125+ Angelic Wing Tattoos With Meanings

Wing tattoos have always been captivating and fascinating to both men and women. Somehow, men lead the race in sporting these tattoos due to several reasons. One of such reasons is that men are intrigued by flight. The skies seem like a great motivation, a height that should be achieved. The tattoos are also a major representation of angels and their protective abilities.

To draw these tattoos a lot of skill is required because of their complex structures. To a couple of people, they see the tattoos as symbols of achieving greater heights. Single feathers, which form an integral part of a wing, depict the complicated nature of human life as it is the coming together of multiple events and stories.

Wing tattoos have become quite popular over the last ten years, a popularity that is continually on the rise. It is undeniable that they are not just attractive, but they bear a lot of symbolism. By the way, wings are not just related to angels, they are about the most prized possession of the avian species. In this post, we shall discuss into detail about wing tattoos as well as suggest some beautiful ideas to inspire you.

The Makeup of a Wing Tattoo

It is as simple as the name suggests. Wing tattoos are simply tattoos that are made up of wings, either partly or in full. The most common location where these tattoos are placed on the body is on the back. Some folks even prefer that the tattoo covers the stretch of the backside.

Most times they are drawn in monochrome color but several variants of the tattoo exist. When the artist is creative he could use different colors to tell the story of the tattoo. Special arrangements and shadings could also be employed to capture the ebbs of the individual feathers that comprise the wing.

Looking at the tattoos you will definitely see the attention to detail that is put into the work. No wonder a skilled artist is needed to achieve the art. At the end of the day, it is worth every dime spent and all the time spent in the tattoo parlor.

Why Wing Tattoos?

The question that begs to be answered since wing tattoos are already popular is “why to get one if you feel the need to stand out?” Truth be told, there are so many reasons why you should get one of your own. Let’s discuss a few reasons.

Many designs

There is no specific design or basis for these tattoos. This is because wings can be tied to different creatures like birds, angels, unicorns, butterflies, and mystical creatures. Men prefer inking angel’s wings because they are synonymous with strength, protection, courage, and wisdom. Most of all because of the majesty attached to the angel’s wings.

The feeling of independence

One of the most common meanings attached to this kind of tattoos is independence. If you feel like you desire freedom or independence then tattoos will definitely help you bring that feeling to life. Asides the feeling of freedom that this tattoo brings, it also brings to mind the understanding that anything is achievable. All you need to do is be determined and put in the right amount of work and you can achieve it.


If you are experienced in the tattoo business or you have gotten a couple before now, you will know that certain designs are perfect in certain locations. For example, the torsos and arms are the best locations for portraits. They definitely wouldn’t look great on your wrists or ankles.


Deep yet simple. Frankly speaking, wing tattoos are quite simple when you look at them at first glance. The only detail there is to them is the feathers so if you just choose an outline, you lose all of the complexity there could have been. The contrast is that as simple as they are, they bear very deep meanings. These meanings may be different to different people but what matters is what you want it to signify.

They are scalable

Wing tattoos will look great on any part of the body as long as they are inked on the right scale. The advantage they bear is that whether drawn big or small, they are still classy and attractive. So you can place them on any location you please.

Pre-tattoo preparation

Whether this is your first time getting a tattoo or not, it is expedient that you learn how to prepare yourself for the process. Don’t be like some folks who take these precautions for granted and end up paying heavily after suffering health complications. The preparation is not just to prevent medical issues but also to get you in the right frame of mind.

Read through these tips carefully and remember them as you prepare for your wing tattoo:

Make at least one visit to the tattoo parlor before your appointment date

This is important because you should at least know how the place looks like. Getting a hang on the environment and its atmosphere will prepare your mind adequately. Without this, you might become really anxious when it is time to get the tattoo. You definitely do not want that to happen.

Look around the environment and speak up or ask questions about what you don’t understand or are not comfortable with. If you feel the place is not hygienic enough for you, you may as well take a walk and find someplace better.

Be ready mentally and physically

This is one of the most important aspects of the preparation process. You must be ready for the tattoo physically and in your mind. How do get ready physically? Sleep well the day before, this prevents drowsiness or anxiety during the process. Mental preparation usually depends on the individual, so you need to employ what boosts your moral the most. If you are not really susceptible to pain, you are on the safe side and really don’t have much to worry about.

Stay away from what makes the blood thin

When your blood is thinner than it should be on the normal, you put yourself at risk of excessive bleeding during the process. This is why you need to stay away from things like aspirin, alcohol, and coffee at least a day before your appointment. Water will do you great good.

Avoid changes to the skin

There are several ways of creating changes to the skin, one of such is tanning. A simple bath is fine but getting a tan could tamper with the whole process adversely. With tan you run the risk of a reaction between your body and the ink which might not augur well. Avoid scrubs as well, they will leave your skin exposed which could lead to excess bleeding. As much as possible, don’t get a tattoo on a part of your body that is affected by sunburn. The skin on that part will peel off at the end of the day and is going to damage your tattoo.

