120+ Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas to Showcase Your Love

These days many couples are becoming more open to the idea of wedding ring tattoos. This is probably because tattoos are gaining popularity at an alarming rate. It is no longer like a decade ago when they weren’t so popular. It is no longer strange to see a person with a tattoo neither is it out of place for couples to sport twin tattoos.

Couples exchange vows with wedding rings, at least in most traditions. One way to be creative about the exchange of vows is the inscription of wedding ring tattoos by the couple. Normally the ring should symbolize the love two people share and be a sign of their commitment to each other. With these simple tattoos, you can express your love and undying commitment in the most artistic or creative manner.

This post will provide you several options that will inspire you to get a wedding ring tattoo you will like. These tattoos are usually small and inscribed on the ring finger. It isn’t all the time that the tattoo must be drawn in the similitude of a ring. Sometimes it might just be the image of something you both love but it is always inscribed on the ring finger.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Wedding Tattoos


There are a few things you should know before getting a wedding ring tattoo with your spouse. It is always important to pay attention to these little details to avoid unnecessary complications in the future.

The Healing Process

A tattoo is a painful process and the skin will need some time to heal after it has been inscribed. The process involves tattoo ink injected into the skin using a machine with needles. The machine works in a similar fashion to a sewing machine. Because of this, you must keep the surface from anything that could cause infections. Any infection will hamper the healing process.

This is why you must stay away from swimming for at least the first three weeks, stay away from beach water too, protect the tattoo from the UV rays of the sun, and keep the surface clean. Part of the healing process is scabbing, dryness, and peeling. Ensure you keep your hands away from peeling the surface to avoid creating a big wound.

Watch The Time

This isn’t just applicable to wedding tattoos alone, for every kind of tattoo, the right timing is very important. For a wedding ring tattoo, there are three times that are perfect to get one. You both can get the tattoos done before the wedding such that they would have healed by the wedding date. You may also consider getting the tattoos on the day of the wedding, probably at the location. Finally, you may get tattoos after the wedding.

Prepare For The Tattoos

No matter how many tattoos you have gotten, it is still wise to be well prepared, physically and emotionally, for the tattoo before the inscription. There are several things you must do to be prepared like knowing your artist and the methods used, eat well, rest well, etc. Regardless of the day, you have chosen, both of you should be aware and be adequately prepared to avoid making a decision you’d regret for the rest of your lives.

How Much Wedding Ring tattoos Cost

Just in case you didn’t know, tattoos are not very cheap. In fact, if they are cheap you should begin to question the skills and experience of your artist. This is not to say that all cheap tattoo artists are not worth the money paid. They might not just have as much experience.

Tattoo prices are charged based on either the skill level of the artist or the time spent in getting the tattoo done. Wedding ring tattoos are not so complex meaning they are not so costly. In reality, you may even spend more on getting an actual set of wedding rings than you would on inking these tattoos.

A simple wedding wing tattoo can cost about $50 while complex ones may cost as much as $2,000. Many wedding and engagement rings cost way more than that.

Pros of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Though this kind of tattoos might seem a bit strange to many people and the idea of using them to replace wedding bands might be awkward, they come with some advantages. A few of these advantages are discussed below:

  1. It is impossible to get your ring missing. Since your ring is permanently inscribed on your finger, you have no reason to take it off. This means you have just eliminated the risk of ever losing your wedding ring by getting a wedding ring tattoo.
  2. They are definitely cost-effective. A set of quality wedding bands definitely cost a fortune. You will never spend a fortune getting these tattoos. This implies that if you are in search of the cheapest way to symbolize your love, you just need to visit a tattoo parlor and get these done.
  3. There is no reason to remove it. Some occupations may require you to take off your wedding band either by way of best practice or simply because it is the logical thing to do. With a wedding ring tattoo, there is no need to take off your ring.

Cons of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Nothing exists without at least one disadvantage, no matter how little. Here are a few cons of wedding ring tattoos:

  1. There is a possibility that the ink will get blurred. The blurriness may be while the tattoo is being inked or while it is still healing. Whether or not a tattoo will get blurred is usually a result of how well your skin can absorb the ink. Ink absorption varies from one skin to another.
  2. They could hamper job opportunities in the future. As much as tattoos are becoming very popular, there are certain occupations that do not allow tattoos, at least on open parts of the body. If you work in any of these occupations or look forward to moving into such sectors, you should probably not get this tattoo.
  3. Wedding ring tattoos fade. As much we don’t like this news, we have to come to terms with it. Generally, tattoos inscribed on the fingers will end up fading. This is because the skin on this part of the body is very thin and regenerates very often. To keep the tattoo fresh, you will need to visit the tattoo parlor several times for touchups.

Placement of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wearing ring tattoos is not just inking similar tattoos on the ring finger, the placement bears a lot of meaning and significance, especially depending on the message you want to pass. The most common location is the ring finger and it speaks volumes about the love shared. The tattoo is usually very artistic and reflects attractively on the couple.

Both men and women can wear these tattoos and several designs can be produced by the creativity of the artist to pass the message in the minds of the couple. Sometimes, the couple may decide to inscribe the tattoos on other parts of the body. This is mostly when they know they don’t want to return for touchups frequently since finger tattoos always fade.

You could place your tattoos on the wrists, ankles, upper arm, forearm, chest, lower back, waist, thigh, or feet. What matters most is the message to be passed, not the location.

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Beautiful Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas


Fish hook wedding tattoo

A great way to tell the world that both of you have been hooked for life. These are about the simplest couple of tattoos you would ever see. The tattoos are just a basic outline drawn in black on the ring fingers of each part of the duo.

