear beautiful anywhere you put them.

Giraffe Forearm Tattoo for men

If you are in love with nature, this is something you will love. The beautifully crafted lines of a giraffe will do well on any forearm.


If you need direction in your life, this is the tattoo to go for. It can serve as a reminder to your destination.

Baby handprint

It is one of those cute emotionally inclined designs. If you are looking to say something about your little one to the world this design is perfect.

Lion and Triangle

If you are a macho man looking to show off your alpha male qualities. It is the perfect tattoo for you. It can give you a tingly feel.

tattoos for men

Tips on Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist

Getting the perfect tattoo to make you look badass is one thing, but how can you get the ideal tattoo inked on your body if you do not have the right artist to do the job? This challenge is what this section of this article will help solve. How do you find the right tattoo artist to give you the best tattoo experience that will keep you looking badass?

One thing you must always remember before you begin your search and keep in mind in your quest for the perfect tattoo artist is the fact that tattoos are mostly permanent. If you must get a tattoo, then you must get a perfect one else, you are in trouble. The search can be very tricky, especially if you’ve never had a tattoo done before. It is one of the issues that discourage a lot of men like you from getting tattoos.

If you want to get any of the tattoos for men, then it is best you conduct your search for the right artist keenly and very carefully. There are several conditions your artist must satisfy and several parameters you must look out for when making your choice of a tattoo artist. There’s no rush so you should take your time.

One of the first things you must place at the back of your mind is that the artist you choose must be someone you are very comfortable with. If you are not sure of their abilities, then there is no point working with them. You must be confident that they can deliver the exact image you have in mind or something better to your skin, else, it is a “No, No.”

All of that aside, here are some tips you can work with in choosing the right tattoo artist for your new body art.

men tattoo ideas      

Referrals and online reviews

The chances that you have someone close to you who has had a tattoo done are very high. If you do and you like their tattoos, then that should be an excellent place to start from. You can approach that person and ask about where they had theirs done and which artist did the magic. You cannot be shy about asking these sort of questions if you want the best tattoos for men.

If you don’t have anyone then ask your friends or family still, they would probably know someone who has a fantastic tattoo, just the type you are looking for. One of the best ways to get this sort of advice is from people you are close with. Even if you don’t get to find the perfect tattoo artist this way, you get to know a lot of the ones that aren’t worth the trouble. Whatever the case may be, it is a win-win situation for you.

If you are not able to get enough information from family or friends, you might want to consult the world’s most excellent information resource, the internet. It is one of the best ways to get an exceptional artist to give you the value you desire. Try to find out the top tattoo artists in your area and check their pages. You might even decide to follow their Facebook or Instagram pages. This way you get to see their most recent work and read what people think about them.

These online resources will give you the best reviews about their work, and you can tell from these reviews if they are the best people to work with or you should find someone else. It is not advised to focus on what Google says alone as most of it is anonymous, and the artists can pay someone for the reviews. Visit their social media pages, and you can get the best reviews you need.

Images and work portfolio

Now that you have been able to narrow down your search you need to become more specific about the standards you need from your artist. You already have a glimpse of their social media pages, and at least you have visited their tattoo studios. Now what you want to do is go through their portfolio. A portfolio is simply a collection of the artist’s work over time. There are a few specifics to look out for when you go through the past jobs.

One of such things to look out for is the lines of the tattoo art, mainly the strong and stable borders. Make sure that they are well drawn and are smooth enough at the edges. Also, check out their shading, how good is it? Their color work must be steady and must show consistency. As an experienced artist, he or she must be able to express colors using the proper gradients. Their color blend must be near flawless; else they may not be as good as you think.

The last thing to look out for is how excited does the artist’s work make you feel at first glance? The work in the artist’s portfolio should strike some inspiration at the least in your mind. If it doesn’t, then you better move on to someone else. You should also ask for real work previously done on the bodies of other customers. All of these can help you judge whether you want to work the fellow or not.


It mostly works for people in the United States. Artists in the US organize periodical award ceremonies where the best artists in different categories take home awards for their prowess. You can do a background check on whether an artist has won an award or not. If the tattoo artist you are checking out has gotten a prize, then it is sure that he has something good to offer and might be the one you need.


If you have an idea about how tattoos get inked then you know that cleanliness is essential when searching for the right artist to work with. Poor health can result in all sorts of infections like hepatitis A or B, blood poisoning, skin rash, amongst others. Visit the artist’s studio unannounced to see whether the artist uses gloves while working, whether his equipment gets sterilized correctly, and whether the studio is clean.

The work area should also be clean and well organized. If you are not comfortable with the hygiene of the work environment, rather than complain, it is safe to get up and walk away. You will still find someone else who can give you the same quality or better tattoos for men.

