55+ Zelda Triforce Tattoo Ideas That Show You Are a Devotee

Zelda Triforce tattoos are not too popular among people who are not so keen about gaming. There is a possibility that you might have seen them and not had an idea what they are if you are not into games. Gamers will agree that the game “Legend of Zelda” is about one of the most famous games in history.

It is understandable if your dedication to Zelda is one you cannot contain. Such passion deserves showcasing and what better way to pay homage than with a Zelda triforce tattoo on a part of your body? You are not alone in that quest. There are so many variations of the tattoo, so we have brought you a couple of ideas to help you in this post. But first, a little information you would need.

Origins of the Zelda Triforce Tattoo

This is one question many people have asked about, how did Zelda triforce tattoos come about? So let’s settle this now, when and where did these tattoos start? Really, no one can really answer this question because we don’t even have the slightest idea who inked one first. What we know is that over the last few years they have become really popular.

If you have played the Nintendo game “Legend of Zelda” then you should have seen the triforce symbol. The symbol is made up of three interconnected triangles. The triangles are golden in color, and they have mystic powers.

It is believed that the three triangles bear the essences of the three goddesses that left them. The goddesses are Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, Faroe, the goddess of courage, and Din, the goddess of power. This implies that the symbols signify a combo of power, wisdom, and courage.

What do Zelda Triforce Tattoos mean?

Did you know that these tattoos are not just popular among gamers? As a matter of fact, there is a belief that when you put the three triangles together and make a wish, it is granted. Added to this, Sheikah legends believe that a person’s balance between the composing forces of the Triforce can be determined by the symbol.

It will break apart if you don’t have the balance and will only come together when someone else puts it together. The one that best fits your personality will stay with you while the other two disappear. All of this means that Zelda Triforce tattoos are perfect for you if you believe in the fantasy world.

Popular Zelda Triforce Tattoo Designs

These are the most popular Zelda Triforce tattoo designs you can choose from:


Triforce chest tattoo

This tattoo sits glamorously on the sternum. You can cover it when you please, and in those times when you feel like being rebellious, show it off.

Mid-arm Triforce

This is great when you roll up your sleeves as it sits in the middle of the forearm. Perfect for intimidating your opposition when playing Legend of Zelda.

Triforce on thumbs

The thumbs are a great location for small tattoos, and these Triforce tattoos look very cute here. They are drawn in full color, a magnificent work of art.

Triforce on the upper back

This is a classic example of the Zelda Triforce tattoo on the back. They don’t look like regular back tattoos but look just as beautiful.

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Zelda’s universe

This is a mix of Zelda flavor with regular tattoo art. The Triforce symbol in 3-D stands out to make the design very unique.

Link’s sword

With Link’s sword on your mid-arm, you are ready for battle. It means you are set for action anytime you are called upon, whether on the controls or in real life.

Lower back Triforce

This design is on the lower part of the back, but instead of sitting at the center, it shifts a bit to the side. There is no coloring, and the design is every shade of cheeky.

The collection

When tattoos are in a collection, it creates an amazing story, just like the one in the image above. The tattoos are mostly hidden, so the wearer will only show them off to a person he feels like.


Zelda “All-seeing eye.”

A fabulous symmetrical tattoo that is placed behind the shoulder. The shading is subtle but beautiful, you definitely want to look at this one over and over.


Triforce wing

The tattoo, which bears a similarity to angel wings, sits in the middle of the upper back. It is a mix of orange and black, a perfect tale of Zelda. To be factual, this is a great design.


Zelda universe

This is a beautiful feast for the eyes of everyone who sees it. It covers the whole of the back, and it has practically every element of the Zelda Universe.


Coat of arms

Set on the thigh, the blue tattoo is a true reminder of the game and the fact that the wearer might need to play again in the nearest future.

Zelda dedication

This is a series of Zelda tattoos. Two covering the forearms and one in the middle of the chest. A true Zelda devotee’s tattoo.

Subtle triforce

Hidden behind the ear, the golden triangles that signify the Triforce symbol are perfect for undercover Zelda lovers. No one has to see it, you can even wear your hair down to cover the tattoo, especially at work.

Wonder unlocked

Almost flawless use of color that will definitely take a lot of hours to complete. This half-sleeve tattoo is very attractive.

Magic tune

A clever tattoo that definitely has a lot of creative input. The design is a bit complicated, it will probably take hours to understand it.

Hidden crystal

A bold tattoo that covers the whole back has a crystal hidden right at the bottom. Looks like that’s where the wearer’s power lies.

Belly triforce

The spot just above the pant line to the side has a reputation for being very sexy. The well-shaded tattoo has a couple of beautiful patterns embedded, making it very unique.

Orange triforce

Regarded as a protective tattoo, it sits just behind the shoulder, looking very cute. The yellow-orange color is very attractive to the viewer.

Zelda on the hip

The cheeky location of the tattoo makes it easy to hide and looks very beautiful on a lady’s hip. Perfect for a day out on the beach in a bikini.



Black shoulder triforce

Very cute, not staring anyone in the face. A perfect way to make a gentle statement about your love for the Zelda legend.

Upper back triforce

The well-shaded tattoo which is right in the middle of the upper back. It has a couple of colors and can be hidden when you want.

Triforce eye

A beautiful triforce eye designed in color. It is one of the numerous triforce tattoos that is placed behind the shoulder.

Triforce on the wrist

Set on the inner part of the wrist, a common location for tattoos these days, the black tattoo is not too big and can be hidden with a shirt sleeve or wristwatch.

Forearm triforce

It’s a huge tattoo showing Zelda colors that will attract attention any time, any day. A great way to tell your fans of your love for Zelda.

Petite triforce

It is small but very beautiful. A subtle way to portray the love for Zelda if you don’t want to make a loud statement. Though it is on the waist in this image, it can be placed anywhere on the body.

Variations of the Zelda Triforce Tattoo

There are a couple of variations of the Zelda Triforce tattoo, the most popular are:

  1. All through the game, the Hyrule Royal Family maintains its reign and their crest is made up the Triforce symbol along with a bird with outstretched wings. The Triforce symbol sits at the top of the design, it is cradled on either side by the wings of the bird.
  2. Another popular variant is the chunky “8-bit” style. It is pixelated in nature, and it is similar to the first symbol released in the maiden edition of the game which hit the market in 1986.

Placement of the Zelda Triforce Tattoo

Just like other tattoos, the Zelda triforce tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body. The placement usually depends on your personal disposition, the size of the tattoo, and what message you want to pass. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The larger designs, such as the Hyrule Family Crest, could be placed on the back, the thighs, or the upper arm.
  2. Many fans of the game prefer to have the tattoo just the way it is in the game. In the game, when you acquire the symbol, it sits on the hand. This is why fans feel it is a great way to pay tribute to the game.
  3. The lower legs, wrist, chest, behind the ear, and the waist are also very popular locations where the tattoos are placed on the body.

Other Zelda Triforce Tattoo Ideas  

Zelda Triforce Tattoo Round Up…

No doubt, Zelda triforce tattoos are becoming a major attraction these days, you can try out any of the designs above for your new tattoo. Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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