65+ Viking Tattoo Ideas for Norse Mythology Lovers

One of the best ways to keep you in touch with your Norse ancestry is inking Viking tattoos on your body. This is just one of the amazing ways to identify with your European roots in these modern times, and each of them is just as deep and powerful.

Vikings are among the most interesting and controversial figures in world history and their impact is still far-reaching even today. If you are a lover of the Avengers then you must know the brothers Thor and Loki, the sons of Odin. The aforementioned have deep roots in  Norse mythology.

With these tattoos, you can prove your connection to these amazing sect of people that conquered several lands. Though they seem mythical to many of us, they were actually real and we can ink their legacies on our bodies.

Let’s get straight to it, by answering a few questions on your mind about Viking tattoos.

Who Exactly Were Vikings?

There is no way we’d make much sense with this post if we are not able to discuss Vikings. Who were they and did they truly exist? The answer is Yes, they did exist. Vikings were a collection of warriors who originated from the Scandinavian countries between 700 AD and 1100 AD. Their countries of origin include Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

They went against the rest of Europe, the North Atlantic, and Asia with the aim of conquering and settling there. This era was known as the Viking age and they were famous as excellent sailors and navigators. The name “Viking” originated from the ancient Norse language and it translates to “Pirate raid.”

Did Vikings Have Any Tattoos?

According to history, the bodies of Vikings had marks that stretched from their necks to the tips of their fingers. The elements of these tattoos included Norse symbols, symbols of trees drawn in dark green color, and different knot patterns.

However, in the present day no definite confirmation of what they looked like and their elements exist due to no photographic evidence. We can, however, guess that they must have been drawn from the ancient Norse mythology. At least, we have a bit of evidence of Norse mythology from the remains of their boats, artwork, jewelry, carvings on bones, and several other artifacts.

What Do These Viking Tattoos Mean?

Just like every other class of tattoo, Viking tattoos hold several meanings. The meaning of any of the tattoos depends to a large extent on what design the wearer chooses. This is why before you decide on any design, you should ensure that it is the perfect representation of the message you want to pass.

Generally, the meanings of these tattoos extend to rebirth, achievement, freedom, victory, protection, courage, life, strength, renewal, good luck, spirituality, and Christianity. Whichever you choose, they bear very deep meanings open to tweaking to suit your purposes too.

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Modern Day Viking Tattoos

Viking tattoos have become quite popular these days, especially among people with a connection to Norse ancestry. Definitely, if you possess links to such an extraordinary sect you want to show it off. What better way to do that than by getting a Viking tattoo.

Although the modern designs differ from that of the Viking age, as we have already said earlier, there are no pictorial pieces of evidence of the designs obtainable those days. As a result, the modern designs comprise of elements of Norse mythology. Some of these elements include animals, weapon, symbols, and mythological objects.

Placement of Viking Tattoos

The placement of a tattoo plays a major role in deciding what the tattoo means. This is why the artist is very careful to ensure that the tattoo placement tallies with the meaning you want it to bear. The tattoos are of different styles, types, sizes, designs, and colors.

The tattoos usually have a black theme, even though these days, creative artists have begun playing with colors in the creation of these tattoos. Depending on the size, the tattoos can be placed on different locations on the body. When the tattoos are placed on the face, the artist must be careful to put in all the detail possible.

Types of Viking tattoos

There are several types of Viking tattoos that reveal several elements from Norse mythology. The most common types are discussed briefly below.

Hrungnir’s Heart

This is one of the top choices for Viking tattoos and it depicts one of the famous ancient Norse carvings known as Hrungnir’s heart. The heart belonged to the Hrungnir giant who is also referred to as the Walknut or slain knot. This tattoo symbolizes rebirth and reincarnation.

Thor’s Hammer

This tattoo basically shows off the power of Thor over lightning and thunder. It speaks of majorly of protection. Lovers of the movie “The Avengers” will definitely love this one.

Custom Wizard Design

This depicts the magical powers that existed during the Celtic era. The men in this period were only seen as real men if they were able to fight for their causes.

Viking Berzeker

Berzeker is a fighting art and it is very deadly. With this art, you groom your ability to challenge and defeat your enemy at any time they come against you. This tattoo is just perfect for true winners.

Viking Warrior Tattoo

Viking warriors were never known to be quitters regardless of the challenge staring them in the face. When they were angered, the enemy was definitely in trouble. This is a great tattoo for a person who seems to have a fierce personality.

Viking Helmet

The helmet was a prize that was handed to true warriors as a prize for their heroics. The helmet is synonymous with bravery.

These are just a few of the many Viking tattoos that exist. With the advancement in the art comes an improvement in the existent forms due to the creative genius of the different artists.

