90+ Cool Wolf Tattoo Ideas to Show Your Fierceness

One of the latest trends among animal tattoo lovers is wolf tattoos. They are gradually becoming the most popular choice of animal tattoos, probably because it speaks volumes about the wearer. The location of the tattoos are either on the head alone or the whole body. However, the creativity put into these tattoos these days keep improving as designs are tweaked daily.

The most common colors are black and grey, which are really realistic, gorgeous, and attractive. As more people are beginning to accept the watercolor tattoo trend, wolf tattoos have become more colorful. The added color makes them more real and passes the message better. Some of the tattoos even have the complete colors of the rainbow to replace the traditional grey and black.


If you are a good observer, you will notice that most wolf tattoos are inked head alone on the biceps or a part of the chest. The idea is placing the tattoo on a part of the body where curves wouldn’t alter the design. Rather inking a big tattoo, you may be a bit conservative by scaling down on the tattoo so it can fit in a smaller canvas.

The tattoos bear very deep meanings and thus are very symbolic. Wolves are very loyal to each other, sticking together in a group. As a result, individuals perceive these tattoos as a symbol of family bond and loyalty. Siblings who share a special bond look very good with these tattoos.

If you are a lover of Game of Thrones, then you will definitely love wolf tattoos. This post will inspire your choice so you can look fierce in your new body art.

Types of wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoos are popular among both males and females and they bear deep meanings to the wearer and to those who see them. Wolves have a deep connection to humans, probably because they are from the dog family and there is a saying which says “the dog is man’s best friend.”

The tattoos could be of several types, ranging from traditional to cartoon, to tribal tattoos. What bears more significance is the design and the meaning you tie to it. These are the most catchy wolf tattoo types you could choose from.

  • Wolf and moon tattoo: Wold and moon design combine a wolf and a moon and it is very popular with both sexes. Result of the design shows the wolf howling at the moon. This setup is prevalent most movies most of the time when a certain character desires to voice out inner feelings. The tattoo speaks of a desire for transformation or to tell the world the way one feels inside.

  • Wolf heart tattoo: Due to the feminine theme of this tattoo, it is more popular among females. Two wolves stand side by side or facing each other. So, when you zoom in to the image, you see that both animals have formed a heart shape by their arrangement. The design does not show the fierce nature of wolves so the faces of the wolves are gentle and calm. They depict the love and bond shared by family members.

  • Tribal wolf tattoo: It is about the most complex tattoo to draw due to the requirement for skill and precision. Also, the design contains the infusion of tribal lines and strokes into this beautiful body art. using these strokes and lines, the artist creates the face and neck of the animal. They symbolize the strong connection a person shares his or her ethnicity and culture.


Meaning of wolf tattoos

The meaning of a wolf tattoo depends majorly on the wearer of the tattoo. Generally, these tattoos have several meanings and most of them are related to the characteristics of the animals. There is a general human fear for wolves, at least a large number of people have a certain phobia of wolves.

Movies have made us believe that wolves are the villains, the animal that depicts the alter ego of the evil powers. This is probably why you have a fear of wolves. Therefore, people describe them as fierce, especially the look in their eyes. If you know wolves well, then you know this is not really the totality of their nature. They could be calm and tame.

Wolves represent strength and power. They are also survivors which makes people believe they have the ability to withstand the fiercest conditions. As a result, most individuals see them as very powerful creatures.

The wolves also move in packs showing that they have very strong family bonds. They are very loyal to this bond, a bond that is really exceptional. Therefore, the use of wolf tattoos deliberately symbolize the strong bond and loyalty between family members. Many people get these tattoos for this singular reason.

The ideal placement of wolf tattoos

When you have a very cool wolf tattoo, why in the world would you want to hide it? Most people prefer placing this tattoo where it will catch the attention of anyone passing by. If you are getting a large tattoo, then you probably want to place it on your back. The back is the biggest art canvas on the human body and it allows the artist to express his creative abilities to the fullest.

You might decide to be a bit conservative and just use one part of your back, somewhere below the shoulders. The thighs and lower legs are also very cool locations for wolf tattoos. They tell of how sexy you feel about yourself, making you look really hot. On the other hand, if you feel you want to conceal your tattoos sometimes, these locations would do perfectly.