Ringed initials wedding ring tattoo

How about having the initials of your spouse inscribed on your ring tattoo? This black tattoo is also an outline having the first letter of your spouse’s name in the middle.

Conjoined hearts couple tattoo

A wedding is two hearts coming together as one. This is exactly what this tattoo depicts, the joining together of two individuals in the sacred institution of marriage. How romantic can wedding tattoos be?

You’re the screw to my nut tattoos

When two people get married, they are meant to compliment and complete each other. This tattoo passes the message that one cannot be complete without the other. The chestnut is painted in full color on the ring finger of the lady and the nut in black on the guy’s finger. The tattoo will only be complete when they are together.

Identical initials wedding tattoo

This is just so cute, having the first letters of your names inscribed on both your ring fingers identically. The tattoo is inked in black and without a doubt is very classy.

Letters wedding ring tattoo

It is cool to see couples exchange the first letters of their names and use them as ring tattoos. This is a great way to show love to each other.


You’re my lifeline wedding tattoo

Isn’t this so adorable? Telling your partner that he or she is your lifeline. The line is split between the ring fingers of both individuals. It is interesting that the tattoo is not complete when they are apart, a symbolism of how one will feel void of life when the other is absent.

Infinity wedding tattoo

The symbol of infinity has no beginning or end. It symbolizes that the love of the couple will not come to an end but will last for eternity. A great way to cement your vows to remain together and love each other forever.

King and Queen wedding tattoo

She’s your queen and you’re her king. This tattoo tells of how you both decide to hand over your lives to each other and allow the other person to become all-in-all. Isn’t love sweet?

Infinity cross tattoo

A great tattoo for a very religious couple. The tattoo shows a cross on the woman’s ring finger and the cross wrapped in an infinity symbol on the man’s ring finger. A symbol to show that you pray for endless love.

Olive branch heart wedding tattoo

This tattoo has each couple sporting crossed olive branches on one ring finger and a heart symbol on the opposite finger. Your paths have crossed and you don’t plan to let go anytime soon, or ever.

Wedding knot tattoo

Traditional wedding culture describes a wedding as tying the knot. This tattoo is a literal symbolism of this as both ring fingers sport well-tied knots. This is one of the most detailed wedding tattoos even though it is drawn in shades of black.

Wedding date tattoo

What better way to remember the day you were joined in matrimony than inking it on both your fingers? With this, you will always remember your wedding anniversary, a day that will be forever significant in your lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Tattoo

A simple and short way of telling the rest of the world that you are off limits. Everyone would know that you are hooked up while you can proclaim your love to your spouse.

Single line wedding ring tattoo

A very simple way of expressing your love through your tattoos. It is great for a conservative couple. The ring tattoo is drawn in black and it is as simple as you can get it.

Diamond wedding band tattoo

There is no better way to steal a woman’s heart than with a diamond ring. If you feel you can’t afford a real diamond ring or you both are not sure you won’t misplace the rings, this will work just fine. The tattoos are drawn in black and white and they look very great.

Roman numerals and symbols wedding tattoo

This another way to inscribe your wedding date and remember your anniversary. One of you has the date inked in Roman numerals on the ring finger and the other, a beautiful symbol. The tattoos are beautiful any day.


Couple names wedding ring tattoo

You both can inscribe your names on each other’s ring fingers. You will never forget each other and proclaim your love to the world in the best possible way. The tattoos are conspicuous, similar to regular wedding rings.

Always and forever wedding tattoo

You both hope your love will last always and forever as you never want to be with someone else. Ink these tattoos on your ring fingers and add the image of one of your favorite cartoon characters.

Crown on heart wedding tattoo

The heart is recognized as the symbol of love and with the crown on the heart, it means your love means so much to you. The love you both share is crowned in your hearts and you can’t stop loving each other.

Faded line wedding ring tattoo

This is tattoo seems very simple but it requires a bit more technique than the single line wedding tattoo. It is a simple way of expressing your love to each other and to the rest of the world.

Circular flowers wedding tattoos

Both of you can have these tattoos inked on your fingers on or before your wedding. They are a perfect substitute for your regular rings.

Thick and thin wedding tattoo

A great way to tell that your love will stay strong through thick and thin. The man has a thick ring while the woman has a thin ring. The tattoo is very simple yet looks very cute, and it is not so costly to get too.

Interlocked lifeline tattoos

The lifeline bears great a resemblance to a diamond. This tattoo looks like interlocked diamonds and it looks very simple and easy to achieve.

Old English script initials tattoo

Each of you could have your initials inscribed in Old English script on both your ring fingers. They look really cool and are great if you both are in love with old school font.

Simple crowns tattoos

You could have these crowns instead of the regular ones. This tattoo looks simple but passes a strong message, you both are royalty in each other’s lives.

Colored infinity and star tattoo

The man has a ring with an infinity theme and the woman has a star-themed tattoo. Both tattoos are colored and depict and unending love that will reach the skies and beyond.

Thick wedding ring tattoos

These are similar to the ones we discussed, the only difference is that in this design, both the male and female wear thick rings. They are cute and adorable, perfect for a low profile couple.

Double ring wedding tattoo

The rings are not drawn on the regular location of rings, they are drawn just above the knuckles but still, look adorable.

Spanner wedding tattoo

A great way to say that both of you complement each other perfectly and would be incomplete without each other. The tattoos don’t go round the finger like regular ring tattoos, the just stay in front, but still, look glamorous.

Other Tattoo Ideas



Beautiful wedding ring tattoos roundup

Wedding ring tattoos are a different way of expressing love to your spouse, especially on your wedding day. They are gradually taking over as a trend owing to the fact that they are more permanent and in most cases cheaper than getting vintage rings.

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