Viking Tattoos Design Ideas

There are several Viking tattoo design ideas and each one looks very cool and attractive. We know it might be difficult picking out one so we have brought you a list of our coolest designs to choose from. You can work with your tattoo artist to tweak any of these ones for a perfect new tattoo for yourself. Let’s get you inspired.


Ouroboros tattoo

This tattoo shows a serpent in a circle biting on its tail. The image can be traced way back to the ancient Greek era. The Norse mythology gives the name of the serpent as Jormungandr and it was one of the children born to Angrboda and Loki.

Female Viking warrior tattoo

The Viking warriors were not just men, they had women among them and you definitely wouldn’t love to go against any of them in battle. They were even fiercer than their male counterparts.

Celtic knot Thor’s hammer tattoo

This Viking tattoo has the outline of Thor’s hammer and the inner part is made up of ancient Norse art. The black and white tattoo is one great way of identifying with your Norse roots.

Simple Thor’s hammer tattoo

Thor is one of Odin’s sons. His strength to wield this amazing weapon released to him by his father is just amazing. No one else has the ability to wield this great instrument of war. The tattoo is great for someone who sees himself as a strong fellow.

Shieldmaiden head tattoos

The Viking women who decided to live their lives as warriors were also referred to as shield maidens. This one in this tattoo is very beautiful, looking like she can’t hurt a fly, but looks are deceptive. She would be as fierce as a lion when the need arises.


Colorful Valkyrie Viking tattoo

She’s strong, she’s fierce, she’s a warrior, she’s a Valkyrie. A woman who considers herself to be strong inks this tattoo to remind herself that she has the ability to conquer the world. This warrior seems gentle and peaceful but is ready to take down kingdoms in her wake


Viking bird tattoo

Vikings were known to have birds as pets and sometimes messengers at sea. This black and grey tattoo is classy and sits perfectly on the upper arm, beginning at the shoulder.

Badass Thor tattoo

A very handsome Thor ready to battle in all his might. This tattoo is very attractive on the upper arm in black and grey. You feel strong? Then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Odin’s wrath tattoo

This is an embodiment of Norse mythology. It shows several elements of Viking history and the highlight is Odin holding his sword in fury and it seems he’s stabbing it into the earth. The full-back tattoo is one great way to tell of your Norse ancestry, especially when you have your back bare.

Celtic Cross tattoo

The cross bears several deep meanings and thus is one of the most revered Celtic symbols. It stands for protection, spirituality, religion, and Christianity. Whichever of these meanings appeals to you, the tattoo passes the message along perfectly.

Odin’s head tattoo

What is Norse mythology without Odin? This black and grey tattoo shows Odin’s head in one of the fiercest modes you would ever see. The tattoo is cool and attractive, perfect for a man in love with Viking stories and culture.

Viking and wolf tattoo

A Viking is naturally viewed as fierce but the wolf added to this image makes it double-fierce. You should definitely be put on your heels with this one.

Odin and raven tattoo

Odin had two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. We can’t say which is represented in this tattoo, but we can tell that it looks really adorable and fierce at the same time.

Valkyrie with horned helmet tattoo

What most people do not know is that Vikings never really had horns in their helmets, it’s all fiction. Despite being fictitious, it still looks beautiful and we love it. The tattoo is drawn in full color and looks perfect on the inner part of the forearm.

Odin’s mental binds tattoo

The three interlocking triangles are very significant even though much isn’t known about their symbolism. Theory tells us that Odin used them as a means to disorient men in battle or help them release tension. This was a result of these gifts which symbolize intoxication, inspiration, and battle-madness.

Viking and raven tattoo

This tattoo shows a Viking soldier with one raven. We do not know if this is one of Odin’s ravens but the details put into this tattoo quickly takes your focus off that.

Odin overlooking Vikings at sea tattoo

Vikings were famous for being sailors and pirates. This tattoo has several Viking ships at sea and they look like they are going to war. Odin is right above overlooking these ships as if to say he is offering his protection as they go into battle. The tattoo looks great spread all over the back in black, white, and grey.

Viking battleship tattoo

Another representation of the Vikings at sea. This tattoo shows a Viking ship at sea ready for battle. On the side of the ship are different shields, each bearing a Norse mythological symbol.

Odin on wrist tattoo

Odin’s face will look amazing on any part of the body and so does this one look on the wrist. It is a perfect design for a tattoo lover.

Thor and Real Madrid crest tattoo

If you can’t separate your love for football from Norse mythology then you definitely need to get this tattoo. This tattoo shows a battle-ready Thor bearing his shield which has the crest of one of the biggest football clubs in the world, Real Madrid FC. If you are not a fan of Real Madrid, you can use the crest of your favorite club.

Other Tattoo Ideas


Viking tattoos to keep you in touch with your Norse ancestry roundup

You could pick one of the Viking tattoos above for your newest tattoo art to bring you in touch with your Norse ancestry. They will definitely look great, whether in colors or black and white.

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