If you are one who prefers very small tattoos, then you could place the tattoos on the neck or behind the ears. You may also place them just above the waist, behind or in front.

Preparation tips

If this is your first time you probably have asked a million questions about getting tattoos already. When getting your first tattoo. it is normal for you to be a bit scared or worried so don’t feel weird about yourself.

First of all, it is important to catch some good sleep a day before your appointment. Rest is one of the best ways to prepare your body and mind for the procedure. You should also eat well and take lots of liquid, preferably water. Stay away from alcohol or any other thing that will cause your blood to get thinner. This is to prevent excess bleeding while getting your tattoo.

People always get very nervous before their tattoo appointment but find out at the end of the day that it was not as bad as they originally thought. Here’s an extra tip, carefully research about your tattoo artist and the tattoo studio before the day arrives. With knowledge, you gain the comfort of the abilities of your selected tattoo artist and their working environment.

Maintenance tips after getting wolf tattoos

There are no bounds to your excitement after you have gotten your wolf tattoo. This excitement may make you forget all the aftercare tips given by your tattoo artist. We understand this so we have brought you some helpful tips to help you care for your wolf tattoos after the inking procedure.

The first thing you should note is the covering of the tattoo surface with a bandage for about 3 hours after the procedure. Afterward,  remove the covering and clean the surface. Don’t clean the surface with an antiseptic soap. It is best to use clean water and whatever soap advised by your artist.

You should apply a mild moisturizer afterward and then leave the surface open. This means you shouldn’t wear tight clothing till the surface heals properly. You should also keep the surface away from excess water, so you can’t sit in your bathtub or go swimming for at least three weeks. You should also stay away from salt water, so you can’t play in beach water, for at least five to six weeks.

Also, you should stay away from the sun rays as much as possible because of the ultraviolet effect. When going out in the sun ensure you cover the surface for at least six months. This ensures the tattoo does not blur of fade. You should also consider using sunscreen when you are going out in the sun.

Finally, continually observe your tattoo to see if there are any changes in the ink intensity. You might have to visit the tattoo studio more than once for a touchup. The cost of this should be covered by your initial payment for the procedure.

Top wolf tattoos design ideas

After all, said and done, let’s check out a couple of beautiful wolf tattoos design ideas to inspire your next tattoo. Ensure you hold a discussion with your tattoo artist on what you want to achieve on your body.

Wolf and arrows tattoo

Wolves are regarded as strong animals as well as fierce and tactful hunters. This tattoo is great for a go-getter, a person who is focused on a goal and ready to chase after it.

Chest wolf head tattoo

This tattoo is very complex to achieve but at the end of the day, it is very attractive and worth the time and pain put into it. It is drawn in black, with beautiful shading, it could be mistaken for an actual image transfer. It is placed with a beautiful vector on one part of the chest.

Smiling wolf on wrist tattoo

Wolves are not always fierce, sometimes they are friendly. This tattoo which stretches from just above the fingers through the wrist and ends just above the wrist. The smiling wolf head is drawn in details with very creative shading. It is very attractive and with the placement, will definitely spin heads.

Symmetrical wolf tattoo

The symmetrical style has become one of the trendy ways to draw wolf tattoos these days. In this design, the wolf’s face stands out from the different symmetrical shapes drawn as the background.



Upper arm wolf tattoo

The serious face of the wolf is drawn in black and grey and it sits right in the middle of the upper arm. As a result, the coloring makes the tattoo very detailed.

Two-in-one wolf tattoo

This tattoo is simply amazing. One wolf is drawn howling on the top of a rock with a full moon on the background. The other wolf is huge and overshadows the first wolf. Here, the wolf has a tear dropping from its eye. The tattoo is a mix of emotions.


Wolf and flowers back tattoo

This black and grey tattoo fills three-quarters of the back. It shows a detailed wolf’s head amidst some beautiful flowers. Both males and females love this tattoo and it is great for a conservative and private person.

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Blue wolf tattoo

Blue is a color that is related to the male folk, this is why this tattoo is more common among men. It shows a full wolf colored in different shades of blue. The wolf seems on the prowl, looking very fierce and ready to pounce on its prey.

