70 Best Motivational “You Can Do It” Memes That are Super Funny

We all are going through some phase or a hard time in our lives that often makes us feel hopeless and incompetent. These feelings, if kept buried inside for a long period of time, can lead to serious conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. We need to find a medium to release all the stress from our body and mind. Whether it’s a project at work you need to finish or a scary exam that’s keeping you up all night, a slight hint of motivation or a ray of hope changes our entire perspective and mood in no time.

With that being said, we all need a motivation of “You can do it”, but not through boring lectures and long inspirational quotes. We will motivate you today with these awesome yet funny memes.

Why do we need “You can do it” memes?

Memes are relatable and funny. A good laugh relieves your  body from physical pain and stress, keeping you relaxed and stable for a longer time. It’s time to entertain yourself and keep all your worries at bay through inspirational yet funny “You Can Do It Memes” because, firstly, they are super hilarious and will lighten up your mood and secondly they will motivate you and inspire to keep pushing yourself until you get the job done.

Also, memes are a great way to take a break, relax and just enjoy the funny yet inspiring thoughts put together by the great minds. So, we do need memes for motivation. Motivational memes can brighten up your lousy day and add that sense of humor and enthusiasm, that was missing on your hectic life. Therefore, our advice for you all those meme-hungry people, SAY YES TO MEMES and You can do it!

But before heading to “You Can Do It” Memes, let’s first find out when did “Memes” first originate and where did they come from.

What are Memes and why are they so  popular?

The word “meme” comes from the Greek word “mimeme” which means something imitated. Later, the word went viral on the internet as ‘Memes’ after several platform started posting the word with funny yet factual posts. So, in general, meme is an idea that has an unlimited horizon, meaning it can represent anything from cats to clothes to food.

The first ever “went-viral” meme was the Dancing Baby who is seen doing some funny dance moves with a Swedish rock song playing in the background. This is the first image internet mem that went viral through email. Until today, there are millions of image or gif or video-based memes and several other platforms, preparing these memes like instant noodles. Today there are more than 15 different types of memes, ranging from the puns, motivational, slapstick humors to comics, series and classics.

Now that you know some details about the memes, it’s time for some hand picked, awesome yet informative motivational memes, all served for your entertainment!

70 Best Motivational “You Can Do It” Memes That are Super Funny

  1. Jake The Dog Talks

We all remember, Jake the Dog, the quirky, wise, magical dog of our favorite show, Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Here is motivational meme dose for you from Jake who advices that though you think you’re not good at something, it means that you’re taking a first step at being good at that particular thing. Wise words, eh?


If the hot actor Ryan Gosling believes in you this much, girl you can do anything!

3. Otterly Motivational

Stop all the totter, listen to the wise otter. He believes that good luck and hard work, equals to success.

via you can do it meme @ worldoffemale

4. Oh My GOSH-ling meme

Ladies, do we need any other motivational meme. rather than him! When he says you can do it, just can and will certainly do it.

5. Oprah- The true Motivational speaker

Oprah is so motivational and encouraging that she can  motivate even a lifeless chair to move and achieve its goal.

6. Some techno-philosophical memes to get your creative juices flowing. This quote-cum-meme synchronizes life with a camera as in life, our major purpose is to make good memories, but some how we end up collecting sad ones. Nevertheless, at the end, we can always start new and take another shot.

7. Legen-DARY meme

Amateur fall once, legends fall thrice and get up 100th time and do it like a pro!

8. Fear of failure and disappointments keeps us away from achieving the greatness. Don’t fear, because you can do it!

9. We all need a pumped up attitude like “Heck Yeah, We can do This.” Infact, we can do anything what we’ve dreamed of.

10.  Elf Self Motivation

We all loved the innocent elf in the blockbuster movie “Elf” but now it’s time to follow his motivational quotes as well. He says he love setting goals, and we too should set goals in life and give our everything to achieve them.

11. There’s a 110% chance that one will always get a chance to prove oneself and hit the ultimate goal. Don’t believe us, you can believe Jim Carrey though. He suffered ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) for many years and yet he’s achieved a huge success in Hollywood.

