151 Extremely Cute Yorkie Haircuts for Your Puppy

Elegant, extremely cute and glamorous of all dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are the style icon of the all the dog clans. Often petted as companion dogs, Yorkshire Terriers aka “Yorkie” has also been used in different fashion events, runways and ramps and the reasons are obvious; their pocket-filling size, wavy silky coat, cute stubby nose, and sparkly blue eyes. So, when you own a Yorkshire Terrier, it’s important if you decide how you groom your Terrier every week or every month because their coats grow super fast and can grow up to floor length within months.

With that being said, Yorkie hairstyles are super trendy and as this dog is a style symbol, most of the owners want the dog to grab attention and look good when snapped on Instagram. Regardless of their small size, they can be as mischievous as other dog breeds, hence it’s better to keep an eye on them. Grooming your pet and giving it a nice haircut can sound a bit complicated but once you decide the final look, you would love it! And with the long wavy coat they have, they can simply carry off any hairstyle.

How to Groom Your Yorkies?

Bred from a larger Clydesdale Terrier by Scottish workers during the Industrial Revolution, Yorkshire Terriers were the huge hunting dogs back in those times. As the breeding went along, the Yorkies started to come out in much smaller size and were classified as per their weight. Grooming them was not considered a crucial part back in those days.

Nevertheless, the time has changed and now grooming and styling Yorkies have become a must. Yorkies have perfectly straight, silky hair. The young pups are born with little black or tan coat, and the coat starts to shed out eventually giving up long silky, dark brown to golden coats. They have a small face with hair falling on the face and it is pretty long. This is the major point where you can style your Yorkie’s hair. However, lack of grooming and not trimming out their hair in regions like ears and eyes can obstruct their vision and prone to mites and ticks infection.

Some of the important Grooming tips for Your Yorkshire Terrier are listed below:

  • Yorkies coat become lighter and silkier as they grow, so when you comb the coat, it’s as complicated as you thought it would be.
  • Gently brush the coat every day with a clean dog brush.
  • Do not forget to bathe your pup weekly, if not possible, 2-3 times in a month. Use a dog coat conditioner at the end for more shine and sleek.
  • Yorkie’s are prone to teeth problems due to the formation of tons of tartar. Hence, it’s best to brush their teeth on a regular basis using dog toothpaste.
  • When you are cutting the hair of Yorkie, make sure you trim the anal area as well because it might cause tangles and difficulty while urinating or pooping.
  • When you groom your Yorkies, do check for skin rashes, sores or unusual scars on the skin because it could be early signs of infections.
  • Take your Yorkie for weekly veterinarian visit to maintain his health.

51 Best and Cute Hairstyles for Yorkies

  1. Mohawked Yorkie

Dragons and magic are more on demand these days; all thanks to the epic series Game of Thrones. That being said, it is time to give your Yorkie a nice dragon pattern looks or Mohawk looks on it’s back to add that extra oomph. Style the excess hair on the head ponies making it look like “Cuteness in the front, party at the back”!


2.Short and simple

When it’s summer, the long locks of Yorkies can make them uncomfortable. Also, we need to consider their vision and overall health as in hot climate, they might be prone to skin infections.

Hence, it’s best if you keep the hairstyle short on the head, with a trimmed face and ears and the body. Modify your Yorkie’s style by keeping it bushy in the legs and the tail and don’t forget to accessorize with cute belts and tags.

3. Classic Style

Yorkies look best with their classic hairstyle and undoubtedly, they look the cutest in these. Keep the fur about one inch long from the pup’s body. Since the eyes and nose of the Yorkie’s get blocked by the fur, make sure you brush is properly.

4.Medium Lengthed Style

This cute hairstyle is perfect for Yorkies during winter. The medium lengthed fur will help your dog stay warm and cozy and the messy look is simply adorable! Don’t forget to bathe your Yorkie time and again because the messy fur can lead to tangled hair, making them look dirty.

To modify this hair statement, you can also tie up your pup’s hair and make a cute pony.


5. Let it flow to the ground!

When you allow your Yorkie’s fur to grow long, it will certainly look so dapper. However, this style is not recommended for them in a hot climate and the longer it gets, the harder it will be for you to groom.

Longer fur requires more brushing and bathing. When the fur is long, it increases the risk of infestation from mites and ticks. Also, when the fur touches the ground, it can lead to difficulty in walking. This style is appropriate only for pet photography and photo shoot unless you’re willing to groom them every day.

6. Show Dog Style

Quite similar to the one mentioned above, show dog style stands out as one of the popular hairstyles for Yorkies. Keep the manes long on the face, ears, legs, and tails, except the body. Use cute clips and ribbons to accessorize.