Sad wolf face tattoo

Wolves have emotions and sometimes they are sad, just as this tattoo depicts. This tattoo is mostly used to remember the loss of someone special, maybe a family member or close friend. The tattoo sits on one part of the chest, even though other parts of the body will suffice.

Wolf and thorns tattoo

A true picture of a wolf ready to pounce on prey. The wolf has fiery eyes and has a few thorns close by painted in the same color as the eyes.

Half flower wolf tattoo

The flowers are drawn in full color on half of the wolf’s face with one of the eyes of the wolf peeping through the middle of a flower. Design of the rest of the tattoo is an outline of the face of the wolf, drawn in black. The tattoo is very attractive and sits well on the upper arm.



Black and white upper arm wolf tattoo

The beautiful tattoo is drawn in black and white and it shows the head of a wolf that is highly decorated. The wolf has the eyes of a watchdog and it is mostly drawn on the upper arm.

Polygon forearm wolf tattoo

A very beautiful tattoo which sits on the forearm. The tattoo shows the head of a wolf drawn with a mixture of several polygons. The polygons are the simple units that make up the whole design. It is a very complex design which requires lots of precision by the artist but ends up looking very attractive.

Black star wolf tattoo

The whole tattoo is drawn in black and has shades of grey. Hanging from the neck of the wolf is a necklace having a star pendant. The tattoo is very detailed and is a masterpiece, the artist should be applauded for outstanding precision and creativity. The tattoo sits on one side of the back, just below the shoulder.

Candy wolf head tattoo

A great tattoo for a person who likes a lot of candy. The head of the wolf sits just above the colorful candy. Most times the tattoo is placed on the lower part of the leg, very close to the foot.

Grape wolf tattoo

This tattoo shows a wolf’s head and one of its legs amidst some grapes. It is placed on the upper thigh and while the grapes are drawn in full color, the wolf is drawn in grey and black.

Half tribal wolf tattoo

The very beautiful and detailed tattoo has half of the wolf’s face drawn in tribal patterns. For the other half is the traditional wolf face. The tattoo speaks of a fierce personality with the wearer in love with his ethnicity and culture. It is mostly drawn on the upper arm, between the shoulder and elbow.

Cartoon wolf tattoo

Lovers of cartoons and animation will definitely fall in love with this tattoo. The tattoo is classy and drawn in full color. It is set on the forearm and can be covered with a long sleeve shirt whenever the wearer feels like.

Adorned wolf tattoo

This tattoo shows a wolf adorned in several beautiful designs including a beautiful blue precious stone on the forehead. It is great for a person who wants to show a more extravagant side to the world.

Patterned wolves tattoo

Two wolves are set in this tattoo, one big wolf overlooking the smaller wolf. For the smaller wolf, it  is sitting amidst a couple of trees without leaves. The detailed tattoo is drawn in black and grey on the upper arm.

Fierce wolf belly tattoo

This is one of the strangest yet detailed tattoos ever. It covers the whole belly, starting from the chest to just below the navel. This is a perfect tattoo for someone who has a very strong personality.

Triangle wolf tattoo

A very detailed tattoo which has a triangle drawn in the middle of the wolf’s face. It is drawn in grey and black. The tattoo has a lot of work put in to pass the message.

Wolf and moon tattoo

The tattoo is made up of several elements. A wolf howling towards a full moon, some trees and a white dove descending. The tattoo spreads from a part of the chest to the shoulder and down the upper arm.


White and black wolf tattoo

It covers the whole chest, two wolves, one white and the other black. The wolves face each other with the black one looking fierce and the white wolf looking very calm. On the background are a few trees and a yellow moon behind.

Twilight wolf tattoo

Drawn on one side of the back, this tattoo shows a huge wolf head in the clouds and a few blackbirds flying around.

Woman wolf tattoo

As beautiful and calm as a woman can be, when she is scorned she can be very fierce. This tattoo shows a wolf head above a woman’s head telling of two different personalities in one.

Other Tattoo Ideas


Wolf tattoos are sometimes fierce and other times cute. The bottom line is that they will portray the message you want them to.

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