12. This is a good Motivational Meme

When you set your mind to something, you’ve to fight like Spartans, protect the dream, defend it, keep it safe from the enemies and kill (not literally) everyone who’s against it.

13. Awwww

This cute little hedgehog thinks that you can do it. Yaayy!

14. True that!

Do not wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.


15. Kitten Wisdom

This cute kitty who has nothing to lose believe that he’s got this and he has set goals to kill as much as mouse as he can. So why are you worried? You’ve got this.

16. Imagination is the key

We all know that we are weak and vulnerable during hard times, but sometimes we have to imagine ourselves to a greater, stronger and bigger version to achieve the impossible. You can do it!

17. Mr. Bean Memes are lit

He is known for his comic skills, but aside humor, Mr. Bean is also an inspirational character, who does what he really wants.

18. 1..2..3.. Jump!

To achieve any goal and become a person we want to be, we have to take a  leap of faith. Make the jump, become successful.

19. True Words!

We try we fail, we give up, we lose. But if we keep on trying, victory will always be on our side.

20. Dinosaur Memes

Dinosaur memes went viral back in 2016 and 2017 because they were the funniest and most meaningful memes. Believe me, these memes can make a crying man laugh. The hand gesture that shows a thinking dino is too hilarious. And here, the dino is contemplating whether the human nature of always wanting easy things is keeping them away from achieving the greatness.

21. Never Give up!

Don’t give up on your dreams. It’s not bad to start over, it’s bad to quit.


Work hard in present for a better future. It’s that simple!

23.Some Doggo motivation!

We always need a doggo motivation once in a while. Videos and gifs of dogs chasing their tails to death were viral on internet and this meme gives the perfect amount of motivation to achieve your goals.

24. Confused? Just say Yes

Sometimes in life, it’s too hard to stay positive all the time. But memes like this are pretty helpful to keep your hopes and spirits high.

25. Move on!

Moving on is perhaps the major emotionally healthy and uplifting activity. Move on from negative people, bad job and unhealthy relationships. You can do this!

26. Bill Murray Motivation

Bill Murray escorted the hot and young singer, Selena Gomez on 72nd Cannes Film Festival, shocking us all. He was pretty confident, hence, he did it! If you’re confident like Mr. Murray, you can do it.

27. Namaste!

Inhale tacos, exhale negativity, reach for your goals!!

28. Stick figures!

Stick figures have taught us more than the conventional books, (not exactly but..it has). It’s fun to watch them with their funny expressions and message they’re trying to project. Challenge Accepted is just another way of motivation as life stumps you with countless challenges and we have to face and overcome them.

29. Corgis are the best

If this Corgi can jump this high, you can pass that exam, bruh!

30. Super Ant!

Little ant with its super tiny hand is lifting a bark, heavier than its weight. In life. somedays, we have to hold responsibilities, more than we can. Those time we need to stay strong, just like this ant.

31. Hedgehogs!

Hog this motivation from this adorable hedgehog. If he believes he can fly, you can do anything my darling.

32. OH-BAMA!

I believe I can achieve my goals OBAMA-self. If you know what I mean.

33. ToyStory Level of Motivation

We need to have goals everywhere and stop slacking! Pick them up and finish it.

34. Yoda Wisdom

Try if you do not, a failure you will be. If you try and fail, a learner you will be.

35. Alrighty!

When you brace yourself and get prepared for your goals, nothing can stop you. You will say. “Let’s do this!”

36. Damn!

You know how we keep trying constantly but fail everytime. During those times you just need to relax and stay calm and try again but first, let’s curse!

37.Hulk Hogan Knows the Best!

Yes, he does, he knows the best of the moves and you do too.

38. Birthday motivation

Every day is your birthday and your best day, if you make a choice to make it so.

39. Kitten is so inspiring!

This adorable yet fierce looking kitten wants to crush his enemies. Damn! But its faith in god, teaches us an important lesson. No matter what big of a problem we have, we need to trust the God and move ahead to solve it or get through with it. That’s how you will win in life and maybe crush (not literally) some of your enemies like this little kitten.

40. Women Unite!

This is a powerful poster made during the World War II where women had to go to the offices and factories for work. They lost millions of men during the war and other millions were busy fighting the war. So to motivate women that they can work like men, this poster was made. So, inspiring, isn’t it?