Eat well before your appointment

Some tattoos may take several hours to finish, this is why you should eat well before beginning. Your best choice of foods are proteins and carbs, they will prevent lightheadedness all through the session. Asides this, your body will be able to bear more pain when you are full as well as manage anxiety and stress better. The least of your worries during a tattoo session should be a growling stomach.

Come along with water

It is suggested that you should drink lots of water from at least the day before the appointment. The water keeps your skin hydrated and in good condition. This way it will be able to absorb the ink better.

Bring a distraction along

This advice will suffice if you are easily distracted. You definitely need a lot of distraction if you are going to spend hours inking a tattoo, the process is quite painful. You could read a book, watch something on your phone, listen to music, etc. This will also help the artist focus on his job since you won’t be flinching or complaining too much.

Be dressed for the occasion

Considering that you are about to go through a painful process which could last for hours, comfortable clothing will be most suitable. You don’t want to get irritated, uncomfortable, or sweat through the process. So depending on where you will be placing the tattoo, wear the appropriate clothing.

Wing tattoo design ideas

Much has been said about wing tattoos. It is time for you to check out some of the ideas that should inspire your next tattoo. Pick any of these and work with your artist to tweak it for your own original idea.

Eagle wing tattoo

A great tattoo for lovers of pencil art. The tattoo is drawn to resemble the wing of an eagle and a lot of attention is paid to the feathers that make up the wings. Eagles are strong birds that are synonymous with flying very high. This tattoo is great for go-getters.

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Watercolor forearm wing tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are becoming a trend these days and this tattoo shows why. It is very attractive, sitting in the middle of the elbow and the wrist.

Half sleeve wing tattoo

This half sleeve tattoo stretches from the shoulder to a bit below the elbow. The tattoo is drawn in black and shades of grey and it features different sizes of feathers. It is perfect for a person who isn’t afraid to share his love for tattoos with the world.

Full back angel wings tattoo

The back is the widest canvas for the artist to practice his creativity. Angels are seen as protectors and with this tattoo on the back, the individual might want to feel protected or feel like a protector. Whichever meaning the wearer attributes to the tattoo, it is beautiful any day.

Forearm wing tattoo

Drawn in black and white, this tattoo sits in the middle of the arm. It is very attractive and cool. You should get one if you feel like you don’t want to always show off your tattoo every time.

Backside wing tattoo

This is a variant of angel wings drawn on the back. It covers the whole back and it is very attractive, especially when you go out to the beach or swimming pool and you have to go bare. You’ll definitely spin heads.

Eagle eye wing tattoo

The eagle is one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom, the king of birds. It can spot prey from way up in the sky. Inking this tattoo could mean the individual should have a thing for security or desires the hunting instinct of the eagle.

Black and white chest tattoo

Black and white tattoos are really classic and so is this one. It spreads over the upper part of the chest. It is simple yet it captures the intricacies of the feathers that form the wings.

Twin watercolor wing tattoos

These tattoos are drawn in watercolor, one on each forearm. If you are in need of something very cool, then this is the tattoo you should be looking at inking.

Hourglass wing tattoo

Once upon a time, hourglasses were used to check the time. This tattoo is great for people who are really timely or have their whole lives planned out. With the wings attached, the tattoo is very beautiful and it covers the whole of the chest.

Chariot wheel upper arm tattoo

Chariots used to be the major means of transport for the affluent in medieval times. Mixing wings and a chariot wheel speaks of speed and flight. You could get this if you are hoping speedily achieve your dreams. It is a very simple tattoo, all that is drawn is the outline of both objects.

Apple + text wing tattoo

The apple is a tasty and nutritious fruit. The tattoo shows two wings coming out of the apple, one on each side. A text inscription is written above this chest tattoo with the text tracing the area close to the neckline. You may decide what text you want to add, make sure it is something that makes a lot of meaning to you.

Machine wing chest tattoo

After the back, the chest is the next best location to ink a large tattoo. This tattoo is very large, covering a major part of the chest. There are a couple of eyes and different machine parts with feathers attached to the edges. It looks more like the wings belong to a machine. a great tattoo idea for a techie.


Cross, skull, and roses

This is a rare wing tattoo with a mix of several elements. The tattoo covers the whole chest and is joined by a full sleeve on one hand. The contrasting elements speak of a personality of like manner, someone who likes to conceal his personality, even though there is no hiding this tattoo.

Angel wing leg tattoo

This angel wing is inked on the lower part of the leg. It is mostly inked by athletes who seek the protection of the angels. The tattoo is cute and very attractive. You can cover it with a pair of socks.


Falcon wing back tattoo

A beautiful design with two wings sitting side by side. The wings are painted over with some black ink.

Colored angel wing tattoo

This tattoo is very beautiful with the wings stretching into the upper arms. It is a shame that they are mostly covered except when you have your back bare at a pool party.


Tiger, skull, and birds wing tattoo

This is one very controversial tattoo, but it is cool in the weirdest manner. The tiger is drawn in full color and the rest of the tattoo is in black, except for the red lines on a part of the skull.

Other Tattoo Ideas



This post must have been helpful in providing you information about wing tattoos. You definitely are inspired so share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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