A few things your tattoo artist wishes you knew

There are several stereotypes about tattoos that your artist wants you to clear out of your mind before you visit their studios to get inked. Asides the stereotype of whether you should get a tattoo or not because of what the society thinks, there are a couple of myths linked with getting tattoos.

In this section, we shall discuss a couple of these things your artist wants you to know before you even step into their studio.

They are artists, not psychics.

Your tattoos artist cannot read your mind; he can only come up with a design based on what you have imagined. The challenge here is that he cannot bring the design to life if you don’t state your dream clearly. For them to get creative you need to tell them what you want; especially you want a custom tattoo. So the idea is to be sure of what you want and state it in clear terms. You could even sketch it on paper and show it to your artist. This way you are sure of the perfect tattoo.

Tattoos cannot be haggled over

Some folks are so used to haggling, they would argue over prices for anything, including a symbol. You have to know this; tattoos are a luxury item, so you need to save for them. The artist spent time to learn his trade and will equally spend time to draw the custom design on your body. Put yourself in his shoes; you wouldn’t want anyone to undervalue your skills or time. That is what you pay for, the artist’s talent and time so budget for it and save up so you can pay for your tattoo.

Tattoo fees vary with different artists

There are no fixed prices for tattoos, so artists do not expect you to come to their studio with the pricing of another studio. Each studio has its fee structure, while some charge by the hour, others charge per piece. The artists also charge based on their experience, skill level, location, and education.

Do your research

It is not enough to have a design in your head. It is vital that you do a lot of studies before you visit the tattoo studio. It will help you pass the message of what you want to achieve quickly. If you have done a background study, you can easily discuss specifics with the artist, even if it is your first time.

There is nothing like unlimited redraws

When you visit your tattoo artist for the first time and share the image in your mind, they begin to work on the design on paper so they can transfer it to your body. When they show it to you, it is essential that you look through it carefully and point out mistakes if you see them. These artists take a lot of time to come up with these drawings, so it is essential you do this early enough. You cannot keep sending them back to the drawing board. Don’t be too picky and also allow the artist to show off his creativity.

tattoo for men

Respect their advice

After you have found a great artist to help you with your tattoo, it is vital that you listen to the information he gives and takes it. You shouldn’t argue with your artist or try to be obstinate, whether it is about the design or aftercare measures.

Decide on where you want to place your tattoo

You should decide on what part of your body you feel you want to place the symbol before visiting the artist’s studio. After you have selected you should put a call through to the studio to find out if they would be able to place a tattoo on the part, you have chosen. The reason for this is that some artists will not tattoo certain parts of the body because of reasons like healing time and the result.

Drawing your tattoo is not magic, it takes time

If you depend on what movies show you about inscribing a symbol, you are likely to be misled. Tattoos take more time to get drawn than what we see on the big screen, especially big tattoos. Forearm tattoos and back tattoos take more than one session in most cases. Don’t expect the artist to perform magic with your tattoo.

Never tell your artist to copy a custom design

Tattoo artists frown at it when you ask them to copy what another artist has done. You can only show another picture to help describe your design. The best idea is to stay away from Pinterest altogether. Just take time to imagine what image you want and explain it to your artist.

Practice good hygiene

Before going for your tattoo appointment, take your bath and brush your teeth, be clean. Here’s a tip, stay away from the moisturizers and scents. It will help you prepare your skin for the inking process.

Ways to Select a Tattoo

Tattoos for men can be tricky when you are trying to choose a design because you know that you are going to wear it for the rest of your life. Before selecting a model, there are several factors you should consider. Some of these factors include the meaning, style, color, size, and placement of the tattoo. Then you should find the artist that will help with the symbol as well.

Here are a few tips you can employ when selecting your next tattoo

  1. Once you have inked the tattoo, there is no going back to think about it very seriously.
  2. You don’t always have to come up with your design; you can ask the artists to help you out with the design. That’s what they are there for.
  3. The only limit you have is your imagination.
  4. Research to see the meaning of the image you want tattooed. Find out what it means across different cultures, so you are sure it is not offensive to anyone.
  5. If you are going to choose an inscription in a foreign language, for example, mandarin, find out the meaning first. You should go online and not trust what you see on the walls of the tattoo studio alone.
  6. Try and figure out if you will like the same design in the next ten years. If you feel you will not want it in the next few years, then don’t bother getting it.
  7. Do not tattoo the name of a person except someone dead or your child. The reason is that people always leave and you don’t want to regret inscribing someone’s name on your body.
  8. It is more costly to get a tattoo on your leg, face, or hand. Why? They require additional touch-ups and require a bit more attention than other parts of the body.
  9. Find out whether the tattoo will affect you in your workplace. You don’t want to lose your job over a symbol.

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