7. Ear Pony Tails

Keep your Yorkie’s face well trimmed except for the ears. This is a suitable style as it won’t obstruct the pup’s vision and will make it easier for them to eat and move around. To get this look, let your pup’s hair around the ear grow long and cut it in straight.

8. Trimmed Ears

This is another super easy and super cute hairstyles for Yorkie. Keep the brows and mustache as it is and trim the hair around the ears. It will make your Yorkie look chic and cute at the same time.


9. Trimmed yet fluffy

Ever wished your Yorkie to look super fluffy? Well, it is possible. Trim your Yorkie’s long locks just an inch away from his body. You can either trim his face completely or leave it just like that. Blow dry your pup after a nice bath and keep combing to get that fluffed up look.

10. Musctachio!

Trim all the facial hair, except on the sides of the nose and make him look like a Kung Fu master. This look looks good on tiny Yorkies.

11. Cute Round Face and Trimmed Body

If you do not have much time to groom your Yorkie every day, then you can trim off the fur, not too close to the skin but make sure to keep it short. Get a professional pet groomer and ask them to make your pup face look round and cute. Keep the length medium in the face and the ears.

12. Shady Style

The body is fully trimmed, pretty close to the skin, except for abdomen, legs, and tails. This makes Yorkie that they have some sort of shade on their body. The long locks on the leg and tails look pretty stylish. Keep the facial fur long for more authentic look.


13. Nerd Yorkie

Are you a nerd yourself and want your dog to follow the same style sense as you. Well, your dog won’t mind and it will look super cute. Set your Yorkie’s hair giving the middle partition, let the fur grow on the ear and trim everything on the body.


14. Tying UP

Bow Ties and regular ties are a must for these good boys! You’ll be amazed by how stylish and cute they will look.

15. Dyed and Fancy Yorkie

Dye your Yorkie’s blonde hair into lighter teal or any other fancy color like baby pink and give them a fancy look.

16. Clean-cut-face Yorkie

Do not prefer the messy buns or ponytails on your pup? Trim out everything and give him a nice, good-boy, clean-cut hairstyle. Add a scarf to make him look more like a ‘homeboy’.

17. Single Pony Harley Quinn style

Remember Harley Quinn? If you want to go extravagant, give your Yorkie a nice Harley Quinn inspired style. Tie a pony and dye the top hair either blue or pink. Keep everything else a bit messy and crazy!

18. Messy Hairstyle with ponies

Messy look with multiple ponies is the old look of Yorkies, but most still prefer this look. But make sure you trim the hair on the nose time to time as it can block your pup’s vision.


19. Shag Style

Hollywood’s sweetheart rocked the Shag hairstyle back in the 90’s and we’re sure that Yorkies will pull it off well too. It will make him look peppy and cute.


20. Ombre  Cute Yorkie

Give your Yorkie a nice ombre look by dying the fur a darker color like grey or dark brown. This will definitely complement their sparkling eyes. Do not clean trim the hair, just let it grow wavy and lustrous.


21. Cute Tiny Lion Yorkie

Transform your little Yorkie into a brave lion with this amazing hairstyle. Give details to your groomer and let them do the magic!

22. Fancy Accessorised Yorkie

Dogs and accessories might not sound right but with Yorkies, it will definitely look right. Clip out all the facial fur with cute bow or flower clip and make it look elegant with cute pearl necklaces.


23. Dapper Yorkie

Have you seen a gorgeous looking dog? If you want the Yorkie to look gorgeous, go for this look. Keep it trimmed on the back and long locks  on the ears and the legs.


24. Round Ears

This style resembles like that of a cute Mickey Mouse. Keep your pup’s hair round on the face and make the ears look big and round.


25. Vintage Look

We all remember the 80s big bows, ribbons, bell bottom pantsand a big hairdo, right? Give this look to your dog and make head turn. Make sure you comb and set the hair on the head well.

26. Colorful Mane

Messy yet colorful fur gives your Yorkie a more homey look. Keep the locks long and messy.


27.Justin- The Golden Boy

Justin Bieber rocked the blonde baby bowl haircut back in those days. Try out the same look on your Yorkie and see how stylish it looks.

28. Maltese Style

We cannot deny that the Maltese breeds are the cutest ones with their curly silky coat and adorable face. Try out the Maltese style by keeping the beard region of the pup’s a bit longer while the ears are trimmed. Do this for Yorkies which have the white colored coat.

29. Layered Style

Thanks to Yorkie’s silky waves, they can carry off the layered hair cut. Keep the length of the fur 2 inches long from the skin. This will block the eyes but for that you can simply tie a pony up, making them look extra cute.