41.  You can do it Bruce! You can buy all the chocolates in the world and eat it!

42.Liam Neeson’s true motivation

I will look for you, I will find you and I will make you do your exercises. Ok! This one is for all the lazy peeps who wants to go to the gym but slack everyday. Just do it before Mr. Neeson whoop your arses!

43. Cute Elf!

There are probably hundreds of things you cannot do. But our focus point should be on things that you can do.

44. Howard is a pro in doing things!

Double under work out is probably the hardest of all the workouts. Many might say that it’s impossible, but once you do it, you’ll feel like the fitness guru! I know the goal of yours might seem like the hardest to achieve, but you need to keep on trying.

45. Einstein Theory of Success

“You can do anything, but you cannot do everything.” Duh, you’re not a machine to do everything by yourself.

46. Now! NOW!

Do it now or regret it later! Sometimes you need a screamer to motivate you just like this. I know you’ll feel about at first, but once he/she pushes you beyond your limits, you will become invincible.

47.  Hey Kiddo!

Hey Kiddo! You can do it. If I can at this age, you can do it.

48. May the squirrel be with you!

The squirrel is probably waiting for a fruit to fall down from the tree! Have some patience, you’ll get your fruit.

49. MayBe, Maybe Not

It doesn’t matter if you don’t achieve your goal in the first attempt. Maybe you might fail, but what matters is your effort.

50. C’mon guys!

This meme is hilarious of all. It looks like the little baby is trying to poop so hard. But jokes apart, he really thinks that we can do it. So what are we waiting for?

51. God Is With You

Me: “Hey Jesus, tell me that I can do it”.

Jesus: ” You can do it!”

52.Morgan Freeman is the Best

If you believe in yourself then you can do just about anything you want.

53. You can’t do it, but if you try you might. Aye Aye!

54.Run little girl run

Run like this little girl with her candy to follow your dreams and goal. Don’t walk, just run.

55. Trump-tivation

Mr. Trump can be a bit pain in the eyes sometimes, but when it comes to winning or achieving something, he goes right for it. That’s how we all should be. We all should move forward with the “Yes, I can do it” attitude in order to be successful and powerful as Mr. Trump

56. Baby knows it better

We all remember this adorable baby. We wonder if he’s grown up to be a motivational speaker or something like that because his memes were funny and inspiring. So, hey, listen to the kid and do it!

57. All hail Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo knows that you can do it, so don’t sit scrolling this meme. Get up and get some shit done.

58. Yeah baby!

You can turn this meme into a motivational song. “You can do it, yes you can do it. you can do it all night long. Don’t fear baby, you’ll get there baby. You can do it all night long” Repeat after me everyone!

59. Presidential Motivation!

Hey you, you reading this meme, you can do it. Don’t hesitate on anything. Keep focusing on your goals and show everyone who didn’t believe in you that you can do it.

60. This Bro knows it!

What’s holding you up brother? Get your mind to your goals and do it!

61. This nerd is true

Believing is not enough. Transform it into action!

62. Awwww..

We all need a friend, a helping hand and shoulder to lean on during hard times.

63.  Yeah It is

You can do anything my dear because the world is in the palm of your hand. Paint your way around!

64.  Golden Motivation

Feeling down? Get some golden motivation from this golden retriever. If you believe in yourself, like this doggo believes he will get some chicken in dinner, you can do anything.

65. Swag Kid

This little kid thinks you can do it. Let’s prove him right!

66.  Why?

This Afro-American face is so popular and it makes people laugh. Her expression and hand gesture, asking why you’re not trying is hilarious.

67. Pupper Inspiration

Who do you think can get that job or get the most beautiful girl or pass that test? Well, of course you. You can do it.

68. Ahh, the Great Gatsby!

If you can meme it, you can laugh about it, you can be motivated from it and most importantly, you can do anything if you stay positive and add a little bit of humor into your life.

69. Mean meme

Nicolas Cage, the once popular actor is today, off the limelight. So  if he can still manage to do few roles in movies, we think you can get that job. This meme is funny yet, empowering!

70. Walt Disney knew it all along!

If you can dream it, you can certainly do it.

Nora Allie

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