30. Furry Horse Haircut

Have you ever seen a Shire Horse with its majestic flared hooves? Yorkies are no better than these beautiful horses as they can look dapper like them.


31.Fusion hairstyle

Fusion hairstyles work best for the female Yorkies. You can mix up 2-3 styles together and see what works. Keep the hair fancy on the face with hair bow and clip to make it look more girly and give them a good trim on the body with patterns.


32. Furry legs

Yorkies fur can get a bit annoying when we keep it long. So if you’re one of those lazy owners who do not want to spend more on styling. this kind of hairstyle for your Yorkie is perfect


33.Classic Yorkie

This is the classic Yorkie style and perhaps the favorite ones of all the owners. This hairstyle highlights the face. nose, eyes and their cute legs.



Want your Yorkie to look like a Princess? Go for this look. Keep the fur nicely trimmed in the neck region and give a flowy look downwards. Accessorize the face with bangs and clips. You can either keep the nose trimmed or a short mustache style will also go with the look.

35.Signature Yorkie-cut

Want to style your Yorkie with different colors? Go for this look. The mixed and matched colors like silver and golden around the face and grey around the body with a black tail highlights the whole look.


36.Messy Curls

A perfect hairstyle for female Yorkie, this style will make them look like a style diva. This haircut looks good on Yorkies with golden hair. The messy curls might make it difficult for Yorkies to walk or see properly so, it’s better to tie up their hair around the face with a bow or a clip.


37.Cat Face Style

Ever wanted a Yorkie and a cat, both? Well, we have good news. You can transform your Yorkie into a fluffy cat through this look.

38. Additional Volume

To get this look on your Yorkie. get a professional and ask them to create a color contrast, either teal, and gold or silver and gold. Keep the body fur long and well-conditioned and trimmed nose to make it look more distinct.


39.Fire Red Layers

If you look at this haircut, you can see that it’s improper and messy with multicolored dye, but it works really good. Make sure you use the dyes properly and keep the hair on the face long and messy.


40. Fluffy Layers

Love a fluffy Yorkie? Go for this look and create a soft fluffy pattern all over its body by yourself or a styler.


41.Accentuated Style

This look focuses more on face, tails, and legs, accentuating these areas. Make sure you clean trim the body and keep those fur long on the legs and face. You can also dye the fur along the facial area to make it more prominent and stylish,


42.Single Pony Chic legs

It’s probably one of the cutest hairstyles on a Yorkie. The color contrast on the face with a single pony and trimmed hair and well trimmed chic legs makes it look cute and classy at the same time.

43.Good Legs

Looking more like a wolf, the soft fluffy colorful fur is perfect for a summer look. Keep the body trimmed for the Yorkie’s comfort but make the legs extra fluffy with fur/

44. Stylish hooves

Want your pup to look stylish? This is the classic show dog style for your Yorkie that will make everyone head’s turn. The vintage bell-bottomed legs and long flowy hair on the face adds extra beauty to this look.

45. Hairy Face

The soft glossy fur on this Yorkie is to die for! If you love keeping your Yorkie maintained, then you can try this look. Keep the fur hairy on the face and 1 to 2 inches long from the skin. Brush and conditioned often to give that silky, glossy look on them.


46. Bell Bottom Legs

This is a typical pup face, party legs look. Trim the facial and body fur, keeping the nose and ear neat. Let the hair grow long on the legs.


47.Long Pony Tails

Long Pony Tails are back in fashion for Yorkies, especially for the females. The look essentially focuses on the ear. Let the fur around the ears grow long and keep everything else minima and trimmed.


48.Butterfly Ears fluffy cheeks

This style in a way reminds us of Chinese dolls. The big butterfly shaped fur style around the ears and round face with a trimmed body is perfect for humid weather. But make sure you clean the fur around the ears from time to time to avoid any infection.


49.Simple Good Boy

A simple and easy look for any Yorkie, the Good Boy look is our favorite on this list. Keep the fur nicely trimmed, but not too close from the skin. Try combing to give it more fluff and volume. Avoid trimming around the nose, to give a more round feature on the face.


50. Golden Girl

The messy, scrummy style for Yorkie suits best for the female ones. To add an extra oomph to the look, dye your pup with contrasting colors on the body and the face. Don’t forget to decorate with sparkly neck collars and cute hair bows!

51.Small Doggo

Last but not the least, we have a cute, tater tot style that suits a Yorkie. It’s perfect for the small sized pups and looks adorably cute. Keep the fur medium lengthed all over the body and tie a cute pony up on the head.

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